Wall-paper: a photo for walls in an apartment, beautiful repair, than to finish except for wall-paper, in one-room expense

Selected wallpaper should be in harmony with the overall interior of the living room Selected wallpaper should be in harmony with the general interior of the premises When choosing wallpaper in a room, you need to consider the area of ​​the room, the type of lighting, the functional features of the room. Picking up wallpaper in the room, you also need to consider the style and color of furniture, it is much easier to choose wallpaper for furniture than to change furniture in the room. Different types of wallpaper on the manufacturer's market, allow you to please the most daring ideas and tastes of customers, in addition, selecting the right wallpaper can be cheap and beautifully complement the interior and style of the room and premises in general.

      • What wallpapers for the room is better: where to stay
      • Wallpaper in a one-room apartment: what to look for
      • Which wallpaper for a larger room is better: choosing the best option
      • Rooms with photo wallpapers in the interior
      • Beautiful wallpaper in the room
      • Wallpaper glue and repair
      • How to decorate the walls in the room except wallpaper
      • How to select and paste wallpaper( video)
      • Wallpapers in the interior( photo)

Rooms are better: where to stay

Each room in the room has its own characteristics, knowing and considering which, you can make a beautiful repair using wallpaper. First of all, you need to consider the area of ​​the room, for a small room it is better to choose wallpaper with a small pattern and ornament in light colors. But in large rooms it is better to glue wallpaper with a large print, you can experiment with colors, combining and combining them. In the rooms of rest and relaxation you need to glue wallpapers of calm colors.

For the hallway, corridor and living room, you need to choose these wallpapers:

  • Bright colors and shades;
  • Large ornaments and drawings;
  • Combo wallpapers.

Very good looks in the hallway wallpaper with a large ornament Very good looks in the hallway wallpaper with large ornament

Be sure to choose the best wallpaper material for gluing in different rooms for the intended purpose.

In rooms where frequent traffic and traffic, where contamination is possible, for example, like in the hallway or in the kitchen, it is better to glue universal non-woven wallpaper that is well processed.

And for a bedroom, for a living room and a nursery, it's better to use natural paper wallpaper or textile.

Wallpaper in a one-room apartment: what to look for

One-room apartment is hard enough to decorate and give it a presentable appearance, for it is very difficult to find wallpaper. For a narrow hallway, flizeline or vinyl wallpaper of light color is most suitable, they are well treated against dirt, and the light color of the wallpaper visually enlarges and illuminates the room. In the kitchen of a one-room apartment, it's better to paste vinyl wallpaper, preferably with a washable surface. The color of the wallpaper should also be restrained.

The hall is better covered with natural paper or textile tones, the main thing is to choose:

  • Light tone of wallpaper;
  • Small pattern or ornament;
  • Wide wallpaper canvas.
To show the advantage of the selected wallpaper, you need to consider their color and texture, the features of the living space and its style In order to show the advantage of the chosen wallpaper, you need to take into account their color and texture, the features of the living room and its style.

It is absolutely not recommended in the hall of a one-room apartment to combine wallpaper, wallpaper with a wide ornament or pattern, glue glass.

The bedroom should also be covered with natural light wallpaper, it is better to choose from flowers the delicate pink, white, peach beige.

You can use wallpaper with a small floral pattern, with an ornament. If there are niches in the rooms, they should be sealed, and if it is, only natural colors, for example, wood, concrete, stone wallpaper. Interior doors should be light, it visually adds space.

Which wallpaper for the big room is better: we choose the best option

In large rooms, you can safely experiment with the color and type of wallpaper, choosing bright colors, large prints, combining the canvas with each other. If you want to keep a large room visually in the same area, it's enough just to cover the room with monophonic wallpaper. Furniture, elements of interior and decoration, indoor flowers, fill the space.

But it also happens that the room is too big, in a large square room you can make a zoning space:

  • Select the rest area;
  • Working area;
  • Available in the room niches.

