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Fresh vegetables from their garden are different from those purchased in the store and delight with their rich taste and aroma. To stock up on vitamin products for the winter, you need to have a place where all the useful properties can be preserved for a long period of time. For these purposes, it is advisable to build a cellar on your own in a private area. This article will be devoted to the topic of its construction with detailed step-by-step instructions and a full photoreport of the main stages of the work.


  1. Preparatory stage
  2. Basic work
  3. Improvement of the cellar
  4. Video of the cellar construction in the country by yourself

Preparatory stage

Before starting the basic construction, it is necessary to decide on several questions. First choose a place for the cellar. It is advisable to choose a platform on an elevation so as not to face flooding problems with groundwater. All precipitation and thawed water from the snow will flow from the elevation and not destroy the walls of the structure.

Then we are determined with the materials for the construction of the cellar with our own hands. It can be concrete, reinforced concrete or expanded clay blocks. The best and fastest option is to build a bulk cellar of expanded clay concrete. This material has a lighter weight, compared with reinforced concrete. It has great strength and thermal insulation properties. Also keramzitobetonnye blocks are perfectly protected from moisture and keep a constant temperature of the room.

The final stage of preparation for construction is the determination of the size and depth of the cellar for storing vegetables. The most optimal depth is about 3 meters. On our site you can see examples of drawings and schemes for building a cellar.

Basic work of

The process begins with excavation. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to one nuance. The shape of the pit should be oblong, so that later it would be possible to provide a gentle easy descent into the storage. The pit can be dug manually or hire an excavator.

After that, all the walls of the groove and the floor are tamped well. Then the floor is covered with gravel or crushed stone and filled with clay mortar. If there is a risk of sewage, it is better to use a concrete solution, which is poured on the metal reinforcing mesh.

Walls can be erected in various ways, depending on the materials used. A more complex and long-term process is the construction of concrete walls. For this, the formwork of each wall is made with fastening elements in the form of bars and spacers. Then, additional longitudinal reinforcement is carried out, followed by pouring with concrete. The formwork is removed after a few days, and the complete hardening of the walls occurs not earlier than a month.

It is much easier and faster to make the walls of the cellar from expanded-clay concrete or reinforced concrete blocks. The process resembles a brickwork using a conventional cement slurry. Thus it is necessary to leave small apertures for ventilation and a doorway.

After the solution has fully hardened, it is now possible to proceed with the installation of the floor. For this purpose, formwork is constructed from sheets of chipboards, which are laid on supports. Over the formwork reinforcement mesh is installed and concrete is poured.

To prevent moisture from seeping through the walls, they are treated with bitumen mastic on the outer and inner sides. For waterproofing floors, they are laid sheets of ruberoid, which are carefully pasted with mastic.

The last stage of building a cellar in the country house with its own hands is filling the foundation pit and overlapping the ground. It is advisable to ensure that in the ground there are no hard stones that can damage the protective waterproofing layer.

Improvement of the cellar

After the basic construction it is possible to proceed with the improvement of the premises. The door, staircase, electricity is installed. For the preservation of poluchki, places for different types of vegetables. The interior space can be arranged as you like to ensure the most convenient placement of the stored products.

Comprehensive information on how to build a cellar in the suburban area, you can get from the photos and video materials presented on our website. Here you can see all the stages of the work that will help in the construction process.

Video of building a cellar in the country with their own hands

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