Design of a two-bedroom apartment

Two bedroom apartment is a real expanse for any designer! In this room, you can embody even the boldest desires and extraordinary solutions. To create a good design of a three-room apartment, it will take quite a long time, because usually such premises have large dimensions and a lot of requirements are demanded to them. However, everything in order.


  1. Reshaping two-bedroom apartment
  2. Designer style
  3. Finishing materials
  4. Accessories
  5. Design photo of a three-room apartment

Usually the design of a three-room apartment depends on its living and original tasks. For example, if one person lives in an apartment, then there is a need to divide the room as much as possible: create a study, a bedroom, a living room or even a mini sports hall. If the apartment has a family with two children, it may even require a redevelopment. Let's consider the stages of creating a design project.

Re-planning of a two-bedroom apartment

The design of a three-room apartment P44T or any other house needs to start with redevelopment, if this is necessary. If a person lives indoors on their own, then in this case you can combine the sanitary unit and put the partition in one of the rooms. For example, create a working area, and through the partition there will be a home library.

If you live in an apartment with a family with children, the children's room will also need a partition. Each child needs a personal space! The partition for children can be made of gypsum cardboard or split the space with furniture, for example, a closet.

Designer style

Usually the interior design of a three-room apartment does not have any limitations in the choice of style. You can arrange an apartment in a single direction, but you can choose for each room your own. Now among the most popular styles can be identified such:

  • Modern;
  • Country;
  • Loft;
  • High-tech, etc.

View the design options for a three-room apartment in different styles directions can be in the photo right here in this article.

Finishing materials

After defining the style, you can proceed with the selection of finishing materials for the apartment. If you prefer the modern style, then in the process of finishing you can use plastic, drywall, washable wallpaper light colors, decorative plaster, laminate flooring, suspended ceiling - for the ceiling.

The country style usually uses wallpaper of bright and warm colors: sand, yellow, brown, etc. On the floor, usually install parquet from natural wood, and the ceiling can be made two-level.

The loft style is characterized by natural materials for decoration. This tree, stone, wallpaper neutral color. Parquet is usually used for the floor, and the ceiling is made simple one-level. The bathroom usually uses large ceramic tiles.

For modern design of two-bedroom apartment in high-tech style, as in the photo, you can apply: multi-level ceilings with lighting, decorative stone, plastic, bright and colorful colors wallpapers, wooden or plastic panels.

If you find it difficult to define the style direction, then ready-made examples of the design of a two-bedroom apartment project can be seen in this article.


Various ideas for the design of a three-room apartment require the use of accessories. Housing will not be comfortable if it does not buy beautiful curtains, carpets, a variety of vases, paintings or small decorative elements.

If you pay attention to the photo of the design of a three-room apartment in this article, you can see that the curtains play a huge role in the cosiness of the room. They should not only be very beautiful, but also functional.

In the bedroom must be useful dense curtains, which can create a comfortable darkness for a quality stay. In the kitchen, it is best to use vertical blinds or thin curtains of light tone.

The carpet is also an indispensable accessory. The carpet will be needed in the children's room and in the bedroom, so that in the morning it would be as comfortable as possible to get out of bed. Also such an element of design is useful to the hallway.

You can decorate a three-room apartment with the help of unusual mirrors, beautiful photo frames or stylish paintings. Vases, elite dishes and, of course, fresh flowers will be very harmonious!

Photo of the design of the two-bedroom apartment

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