From gypsum cardboard niches: in the wall how to do, with their own hands the closet, photo in the kitchen, built-in windows, trim for the coupe

A gypsum boardboard niche in the room is a great way to store things niche of drywall in the room - a great way to store things Formation of drywall niches on the wall - it is an opportunity to transform the look of a room almost beyond recognition. It is this method of decoration is no longer a rarity in interiors, since it has a mass of positive qualities. With the help of such a niche, you can visually expand the space, create an additional volume, decorate the rooms with original decor, hide the visible shortcomings of the room, for example, the unevenness of the walls.

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    • Interior features, or how to make a niche plasterboard
    • Niche plasterboard with their hands under the shelf
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    • drywall Where better to make a walk-in closet of plasterboard with their hands
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Functional value of the gypsum board niche in the wall

Built-in niches in the wall can be made by hand, and realize their most original ideas. It is worth noting that it is with the help of a niche that you can completely change the geometry of the room space by forming such an element on an ordinary non-gypsum plasterboard wall. Quite often niches are created solely for the purpose of decorating a room to make it more dynamic and modern.

The niche can be installed not only for the decor of the room, but also carry a functional load niche can be set not only for the room decor, but still carry the functional load and

With regard to functional load, the niche can be set for:

  • the TV;
  • Book storage;
  • Forming the built-in cabinet;
  • Aquarium installation;
  • Curtain rails;
  • Decor.

Interior features, or how to make a gypsum cardboard niche

The finishing of a niche from GKL sheets is carried out using decorative building material.

Color is selected according to:

  • Personal preferences of home owners;
  • Room interior;
  • Designer solution.

Very interesting look shades of light in contrast with the dark, so that creates a 3D effect. A light shade should be predominant in the decor, and cutting the shelves at the expense of a dark color is a deepening and visualization of this interior. An excess of dark color will become a dark hole in the room and significantly spoil the interior.

The gypsum board niche will look elegant in almost any interior Niche plasterboard will look elegant in almost any interior

If the issue niche plasterboard mosaic panel, it will get a new design and a stylish look. No less interesting is the decoration with glass, natural or artificial stone.

If the inhabitants of the house are fond of painting and art, then from a normal gypsum plasterboard niche you can make a real picture on which will be located the drawing of the landscape or any other composition. With a competent approach, you can make an excellent place to store books, CDs, old vinyl records and similar accessories.

Niche plasterboard with their hands under

No shelves on which you need to create a niche types( angular or linear) should always be used step by step instructions that will help carry out the work competently as possible and free from defects.

The niche is constructed using:

  • Adhesive;
  • Metal frame.

The first option requires the use of a quality adhesive solution, which is purchased specifically for GKL sheets in the building materials store.

When settling a niche from gypsum board you will need glue and a metal frame When installing a gypsum board recess, you will need the adhesive and metal frame

The second case requires the installation of a strong frame using a metal profile, which requires a gradual and competent work:

  1. It is necessary to mark the niche on the walls, ceiling and floor. It is by marking that the installation of the guides and rack sections will be carried out.
  2. Before you go for the purchase of materials, you need to make accurate calculations for the number of sheets of GCR, profiles of various types and purposes, bars, for hardening the structure and even self-tapping screws.
  3. The design and layout of the installation must be compiled. The scheme should ideally be accurately transferred to cover the walls, ceiling and floor. Depending on what the niche will be used for, for example, for decor or for placing objects, you need to choose profiles of a certain thickness and with stiffeners.
  4. Mounting of the frame from metal profiles is carried out with the help of special tools - hangers and screws. First, the profile guides are installed, and then the rack rails are installed. The rack must be reinforced with bars, if the structure is used under the shelves, and also the door will be mounted on it.
  5. Once the frame is installed, GKL sheets can be mounted. It should be noted that the installation is carried out to the rack profiles by means of universal screws, suitable for two kinds of cloth. Joints are leveled by using a special construction tape with a reinforcing effect and shpaklyutsya to align with the surface of the sheets.
  6. Finishing putty, grout and paint finish, if you need a specific color.

Niches are an excellent way to transform the interior of a room at minimal cost and without too much mud. To create it, you do not need professional skills or special equipment. Enough great desire to update the room, screwdriver and the necessary amount of materials.

Cabinet in the gypsum boardboard

If there is already a niche in the layout room, which in most cases is a big problem for the household, since it has the wrong shape and small dimensions, it is possible to equip it with gypsum plasterboard and make a real cabinet.

It will be:

  • Compact;
  • Roomy;
  • Beautiful in appearance.

Cabinet in the niche of plasterboard roomy, but in the interior looks very compact Cabinet in a niche made of gypsum board is roomy, but in the interior it looks very compact

The cabinet can be made in the form of a coupe, with sliding doors, but the base of the structure should be a metal frame, as well as gypsum boards. Through these materials, you can create many sections, which will serve as an excellent place for storing things, objects and everything that your heart desires. If such a niche is made in the kitchen, you can equip it for a pantry, if in the hallway, then under the dressing room.

Especially important is that the room should be comfortable, functional and perfectly illuminated, which can be achieved by laying electrical wiring and point-built recessed luminaires.

How to decorate built-in cabinets from plasterboard

In order to design a room where there is a cabinet built into the niche of plasterboard, did not lose its proper appearance, a qualitative finish should be carried out. It is worth noting that it is not necessary to use ultra-modern ultramodern finishing materials, the cost of which sometimes just rolls over.

Initially, as a cabinet decor, you can choose:

  • Mirror coating for sliding doors;
  • Installation of shelves at the edges of the structure, which will visually expand the space;
  • Backlight, and better neon color and LED type.

Built-in wardrobes made of plasterboard can be decorated with a mirrored door or backlight Built-in wardrobes made of plasterboard can be decorated with a mirror door or backlight

If you want to make a niche and its decor only in dark colors, you need to decorate it with a lot of small spotlights. This will be a kind of creation of the galaxy at home. As for the room itself with such an object of interior, it is possible to form an accent wall in it, which will distract attention from the niche with the cabinet. It can be a wall with an original cover, for example, a large ornament or arrangement of a false fireplace.

Where it's best to make a built-in gypsum board cabinet with your own hands

The niche device in the room has become quite an attractive alternative to conventional walls or, in other words, a headset that served to store various interior items.

Such an original composition can be equipped with:

  • On the wall where the windows are located;
  • In the bedroom space;
  • In the hall, on the wall where the TV is installed.

Built-in closet is best equipped in the bedroom or in the hall Built-in closet is best equipped in the bedroom or in the hall

How is this done?Beautiful niches can be created, and with the help of specialists, and with their own hands, but the main purpose of the niche is to create a visual deepening in the wall. In most cases, a niche is used to hide the cornice for curtains, and to form the effect of falling curtains directly from the ceiling coating. It is extremely advantageous to equip niches under shelves in children's rooms, which helps to avoid constant confusion, to make a room in a modern style. The main problem of such rooms is the cabinets with permanently open doors, and the niche, and eliminate the problem, and replace the outdated cabinet designs.

Very nicely fit niche from plasterboard to the bedroom above the bed, especially if you approach the design and decoration as wisely as possible.

Such a design can replace the bedside table, thumbs and even hanging shelves. Supplying an interior with lighting, you can not only transform it, but also make it an accent design solution.

How to make niche from gypsum board( video)

Niches can be installed in the hallways, and this does not need to have too large a corridor. Formation of the interior is made just to expand the space and remove unnecessary furniture that clutters it.

Examples niches plasterboard( photo interiors)