Abyssinian well own hands

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It is not always possible to provide a country house with central water supply. There are several other possibilities to establish a supply of water suitable for drinking and household needs. One of them is the drilling of an Abyssinian well, and how to equip it, you can learn from this article.

Contents of

  1. What is it?
  2. Features of the structure of the Abyssinian well
  3. Features of the construction of such a well
  4. How to choose the right place?
  5. Advantages of the Abyssinian well
  6. Video of the Abyssinian well drilling

What is it?

What is an Abyssinian well? This is called a shallow well( no more than 9 meters), the water from which can be lifted by a pump. For the first time, the British received such water when they made a campaign to Abyssinia. In another way, such a method can be called tubular, since the basis is an iron pipe. And also - Norton - by the name of the creator.

This method of extracting water is not always acceptable. For this, the aquifers must pass in the upper sandy part. Therefore, before excavation work it is better to consult with experts or to ask neighbors. A well of this type is easy to dig only in sandy soil, if the soil is rocky, it is necessary to make a conventional well.

Design features of the Abyssinian well

  1. Water supply pipe( it is a prefabricated unit, so couplings and seals for joints are needed).
  2. Hardened steel tip( needle).
  3. Filter.
  4. Valve at the inlet.
  5. Pump.

The nuances of the construction are reflected in the drawing.

Features of the construction of such a well

It is necessary to pierce the ground, for this take a pipe with a diameter of 25 to 75 mm and drive it into the ground. Before it is driven into the ground, it is necessary to drill holes in it. They are made with a diameter of 10 mm, retreat 50 mm apart from each other with the observance of a chess order. In another way it is impossible, otherwise the rigidity will become worse. Between the rows of holes, a distance of 50 cm is left.

The pipe is provided with a mesh made of stainless steel or plastic. Its purpose is to detain sand particles so that silt does not occur. Grid better solder with a special flux or tin solder. This will eliminate the poisoning of water. It turns out a kind of filter for the Abyssinian well.

The end of the pipe is equipped with a pointed part - a needle. Its length is from 20 to 30 cm. The diagram clearly illustrates the features of this element. This design is needed to facilitate the progress of the pipe in the ground.

The Abyssinian well is hammered only after passing the upper dry layer of the soil. This process is performed by a garden drill. Pipes will be driven into the soil in turn, the components are connected in the process. The video shows the main points for creating such a well.

The first pipe is driven by a cast iron woman, then the work is carried out using a frame drill. When the first pipe has completely entered the ground on the pipe, it is necessary to screw a new one. If an Abyssinian well of plastic pipes, you should use a different method of joining-fusion. The joints are closed with sealed gaskets to prevent water from sucking.

When the aquifer is reached, the work is completed and the filter element is cleaned with a strong water jet. Then mount the pump and start pumping the water until the water becomes clear.

How to choose the right place?

This type of well is dangerous because water can be polluted by sewage. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a site for the well as far from any zones as possible, where there are plenty of drains. From the septic tank, the distance must be at least 20 meters. This is with fine-grained soil, which perfectly cleans water. If the soil is coarse, the distance increases by a factor of 2.

If the question arose how to make an Abyssinian well by yourself, so that the water in it is clean and safe, you need to know that the depth of the well should be at least 4 meters. If the water has gone before, it means that it is soil water, which contains a lot of dangerous impurities.

Advantages of the Abyssinian well

This type of well has several advantages:

  • in the photo shows that the work is done without special equipment, many assistants also do not need;
  • design takes up little space;
  • pump can be installed in the utility room;
  • pipe excludes soil contaminated water;
  • work is done quickly;
  • costs are minimal.

Video of drilling an Abyssinian well with your own hands

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