Garage with own hands

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It is quite possible to erect a garage for each person, for this it is not necessary to have a construction education. To begin with, it is required to draw up drawings of the future structure with reference to the terrain, to determine which building materials will be used for the construction itself.


  1. Arrangement basement garage
  2. Pouring monolithic reinforced concrete slab
  3. Walling garage of foam blocks
  4. Construction of monolithic reinforced concrete belt
  5. apparatus garage roof
  6. Mounting gates, windows and doors
  7. Arrangement parapet and waterproofing
  8. foaming apertures
  9. Rough plaster
  10. finishing and complexof the final works of
  11. Video of the construction of the garage with their own hands

On the site you can find recommendations like a selfIt is advisable to make a garage in the country, and photos and video sequences of work stages are available to clarify all the nuances.

Structurally, the proposed garage option consists of:

  1. of a foundation of hollow concrete blocks filled with concrete and reinforcement;
  2. solid reinforced reinforced concrete monolithic slab;
  3. walls made of foam blocks;
  4. monolith reinforced concrete belt on top of the walls;
  5. low-slope roof with a frame made of wood and a fused roofing material as a covering.

Arrangement of the garage foundation

At the beginning of construction on the existing suburban area it is necessary to break the contour of the future building.

This procedure can be performed either independently or with the help of a surveyor. After that, you need to dig a trench under the foundation, which you can do manually, or rent a small excavator.

The bottom of the trench and the wall must be covered with a film to perform waterproofing and to keep the ground from collapse.

After that, the foundation walls are laid out of small hollow concrete blocks with reinforcement reinforcement and filling of voids with concrete of fine fraction of crushed stone with compaction.

The sinuses on the outside and inside the foundation wall are laminated in layers by pneumotube.

Pouring of monolithic reinforced concrete slab

The floor in the inner part of the garage is covered with a layer of crushed stone 10-15 cm thick followed by sealing.

A solid carpet of strong polyethylene film is laid on rubble. On the perimeter is a wooden formwork with a height of 40-50 cm and is loosened with spacers and wedges.

The future plate is reinforced with two grids with 200x200 mm pitch of rods. The height of the plate is not less than 200 mm, the diameter of the reinforcement is from 10 to 12 mm.

The distance between the grids is provided by means of spatial frameworks. Under the lower mesh, plastic stands are laid to provide a protective layer 20-25 mm high.

The slab is poured with concrete and sealed with a deep vibrator and subsequent smoothing of the upper layer.

If necessary, the device inputs into the garage space of various networks, before laying concrete laid various embedded parts in the form of pipes and sleeves. The stove also plays the role of the floor in the garage.

Construction of garage walls from foam blocks

If you decide to build a garage of foam blocks with your own hands, then in a few days, when the concrete will gain strength, you can start building walls.

First, the waterproofing of two layers of roofing material is laid along the width more than the wall by 100 mm to the place of erection of future walls.

External walls are made of foam blocks, laid on a special glue, with bandaging of seams and control of the verticality of the walls with a plumb and level.

According to the developed project, openings for windows, doors, garage doors, as well as holes for mounting ventilation grids are left.

Arrangement of a monolithic reinforced concrete belt

The upper row of masonry is made of hollow concrete blocks with reinforcement and concrete pouring to produce a monolithic reinforced concrete belt. Belt is necessary for fixing roof elements and ensuring the rigidity of the structure.

The device of a roof of garage

For the device malo-inclined roof, wooden beams with a step of 0,5 m are exposed with linings from a roofing material for isolation from a material of walls. The roof slope is provided with pads of different thickness under the beams of wood: from the highest in the front of the garage with a gradual decrease in their height to the far wall.

The space between the beams on the wall is laid with foam blocks.

The beams are made of solid flooring from boards with a slope of 5% towards the rear of the garage. On top of the boards is laid a sealing vapor barrier from the roofing material without sprinkling.

Mounting of doors, windows and doors

Inside the garage, as in the photo, a gate system is mounted, folding up.

Such work should be entrusted to specialists, since besides the installation itself it is necessary to perform adjustment and connection of the remote opening system.

At the same time, plastic windows are inserted, according to the left openings.

After this, the entrance metal doors with a lock are mounted.

Arrangement of the parapet and waterproofing of the roof

On the roof along the long sides and the front part, a parapet of foam blocks 20-30 cm high is laid out.

The roofing is made of a fused roofing material in two layers, across the slope with the entrance to the parapet of the structure.

Injection of apertures

Filling of windows, doors and gate constructions. The slits are filled with 2/3 foam, after hardening, the excess is cut off with a knife.

Rough plaster

Protecting the construction of windows and doors with film, external plastering of the walls on the primed surface is carried out with a thin layer of cement plaster, for which it is necessary to strengthen the corners of the garage with perforated corners.

Finishing and final work package

A finishing coat is applied over the rough plaster. This can be both structural plastering and painting.

It is also necessary to finish, if desired, the inside of the garage, install the necessary electrical wiring, electrical appliances and tool racks, make an access road. Construction of the garage with their own hands can be considered complete and now the building is ready for operation.

Construction video of the garage with their own hands

Garage with pit:

Frame garage:

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