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Decorate the window in the bathroom with beautiful curtains You can decorate the window in the bathroom with the help of beautiful curtains The window in the room is first and foremost the best light source. Due to natural lighting, the bathroom looks much more spacious and more spacious, visually disappears the view of a dull, damp room. In this room, the window can also be drawn up for timely ventilation. Opening it, you can quickly get rid of the excess of dampness, and also, a persistent unpleasant odor. Fresh air helps to cheer up in the morning, and gentle sun rays will give the morning water procedures pleasant sensations.

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How to decorate the bathroom window: bathroom curtain options

To the cityThere are few bathrooms of old windows in the old apartments. Therefore, you can not choose the curtains for them. But here for private dwellings a bathroom with a window is not uncommon. The owners of such a bathroom have the opportunity to provide room ventilation, which prevents the accumulation of dampness and the appearance of fungus. And natural lighting is a huge plus to the bathroom interior.

How to arrange windows in the bathroom so that they continue to perform their functions smoothly?This is not an easy task. We have to take into account many small things and nuances. After all, a well-designed window can create additional decor and provide functionality to the room.

When decorating a window in the bathroom, it is necessary to take into account the interior of the room and the style of the window opening itself When designing the window in the bathroom, it is necessary to take into account the interior of the room and the style of the window opening

The curtain design for the bathroom should be selected taking into account the following points:

  • Space dimensions and stylistics of its design;
  • Framing a window in a small hygienic room should be done using compact canvases of appropriate size, so that they do not take up much space and provide access to the wicker space;
  • In the large bathrooms you can use curtains of the most different designs;
  • As the bathroom is a premise with high humidity and multiple temperature differences, it is necessary that the window frame is resistant to the above phenomena.
  • For sewing curtains in a bathroom, synthetic fabrics and natural, treated with moisture-proof impregnation can be used.
  • In order to merge the window with the interior of the room into one style, the same color schemes and design patterns are used. In this case, you can come to the aid of photo-blinds.

Beautiful fabric and tulle curtains in the bathroom can only be used if the room is often ventilated. If the current condition is not maintained, the fabric will become moldy and will smell bad.

Window blinds in bathroom: advantages of

products Blinds are window constructions that consist of moving horizontal or vertical slats. These plates are fastened together by threads. They are made from the most widely available materials, and are used almost everywhere. The lamellas can move up and down, or rotate around their own axis.

The window to the bathroom is very often decorated with blinds. This gives an excellent result, since these products can be selected for both the size of the window and the requirements for the material.

The most common for the bathroom are horizontal blinds. In addition, they can be equipped with special guides, which allow you to maintain the blade in the correct plane of the inclined window. Vertical blinds are also installed on any windows, regardless of configuration. Their lamellas are made of fabric 85-130 mm wide, and treated with special impregnations, which increase the operational properties of the product.

To decorate the window opening in the bathroom, experts recommend using blinds For the design of the window opening in the bathroom, experts recommend using the blinds

The main advantages of blinds:

  • Practical;
  • Low cost;
  • Compact;
  • Convenience of management;
  • Huge selection of material and colors;
  • Ease of care.

If the blinds on the bathroom window are associated with your office, then add a transparent tulle, or other fabric curtains, to the window.

Roller blinds in the bathroom on the window: photo of the

design options. If you do not want to use blinds for windows, and in principle you are happy with their concept and design, then pay attention to this kind of curtains, like a roll curtain. They look like a flat compact curtain that rises and sinks by winding onto the shaft. When the product is folded, it is compactly located at the top of the window.

Curtains in the bathroom on the window, the photos of which can be seen below, are great for small rooms of the bathroom. In addition, the material from which they can be made, perfectly suits the specifics of this room.

Designs such as Roman or roller blinds are great for a bathroom in that they can be any size you want, easy to operate and maintain, can be made of materials that do not get wet from high humidity and do not accumulate damp. At a cost, roller blinds are not very expensive, and every home owner can afford to purchase this product.

To familiarize with variants of registration of a window by roll curtains with ease it is possible on the Internet You can familiarize yourself with the design of the window with roller blinds on the Internet

By design, the roller blinds can be

  • Open - the type of roller blinds when the shaft with the cloth is visible to the eye.
  • Closed. Option, when the winding shaft is masked by a decorative box.

Blades for this type of curtains are made from materials of different texture, colors, transparency. This makes it possible to adjust the lighting of the room at any time. Full protection from bright light ensures the use of tissue, which completely blocks the sun's rays. These structures can be installed on both normal and inclined windows, but only with a rectangular shape. They can be used alone, or in combination with other curtains.

What should be the curtain in the bathroom

Gradually moving away from the stereotype of a small, windowless room, the bathroom is gradually approaching the living room. In it today they equip not only a place for taking water procedures, but also a zone of massage, relaxation, spa procedures. With this filling, this room is necessarily equipped with a window opening, perhaps even a large, panoramic, in the window sill area equipped with a cozy sofa. And the small rooms of the bathroom often have a window.

The curtain in the bathroom should be matched competently and tastefully. The bathroom is a specific area, and its design requires a special approach.

The only thing that does not have special conditions is the color palette. Here you can fantasize without limits, and even if you like a composition that seems out of place to everyone else, it will not cause harm to life and health, which can not be said about the material from which curtains should be made to the bathroom.

The curtain in the bathroom should not only be beautiful, but practical and moisture resistant The shower curtain should be not only beautiful but practical and moisture resistant

Basic requirements for the fabric in the bathroom:

  • Moisture resistance;
  • Antifungal treatment;
  • Practical;
  • Ease of care;
  • Not an expensive price;
  • Lightweight product.

Moisture-proof impregnation is a must for the fabrics of this room. Especially if your curtains are removed heating systems. In addition, the bathroom must be equipped with a ventilation system.

How to choose curtains in the bathroom( video)

In the modern world, much attention is paid to the design of the window area. And in the bathroom too. Thanks to a huge range of products and materials, you can easily find a suitable option for your bathroom.

Design of curtains for the bathroom( photo in the interior)