The blind area around the house made of paving slabs

Paving around the house allows you to protect the structure from direct exposure to precipitation. Framing eliminates the accumulation of moisture in the upper layers of the ground, prevents the destruction of the basement, foundation and basement. Fits around the house with their hands in several stages. Can be made of ordinary paving slabs.


  1. Scheme for pavement tiles from
  2. Step-by-step instructions for creating a blind area around the house
  3. Nuances
  4. Construction video of the blind area around the house with your own hands

Scheme for paving stones from the paving slab

Step-by-step instruction for creating a blind area around the house

To start the preparatory work should be after the construction of the house, the end of the facade works. This will further exclude a violation of the attractiveness of the tile to be laid due to the entry of construction materials, paint, plaster onto it.

First, the markup is done. Then remove the layer of soil around the house.

The next stage is filled with concrete crumb, it is rammed.

Next, the curbs are installed with cement mortar. In our case, we also set curbs that separate the blind from the socle.

A playground under the terrace is being prepared. Here the compacted layer is closely adjacent to the plinth. However, a compensating seam of about 2 cm is left, which will allow to avoid soil pressure on the foundation in winter, when soil motions occur. Usually, this seam is made from several layers of ruberoid, or bitumen or penoplex.

In addition to the gap between the blind and the walls, it is necessary to lay out the frame for the porch and the path leading from the porch to the street in advance.

Then the concrete crumb is again filled with curbs and compacted.

A fine-grained crushed stone is placed and leveled on top of the concrete crumb layer.

Next, paving slabs are laid around the house and on the path leading to the porch.

The paving slabs are laid on the platform behind the house.

The gap between the house and the blind is covered with a small round stone.

Sand cement mixture is poured into the seams of paving slabs. The sweep of the whole blind area is watered.

This step-by-step instruction will help you understand the main stages of construction of the blind area. In addition, the artist is recommended to study useful tips, to get acquainted with the video and photos, detailing the process of stacking the frame.


The correct device of the blind area around the house assumes the presence of a small bevel from the walls. This design of the frame will immediately allow them to sink to the side immediately after precipitation, preventing the stagnation of water near the socle. Other features of the construction of the blind area, allowing to simplify the work and avoid mistakes, include the following:

  • it is necessary to pre-prepare the drawing, create markup, which will be used for laying;
  • requires accurate calculation of the required volume of paving slabs according to the size and design of the framed frame;
  • the use of large-grained ballast is unacceptable: this can lead to the displacement of the tile, it will complicate its laying.

Video construction of blind area around the house with their own hands

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