Floor in the steam room with your hands - step by step installation technology

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Flooring in the steam room with your own hands - very responsible process. This is not only about the quality of work, but also about the choice of material. Therefore, the question requires a comprehensive solution.

For many millennia the bathhouse has been and remains the most widespread and adored by many institutions. Where, if not in the bath, you can have a wonderful rest after a week of work, get better, take off stress and, of course, calm the nervous system, restoring composure. So, cleanliness and health is an invaluable result of the bath procedure.

The floor in the steam room with your own hands

The floor in the steam room with your own hands

Of course, in this case it is very important to make all the structural components of the baths ideal, so that nothing spoils the overall pleasant sensations.

As a place for bathing procedures, a Russian sauna and a Finnish sauna can be arranged. In any of them the most important part is steam( or steam room), and one of the most significant elements of the construction of this steam room is the floor.

How to choose the right floor variant for the

steam room The service life of the floor in the therma depends primarily on the type of material for it. Therefore, before proceeding to the arrangement of the floor, it is necessary to analyze all the pros and cons of this or that material, and every nuance is important.

The choice of material is also important when the owner plans to floor the floor in the steam room with his own hands.

One of the main design purposes of the floor in a therma, except the basis for movement, is to ensure the outflow of water into the sewer. And it is important to organize this outflow correctly. And the choice of the material itself depends solely on the personal tastes and preferences of each.

Thus, the floors in the steam room can be made of concrete, wood or clay base( used less often).But they all differ in terms of operation.

  1. Variant - concrete floor

The most rational, quite economical and the most durable material for floor installation in the steam room, is concrete. On such a basis it is quite simple to lay any convenient floor covering that will meet the desired functional requirements, have an aesthetic appearance that corresponds to the planned interior.

For example, a concrete floor can cladding with a tiled , which does not cause difficulties in cleaning. Excess water will not be absorbed into the floor( it is water resistant), but will leave through a specially equipped gully.

Concrete floor equipped with a gutter

Concrete floor equipped with a drainage system

is a perfect solution for laying wooden gratings on a tile .They are comfortable to stand on( not slippery).Also, the grates quickly dry in the air and perfectly harmonize with the wooden lining of the entire sauna.

Often a wooden floor covering is fitted on a concrete base. The variant is quite acceptable( especially for lovers of natural materials), because in time a wooden floor covering can easily be replaced without dismantling the concrete foundation.

  1. Option - wooden floor

This is a very popular and widespread version of the floor. Aesthetic and ecological properties are a huge plus in the direction of choosing the wooden floor.

However, there are natural drawbacks: the tree is exposed to rotting processes, and this leads to destruction and unpleasant odors. The option of processing a tree with a special impregnation, of course, is suitable, but the service life is more than five years is not achieved, the floor will have to be changed.

Very important for the wooden floor quality ventilation. The room should be ventilated frequently.

  1. Variant - floor made of clay

Sometimes in the steam room a floor is made of clay, but here it is necessary to take into account that the clay absolutely does not let water pass. Negative feature of clay is its rather rapid swelling in a moist environment, as well as the ability to crack. Then water may linger in the cracks, which leads to a very unpleasant odor in the bath. This option is far from the best, but much cheaper than a tree.

Arrangement of concrete floor in the therma

The most successful material for equipping the base of the floor in the steam room is concrete, on top of which the lining material is laid. Consider the option of self-pouring and finishing the flooring.

Tools and materials that will be needed for the operation of the

For all the stages of work on the arrangement of the floor in a therma, the following tools will be needed:

  • concrete mixer;
  • container for mixing the screed solution( bucket, pelvis);
  • mixer;
  • construction foreman;
  • shovel;
  • level;
  • rule;
  • roller with needle structure;
  • roller( for primer application);
  • gas burner with ballon( for soldering ruberoid);
  • personal protective equipment for eyes and hands.

List of necessary consumables :

  • dry mix of self-leveling screed;
  • sand;
  • cement;
  • gravel;
  • primer;
  • edge band;
  • ruberoid.

Special Recommendation. Building materials and mixtures, as well as primer, are predominantly chosen from one manufacturer, this will provide additional strength and reliability of the structure as a whole.

Preparation of concrete mortar and installation of the base of the floor

For the preparation of a concrete solution, first place the constituent components in a dry form in the concrete mixer. Concrete is a mixture of cement with sand and gravel, combined in a ratio of 1: 2: 3.

Fig.2 - Preparation of mortar in a concrete mixer

Fig.2-Preparation of mortar in the concrete mixer

For work of enough cement of mark M200 or M300.Higher grades of cement in this case are inexpedient, they will only increase the cost.

Then, the resulting mixture is diluted with water, while thoroughly mixing in a concrete mixer and bringing it to the desired consistency.

Mortar of concrete should not get too liquid.

Fig.3 - Concrete solution - consistency

Fig.3 - Concrete solution - consistency

In the room of the steam room, the bottom( soil), sheets of roofing material are laid, in this case it is needed as a waterproofing layer.

Fig.4 - Roll of ruberoid

Fig.4 - Roll of ruberoid

The joints of the roofing material are to be soldered with a gas burner.

A layer of concrete with a thickness of up to 100 mm is evenly applied over the layer of ruberoid. Concrete is first leveled by a construction trowel, and then its surface is leveled using a rule under the level.

Fig.5 Principle of leveling the concrete layer

Fig.5 Principle of leveling the concrete layer

When the surface is completely covered with concrete, it is left to dry completely, and only after that go to the next stage.

Finishing surface leveling

The next stage of the floor construction is the final leveling of the surface, which will ensure an absolutely flat floor with an accuracy of a millimeter. The fastest and easiest way is to apply a self-leveling screed.

Pre-concrete surface is cleaned from any kind of small debris and dust.

Cleaned surface must be primed. To do this, with a conventional roller, a primer solution is applied to it for better adhesion between the screed and the concrete substrate. Too porous surfaces are primed twice.

Before the work, the lower part of the wall along the entire perimeter of the steam room is glued with a special edge band. She does not allow the screed to get stuck to the wall and then burst.

Then a self-leveling screed solution is prepared. Dry mixture for screeds is bred with water in the prepared container, mixing the mixer to a homogeneous consistency( without lumps).The ratio of water and dry mix is ​​always indicated on the package.

Fig.6 - Tools for kneading liquid screed

Fig.6 - Tools for mixing the liquid screed

The resulting solution is gently and evenly poured on the surface, starting from the far corner of the room.

The poured solution is carefully rolled out with a needle roller, removing air bubbles from the screed.

Fig.7 - Screed roller

Fig.7 - Screed roller for screed

The final stage is the transition to the finishing works of

. The surface covered with a self-leveling screed is left for at least 24 hours to completely dry.

Only after the screed has dried, go to the finishing works of the floor, i.e. The floor covering is finished with a finishing floor covering.

This surface can be laid and tiled, and wooden flooring.

If a wood is selected as the finishing material, then before the installation it must be treated with a special moisture-proof mortar with antiseptic properties. Impregnation must be applied in several layers. Mounting is subject only to treated and completely dried wood, which can then be varnished.

Video - The floor in the steam room with your own hands

The filling should be done strictly in one day.

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