Kitchen 6 sq. M: a design from which everyone will be delighted!

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Am I still a professional?

But it's not necessary to contact a professional to plan a repair of your kitchen. You can fully understand the design features of such a small room, while saving a lot of money. Having given this a little time, you can find a solution that all members of your family will like.
Kitchen 6 sq. M: a design from which everyone will be delighted!

Design options

Kitchen repair involves a profitable organization of kitchen space. In fact, there is nothing complicated here. The main thing is to achieve the following:

  • Furniture in the kitchen area of ​​6-7 sq m should facilitate the work, reduce physical activity and movement.
  • Furniture should be placed in such a way that the hostess always has everything at hand.

Let's consider some of the most advantageous design options for a small cook. For clarity, the photos below are given.

Kitchen with a right angle

Your recovery of the arrangement of a small kitchenette can become a direct internal corner. This is an important detail that frees up space on the short side, which makes it possible to build a decent work surface. This is the most common kind of cuisine. By the way, the design of a room measuring 16 square meters can also include a right angle.


Corner kitchen without refrigerator

You can win a place in a small dining room by transferring the refrigerator to the corridor. On the site of this cumbersome unit, you can hang shelves or put a cupboard for dishes and food.

Advantageous design of kitchen with gas column

It is possible to increase the number of cabinets and expand the working space by placing a gas column at the entrance to the dining room. Big minus: creates an acute angle and increases the length of the corridor.

Decoration of a dining room with a corner sink

The variant with rounded smooth edges is the most optimal. Especially good such a kitchen set will look, if there is a short narrowed side. The long side can hold the refrigerator, hob, oven. In addition, there will be room for a work surface that never remains superfluous.

Turn the kitchen into a masterpiece!

Owners of apartments, who were lucky enough to get as much as 16 m square under a kitchen room, can seriously think over the arrangement of the kitchen studio. Kitchen living room is the dream of many families. This room is ideal for hosting a large number of guests. The main thing here is to carefully think over the design of the room in order to subsequently get a cozy nest. Again, efforts must be made to realize all expectations. We'll have to shovel a lot of literature, visit many websites, contact different specialists to get useful information.



The main goal of the kitchen-living room arrangement is to get a room that is convenient for rest and cooking. And not everyone can create a spacious room with taste. Therefore, before making a decision, one should think carefully about which design option to choose, so that then all family members are satisfied.

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