Tent greenhouse: reviews about shelterlogic, coverit, cover

The main advantage of a tent greenhouse is the convenience in its transportation The main advantage of the awning greenhouse is the convenience in its transportation Awning greenhouse has become widespread among professional and horticultural enthusiasts. Inside, a small in size design can grow vegetables, fruits, berries and even flowers. Everything depends on the ability of the summer resident to create the necessary conditions for green spaces. In order to fully appreciate the benefits of the presented greenhouse, it is necessary to choose it correctly.

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Design features and advantages of the awning greenhouse Coverit

Everything starts with a small mass, allowing to collect and disassemble at no additional costStructure. In a few hours, you can put the greenhouse in the closet before the next summer season or extract it from there.

Conditionally - this is a mobile awning with a frame, which consists of a light-scattering film and metal tubes Conditionally - this is a mobile awning with a frame, which consists of a light-scattering film and metal tubes

In addition to mobility, the greenhouse greatly simplifies the process of care for seedlings. You can easily get close to each bush, which reduces time costs.

The technical component plays an important role. If the horticulturist eventually decides to install an automatic irrigation or lighting system, the design of the greenhouse allows it to be done without additional costs.

Among other advantages of the Coverit model, the following are distinguished by the summer residents:

  • Quick assembly of the structure;
  • Uncomplicated operation;
  • Possibility to store all the items in one box;
  • All parts are present in the factory;
  • The applied cloth protects the landing from UV radiation, while allowing the flora to fully obtain the required amount of sunlight;
  • The frame forms a comfortable microclimate for greenery;
  • It is possible to install a ventilation system;
  • There is a lightning bolt.

Compact, functional, wear-resistant and unpretentious - all of the above epithets refer to the model of the Greenhouse Cover. Despite the seeming miniature, the gardener can freely move inside the greenhouse without touching the seedlings. An important factor here is the possibility of carrying out the necessary modernization in the future.

Compact tent greenhouses Shelterlogic

The products of American engineers are noteworthy thanks to a lightweight frame made of a steel round profile. The diameter of each tube is 3.5 cm, but this does not indicate its fragility.

Shelterlogic - a greenhouse intended for use in the spring-summer period Shelterlogic - a greenhouse intended for use in the spring-summer period

As an additional line of protection, DuPont spraying is used, allowing you to forget about scuffing or chipping marks.

If we talk about the tent, it is made of reinforced fabric, which has 3 layers. On the one hand, they protect seedlings from the harmful effects of UV radiation, and, on the other hand, they deliver the necessary amount of sunlight to plants.

In addition, a number of other characteristics of the presented model are highlighted:

  • The wall covering is treated with an antifungal coating;
  • Arched supports are coated with anti-corrosion coating;
  • No need to use tools for building a greenhouse;
  • The presence of side panels in the Shelterlogic makes it possible to check the premises at any time;
  • Presence of an end window;
  • Input group is protected by a double zipper.

Actual achievements of engineering research on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean have led to the fact that the greenhouses have become more functional. With a small weight and size, they allow you to comfortably accommodate several different representatives of the flora. In this case, care for each of them will be easy for the beginner. The main thing is to collect the greenhouse correctly.

Choosing a tent greenhouse

A common mistake associated with the choice of structures of this kind is the desire to trust the manufacturer completely. As practice shows, the result of such a not very prudent act will not take long. Before you remove a certain amount from your wallet, you need to think about what the consumer is looking for.

Light-transmitting fabric, created by a special technology, reliably protects plants from the negative effects of UV rays Light-transmissive fabric created with a special technology, reliably protects plants from the negative effects of UV rays

If we talk about awning frame greenhouses, then start with the thickness of the pipes. This indicator varies from 2.5 to 5 cm.

The colder on the site in winter, the thicker the pipes are needed.

In addition, attention should be paid to the following factors:

  • Depth of groundwater occurrence;
  • The maximum required height of plants;
  • Need for installation of artificial lighting, irrigation and ventilation systems.

Rejection of advertising stamps - this is the key to success in choosing a design. It is necessary to proceed from those parameters that are of key importance to the horticulturist. Type of growing seedlings, soil characteristics, groundwater table, temperature range, operating time - these factors allow us to objectively assess the need for a certain type of model.

We use awning greenhouses: reviews of gardeners

Listening to the opinion of the majority, it is not always worthwhile to follow all the recommendations blindly. The secret of success is the ability to adapt the information received to the conditions that exist on a single plot of land.

A strong and stable frame complements the multi-layer reinforced material of the awning, capable of withstanding strong wind loads A robust and stable frame complements the multi-layer reinforced awning material capable of withstanding strong wind loads

According to numerous reviews, recommendations have been developed to extend the life of the greenhouse:

  • Every 6 months, For even minor damage;
  • Mounting is carried out along the line west-east;
  • It is necessary to avoid excess watering of planted crops, otherwise excess moisture will negatively affect the basis of the greenhouse;
  • After a strong wind, it is recommended to check the reliability of all fasteners, otherwise the tent structure will collapse at one time.

Types of awning greenhouses( in the ideo)

Frame-based greenhouses on the basis of the tent structure is characterized by increased strength. At the same time, the overall weight and dimensions of the product remain at an insignificant level. Thanks to this, this design is easy to put even on a small garden. If it is planned to be used only a few months during the season, then for 60 minutes the greenhouse is disassembled and sent in a box to the storage room. Examples

greenhouse awning( photo)