How to plant a raspberry in the autumn at the dacha - an instruction with photos and videos

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The exact time of raspberry planting will not be determined by any specialist. If autumn is chosen, this does not mean that all activities are carried out only after the end of the summer months. The main condition - raspberries should mature well, and this largely depends on its variety, and on the climate in the area.

 Raspberry seedlings can be placed in the ground if the so-called replacement kidneys are clearly visible in the region of the root neck. They indicate that the vegetative period is over.


Land selection criteria for planting

Wind protection

1-raspberry Raspberries do not tolerate low temperatures, therefore, to survive the winter, it must be reliably covered with snow. If the site is located so that it is constantly blown, but there is no natural barrier( in the form of neighboring buildings, shrubs, etc.), it will be necessary to take care of erecting any mini-fence. A common fence is a good option for snow retention.


Raspberry is a light-loving plant. It is desirable to arrange the landing so that the maximum of solar energy the culture receives in the morning, from the early morning. Even penumbra has a significant effect on yields - it sharply decreases.

Therefore, when choosing a place for raspberry planting, you will have to determine the most suitable area, which optimally meets the stated requirements. It is clear that illumination is a priority, as protection from the wind is easy to create artificially.

 What to consider - raspberries do not like neighborhood with tomatoes and potatoes. When planning the site, this should be envisaged in the spring, since some varieties of raspberries have been planted since the second half of August.

Soil preparation

  • raspberry-2 It is desirable to fertilize the earth and dig. It should be well crushed - no large lumps, and even more so, foreign fractions.
  • After a few days it is leveled, and then the marking is made depending on the chosen way of planting.
  • Regardless of soil moisture, it should be well shed so that the nutrients contained in the fertilizer penetrate deep into the soil.
  • The soil is compacted just before planting.

See the video - specialist tells the secrets of the autumn planting of raspberries:

Methods of disembarkation

  • Shrub - the depth of the holes should be approximately 40 cm( taking into account the padding of the nutrient mixture).If the soil is fertile and additionally fertilized, the depth can be made 20-25 cm. The approximate interval between the holes is from 65 to 75 cm.
  • Belt is almost the same, only the distance between the seedlings can be somewhat reduced( up to 55 cm).

After the plant begins to develop, the strips should be fenced with ribbons, ropes, wire, which are stretched between the racks located at the edges of the plot. This is necessary so that the raspberries do not begin to stick to the ground, as its thin shoots stretch out pretty quickly.

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