A successful interior solution will be a combination of wallpaper of different colors and patterns Successful interior solutions will be a combination of wallpaper in different colors and patterns

This helps a combination of several colors in the spectrum of the combined and wallpapers of different material. With the help of this option of gluing wallpaper, a large room can be made very stylish. This idea is suitable for the design of the office, both at home and at work.

Advantages of large rooms in the area is that you can glue wallpapers of different types, boldly experimenting in the process of pasting walls.

The most successful types of wallpaper for gluing large rooms, experts consider non-woven, fabric and textile wallpaper. Coloring can be different, from large ornaments and drawings to small prints.

Rooms with photo wallpapers in the interior

Wall decoration with photo wallpapers, this is the current trend in the world of repair and interior design. Photo wallpapers are great for any room in terms of area and purpose, and if you select the right figure, you can choose a room and its advantages.

most common ideas photowall considered:

  • Cities;
  • Vegetable prints and nature;
  • Animals;
  • Children's wall-paper;
  • 3d wallpapers.

Photo wallpapers with roses on the walls of the living space will create a cozy, romantic atmosphere Photo wall with roses on the walls of the premises will create a cozy, romantic atmosphere

As for the house and for the studio, wallpapers amazing look on the walls. Modern digital photo printing on wallpaper as accurately as possible transmits drawing and images, with it you can visually expand the room, hide the errors of the surface of the walls.

Photo wallpapers can be glued not only the surface of walls and ceiling, they can be used for designer pasting of old furniture, entrance doors to the room.

Beautiful wallpaper in the room

Beautiful wallpaper will always complement the interior and can act as an independent element of the decor. But what kind of wallpaper is considered beautiful?First of all, it's the right wallpaper for this or that room. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the age of the owner of the room. Fashionable and youth wallpapers, in the rooms of teenagers and young people, this is a photo wallpaper. In the children's room look good wallpaper with cartoon characters, wallpaper bright colors. For a young man, fit wallpapers with images of cars, with marine themes.

For girls suit floral prints on paper wallpapers, wallpapers with cities, countries, important to properly combine:

  • color of furniture and colors of wallpaper;
  • Interior style and texture of wallpaper;
  • To withstand the color gamut in decor elements.

Wallpapers with floral patterns are perfect for those who want to decorate the interior in the style of Provence Wallpapers with floral patterns are perfect for those who want to decorate the interior in the style of Provence

It is not necessary to emphasize the bright color of the wallpaper with rich decor elements, it is better to use bright decor elements for rooms with light wallpaper of pastel tones.

Sticking wallpaper and make repairs

Wallpaper glue to properly, maintaining the technology works with cloth wallpaper using the correct glue tools. For this, first of all, you need to know the cost of wallpaper on the room, which will help you learn a special table of calculations. The next step is the right glue. To have a good wallpaper on the walls. Glue must be selected according to the type of wallpaper.

And finally, what is the secret of a successful repair when wallpapering, Wallpapering is correct:

  • Preparation of walls for gluing;
  • Using a stylus to glue wallpaper;
  • Correct measurements of wallpaper stripes;
  • Careful application of glue to wallpaper and wall.

Before carrying out the wallpapering work, the wall surface must be carefully prepared Before the upholstery work wall surface should be carefully prepared

If there is a replacement of old wallpaper on the new, absolutely must plastered walls in places error and primed before pasting new wallpaper.

carefully prepared to repair and prepare the necessary materials, you can make a quality repair their own hands, without the services of expensive professionals.

Than to finish walls in a room except for wall-paper

Wall finishing in the course of repair, this is the most important stage because it is with the surface of walls that a person often contacts both visually and tactilely.

For the walls using different materials:

  • Plastic;
  • Siding;
  • Drywall;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Painting;
  • Tile;
  • Lining.

But the most beneficial and affordable budget for each material for the walls are wallpaper. They can be painted, pasted, decorated at any time, minimally spent changing the style and design of the room.

How to choose and apply wallpaper( video)

Repair always costly affair before decorate the wall, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Wallpapers have always occupied the first place in the market for the repair surface finish and remain in the same place, thanks to new technologies and forms of production material.

wallpaper in the interior( photo)