Winter garden in a private house

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Beautiful winter garden - a real paradise for owners of private houses. The originally decorated and equipped premises will allow you to enjoy the flowering of plants at any time of the year. To build a building you will need to prepare a drawing, to choose the right materials. Careful study of the nuances will quickly and efficiently build a modern greenhouse.


  1. Foundation of the winter garden
  2. Assembling the walls and roof
  3. Creating optimal conditions for ventilation and heating
  4. Decorating and original arrangement of the winter garden
  5. Photo of the winter garden in the private house
  6. Video of assembling the winter garden with your own hands

The foundation of the winter garden

The greenhouse can be a partcottage, and be a separate annex. It is not always practical to have a winter garden in the house due to the "eating" of free space. An extension will require a minimum of time and money for erection. But first you need to choose the materials from which the walls will be made.

The optimum solution will be polycarbonate sheets and aluminum profiles. Attractive and wooden frame with glazing. For such walls, you can prepare a strip foundation. If the owner decided to make a winter garden in a private house with the use of bricks( + metal-plastic windows and doors), then it is better to stop the choice on a monolithic, or on a buried ribbon foundation.

Assembling the walls and roof

You need to start the erection according to the previously prepared plan. Initially, the support elements are installed adjacent to the walls, and located in the corners of the extension. They will receive the maximum load, so they must be reliable, strong and durable. And that the winter garden in the country house was well protected from the rain, you need to take care of the proper construction of the roof:

  1. Determine the optimal angle of the roof;
  2. Provide protection for the joint of the roof and the wall of the house;
  3. Take into account the bevel of the roof for the removal of precipitation( for installing a drainage system).

If necessary, the roof of the winter garden can be supplemented with small windows. They will allow for proper airing of the room. After creating a winter garden with your own hands, you need to take care of its comfortable and practical arrangement.

Creating optimal conditions for ventilation and heating

To maintain the desired temperature in the extension can be in several ways: with the help of heaters, underfloor heating, air conditioning, water-heated floor. The second option is less attractive in view of the considerable costs of installation and subsequent maintenance. Warm floor is the most profitable solution. Low heating costs will help maintain heat in both large and small greenhouses.

The correct installation of a conservatory should prevent overdrying of air. Therefore, it is better to refuse electric heaters. A good floor type air conditioner will help maintain a normal temperature of 18-22 degrees. In this case, the device will also allow for high-quality ventilation of the room.

It is also possible to perform ventilation even when installing special grilles. They have the form of blinds, but in the closed state completely exclude the penetration of precipitation into the interior of the extension. To understand how to make a winter garden in the house, you need to think about the comfort of airing the room in summer: a couple of windows in the walls are enough to create optimal conditions for caring for plants.

Finishing and original arrangement of the winter garden

Interior finishing is usually performed only for the wall of the building to which the conservatory has been attached. You can cover the surface of the wall panels under a stone or brick, lining, wood plates. It is very advantageous to look and the electric fireplace installed in it. Preparing a door to leave the house in the garden is problematic, so it's better to take care of the beautiful wall decoration.

To create a winter garden decoration with your own hands it was really convenient and stylish, it is recommended to make flower stands. High shelving allows you to compactly place the plants selected for the winter garden. In addition, you should install roller blinds on the windows: to protect the flowers from the bright sun in the summer. The attached photos will help to see how beautiful even a small greenhouse can be. Ideally complement the addition of a pair of wicker chairs and a small table.

Photo of a winter garden in a private house

Video of assembling a winter garden with your own hands

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