Curtains in the bedroom: design and photo, beautiful curtains for the room, interior with window, decoration simple and tasteful

Thanks to curtains you can give the bedroom a cosiness and comfort Thanks to the curtains, you can give the bedroom a cosiness and comfort Choosing drapes, you can set yourself completely different tasks. Someone expects from the curtains only a reliable protection against sunlight, and someone recognizes only the original curtains, individual tailoring, so that everything in the bedroom is amazingly matched with each other. To make a choice was successful, it would be nice to get a good taste, and if you are afraid to rely only on your own idea of ​​the beautiful, do not avoid recommendations.

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    • Minimalistic curtains in the bedroom
    • Curtains for the "village" bedroom: photo
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    • Large bedroom: design
    • Blackout: designBedroom curtains
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    • Cozy and beautiful rooms: a choice of curtains
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Classic curtains in the bedroom

Look at the pictures of the classic interior. Perhaps you should dwell on these examples. Yes, in the photo gallery you can see just chic interiors, repeat in life that is worth a lot of work and considerable money. But having learned to analyze the idea, to disassemble the design concept into parts, you can create your own ideas, focusing on your own capabilities. At the same time, remaining faithful to the canons of style.

An excellent solution is to buy a classic bedroom curtains, which are made of gold or beige fabric A great solution is to buy curtains that are made of gold or beige material in the classic bedroom.

The classic is a magnificent luxury. Any designer will say that imitation here often looks like a fake, because when you start the classics, be ready for spending and careful selection. For example, the design of such a room suggests fabrics with some muted luster, which does not notice the synthetic glow.

You can play with two shades of a single scale, jacquard weaving is often used. If these are two-color curtains, they can include the dominant colors of the room. Night curtains can be dense, heavy. A classic curtain is an airy tulle fabric with an ideal drapery, it is possible to sew such a curtain to order.

Minimalistic curtains in the bedroom

What styles are now in no way inferior to the classical directions, so this is minimalism or high-tech. The concept of these styles assumes a rather restrained framing of windows, without a very complex decor, in general - with minimal decorative. These are curtains without excesses, but they are suitable not only for the room of a guy or a man, many people like this option.

But such "clothing" for windows assumes a variety, there are a lot to choose from:

  • Japanese;
  • Rolling shutters;
  • Roman;
  • Blinds.

White minimalistic curtains in the bedroom look stylish and elegant

And, you can combine several modern types of curtains in a modern style. But multi-layered curtain designs in minimalism should all the same be modest enough. Look at the photos of the examples, and the laconicism of the patterns, and the colors are quite restrained, and the simple shapes distinguish such curtains. And this all the same gives the chance to use any unusual ideas, stylish features.

Curtains in the floor - light, simple cut, not obscuring the room. Very often for such bedrooms models are used for the length of a window sill, monochrome, not heavier. Such samples allow to show calmness, self-sufficiency of style, focus on simplicity and functionality of things. If a bright detail - then one, if the unusual shape of the bed - then quiet colors, if you want to pick up accessories - they should not be much.

Curtains for the "village" bedroom: photo

The so-called rustic design is in fashion today. This is not necessarily the famous country style, because he also suggests different types of room decoration. For example, the Scandinavian country will be different from the American one. Rural - this is what is closer to us, and the color of rural life in its best, though sometimes primitive form, became the center of this style.

Very often choose this direction for the design of a small bedroom. Interesting textile options can make a very cozy room, the most favorite place in the house.

Curtains for a bedroom in a rustic style:

  • Preferably from natural fabrics;
  • Are executed in natural tones, natural shades;
  • Assume both floral and floral prints, polka dots, stripes, cages;
  • Length often reach the sill;
  • Can be retracted to one side. Curtains with neutral colors Very often they are double curtains, where the curtains are thin, light, beige or white translucent fabric, and the second layer - denser curtains, but still notHeavy. That is, the tapestry options here will not look.

    How to decorate the bedroom window in blue tones

    Blue curtains - this is the option that is chosen often. It is believed that if you decorate the window with such curtains, an optimal atmosphere for rest will be created. But you need, of course, look at the overall design of the room. The blue color can be deep, heavy enough, or it may be cornflower blue, more suitable to the same country style.

    Again, a photo gallery helps out. There you can peep the curtains of all shades, as they look in the room, with which they combine. If there is no color roll with the decoration of the walls, then decor can decorate, furniture upholstery material, even pictures. Under dense blue curtains in most cases hang light, translucent, with unobtrusive pattern.

    Large bedroom: design

    Large space - this is a great opportunity. You can not be afraid of dark colors, this small bedroom is narrowed in their design, and the spacious room is for nothing. But most often in the large bedroom is chosen design in pastel colors.

    In the big bedroom, both light and dark curtains The large bedroom is well suited for both light and dark curtains.

    Curtains in the large bedroom:

    • Can be asymmetric, as many creative, long;
    • They can be decorated with lambrequins of any kind;
    • It is suggested to combine fabrics, for example, combine chocolate and coffee shades, cream and pistachio;
    • Can "continue" above the bed, hanging canopy.

