High beds with own hands

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Creating high beds with your own hands, you are starting a new era in the life of your garden. Thanks to such designs, you can create any design of the site, turn the garden into a work of art. Ogorodniki lovingly call the high beds warm and yielding. And indeed it is.


  1. Fences for high beds
  2. Filling of high beds
  3. Photo of high beds
  4. Video of creating high beds with your own hands

They warm more quickly than usual, the roots of plants are immersed in a nutrient medium, and they are less inclined to lean towards them. It is not recommended to plant potatoes and cabbages on such beds, and vice versa, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and their relatives, pumpkin and zucchini feel excellent on them and, accordingly, thank the cotters an excellent harvest.

Fences for high beds

It is necessary to start the construction of a high bed with own hands from the preparation of fences. Traditionally, wooden boards are used. Before you knock down the boxes for beds, soak the tree with special compounds that will slow decay. The outside can be painted, make a drawing on it or varnish.

Slate is also a popular material for making high beds. Its main drawback is fragility, which makes the arrangement of a kitchen garden into a piece of jewelry.

To make stationary high warm beds with your own hands, apply brick or concrete.

Their location, shape and dimensions should be carefully thought out in advance, because anything will be extremely difficult to change in the future.

As a summary to the fences of high beds, it should be noted that they are used to prevent the contents of the bed from spreading. The optimum height of the fence is up to 40 cm, width about one meter.

If the structure is stationary, then its thickness should not be large, so that the earth can quickly warm up.

Filling the high beds

Before making high beds with your own hands and installing the prepared boxes, you must thoroughly dig a site, freeing the soil from weeds and debris.

In the form of a box dig a small indentation up to 10 cm. If the box is wooden, the inner part of the box is laid out with plastic wrap, which will protect the tree from decay, and the bed from drying out.

The bottom of the resulting pit is lined with a fine metal mesh, which will become a fence against rodents and moles. After this, you can proceed to fill the box.

The number of layers and their composition, different experts suggest doing differently. The only thing they unanimously agree that the bottom layer should be garden garbage in the form of truncated branches or rotten stumps.

After laying all of the above, level the layer with ground and water it abundantly so that the ground settles and the tree begins to rot.

The next layer will be foliage, grass and small branches, as well as compost. The field of this, again abundant watering for leveling the beds. The layer of fertile soil will complete our creation. Ready to fill the grove qualitatively.

Please note that it is better to equip the high beds in the fall so that in the spring you can immediately start sowing.

In addition, the land will settle, and you can pour it in the places where it sank. To preserve the beds for the winter period, it is recommended to cover it with an opaque film.

Step-by-step photos and videos of how to build high beds with your own hands, you can see at the bottom of the page. There you will find ideas for self-improvement of high beds, as well as unique and interesting proposals for the design of your garden.

Photo of high beds

Video of creating high beds with your own hands

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