    Designer curtains are often ordered in large bedrooms, made to match the nuances of the room. It is also important if the bedroom has a balcony. Individual tailoring involves accounting for the smallest details. It can be curtains made of brocade, velvet, velor, decoration is also appropriate.

    Blackout: design of bedroom curtains

    Models of blackout are a successful attempt not the most convenient two-sided curtains. The properties of the material are such that it is possible to darken the bedroom up to 100%.A suitable thing for those who find it difficult to get enough sleep in the light. But this does not mean that such curtains are produced only in black. Want in green colors, you want - in blue, the choice is great, colored fabrics are no less reliable.

    It is not difficult to adjust them, in these models you can choose the degree of dimming. The atmosphere that maximally disposes to falling asleep at any time of day is the main task of these curtains. At the same time, they can be quite comfortable, although they will not create that effect as openwork, lacy ones.

    Curtains with contrasting padding: beautiful curtains in the bedroom

    Fashionable today and curtains with contrasting padding. This very gasket protects the main fabric from moisture and burnout. If you look at such curtains, they are bulky, opaque. And this cushioning fabric is quite used as a decorative element.

    It is recommended to choose curtains of such color that they are radically different from the curtains for creating contrast It is recommended to choose curtains of this color that they are radically different from the curtains to create contrast

    If you bend the curtains on the gasket with a pattern, then there will be a gasket in the view. In addition, this additional fabric perfectly compacts the design of curtains. From which it follows that draperies, folds will look even more interesting. There are, of course, expensive models, but not one modern catalog offers quite budgetary options.

    Transparent curtains in beautiful bedrooms

    For many, the best option is the so-called one-sided curtains. These are tulle curtains, snow-white, dairy, ivory. Or curtains like a rainbow, tricolor, but with a gentle, delicate transition of colors.

    Transparent curtains in the bedroom:

    • It will look good in a room that does not undergo an external view;
      Make the main "managers" of the bedroom light, space, naturalness;
    • Excellent decorating bedrooms with low ceiling, as well as rooms where there is an asymmetrical construction;
    • Suitable for bedroom, decorated in gentle colors.

    Such curtains decorate both youth rooms, and soothing interiors for the older generation. The length of the curtains is usually standard, in the floor. With great interest, modern designers approach the shape of curtains, choosing a complex design, with various decorative elements.

    Cozy and beautiful rooms: choice of curtains

    There are some decorating rooms that visually change the perception of space. For example, the design of walls and windows with horizontal stripes "lift" a low ceiling. If the room looks out on the sunny side, and it needs a little "cool", then the cold color scheme will be preferable.

    It is recommended to buy curtains, which are made of materials that do not contain in their composition harmful to health substances It is recommended to buy curtains that are made of materials that do not contain harmful substances in their composition

    It is not necessary to look for new items to decorate a truly fashionable bedroom. Luxurious bedroom - a place where everything is combined with each other, where the textile is friendly, accessories, near each of them you want to stop. But even if you really like such fun stuff, still dose them in the bedroom, yet it's a place of rest, where not only collect items.

    The most interesting ideas are individual:

    • For example, you yourself can make seasonal or festive curtains in a bedroom of colored satin strips;
    • The curtains of the thread always look elegant, which so beautifully shimmer in the sun's rays;
    • Laconically look in the bedroom roller blinds, which can be raised to any height( meaning, curtain fabric);
    • Triple curtains, complex combinations will look good in spacious bedrooms;
    • Roman and Austrian curtains look elegant, moderately restrained;
    • The interior of the bedroom is interesting, where there are Japanese curtains - but they often set the mood there, and requires the subordination of other interior elements.

    Curtains can be changed depending on the season - lighter, airy in summer, and heavy, but cozy, as if protecting against blizzards in winter. Provide curtains with interesting elements - bored curtains on the rings, choose a version on the eyelets, or on decorative clamps. Use elegant pick-ups for curtains.

    Satin curtains in the bedroom

    This is a good option for the already mentioned rustic style, they are suitable and style of Provence. Of course, if the room is an elite expensive furniture, the appropriate entourage, no one in my head will not come to hang on the window satin. But, for example, in the children's bedroom it will be an excellent natural option.

    Among the advantages of satin curtains, it is worth noting excellent aesthetic qualities and a long service life Among the advantages of satin curtains, it is worth noting the excellent aesthetic qualities and long life of the

    . In addition, such curtains can be sewn by yourself. Use ready-made patterns, simple decor in the form of lace, kantikov, braid. Want to recreate the atmosphere of a cozy grandmother's house in the room - why not go in such a simple, obvious way?Such curtains can also be seasonal, but this does not mean that they will be appropriate only in the summer window.

    Pattern in a small flower, peas, climbing plants looks great. But it also requires decorative satellites - a bed with a color or a print, a bed cover, pillows. Different tablecloths and napkins are also appropriate in such a cozy, simple interior. And you can sew simple interior toys from the same fabric as the curtains, and such a room can safely boast - a unique option.

    What curtains to choose in the bedroom( video)

    Without curtains, the room is not cozy, but a person does not feel protected in it. Choose the option that you want to touch, which is not boring, will not be obtrusive. And, of course, choose fabrics that are not so difficult to care for.

    Good choice!

    curtains bedroom design( interior photo)