Chairs for kitchen

To the kitchen was cozy and hospitable, of course, without chairs can not do. Kitchen chairs as well as the kitchens themselves are different. One thing is the chairs in the kitchen of 6 sq.m and quite another - in the combined kitchen-dining room, in which you can also receive guests. Therefore, only correctly estimating the spaciousness of the kitchen, its design and the quality of the flooring can proceed with the choice of chairs.


  1. Variety of models
  2. How to choose a chair for the kitchen?
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Variety of models

Which chair is more comfortable for you to sit on? Someone prefers models with a rigid seat, someone more to taste with soft. If the house has a child, then, of course, chairs in the kitchen with a backrest and with a soft seat are preferable. Chairs with a soft fabric seat are more suitable for a combined kitchen-dining room, that is, they need to be operated away from the cooking zone. Chairs with a hard seat are universal - they fit perfectly into any style, they are well washed and not squashed in time.

Which chairs to choose: metal, wooden or plastic? It depends on the budget of the purchase and the style of decoration of the kitchen. Of course, if the table is wooden, the chairs for the kitchen on the metal frame do not fit into the interior. And the wooden chairs will look inorganic in the style of hi-tech. In the modern style kitchen or the loft, modern plastic chairs - transparent, red or black - will look great. Light, original form they emphasize the individuality of your home. By the way, plastic chairs can be useful in case of uninvited guests. Many models are perfectly stacked and very compactly stored on the loggia.

A separate mention worthy of bar stools for the kitchen. Of course, in most apartments the size of the kitchen does not allow you to install a full bar, but in popular studios where the kitchen is connected to the room, space is often separated by a bar counter. And a couple of bar stools for the evening pastime will be quite welcome.

Some kitchens can boast of large sizes. Most kitchens inherited from Soviet times and a kitchen measuring 6-7 square meters.m, alas, not uncommon. What should I do to have the opportunity to fully move around the kitchen while cooking between the refrigerator, stove and work surface? Folding chairs in the kitchen will be a great way out of the situation. Lay out for the time of food intake and neatly folded after lunch or dinner - this is the best solution to spatial problems. Even in a large kitchen, a pair of folding models made of wood or iron will not hurt - for guests or visiting relatives.

And, of course, for luxury kitchens with original interiors design chairs for the kitchen will emphasize the originality and uniqueness of this hospitable room and the taste of the hosts. You can see all the variety of chairs for the kitchen in the photos in this article.

How to choose a chair for the kitchen?

When choosing a chair in the kitchen, you need to sit down on it. To sit on a kitchen chair it is necessary comfortably, and to rise with ease. The hips should be parallel to the floor when sitting, and the feet should stand on the floor. If one of the members of the family is large, then it needs to be taken into account and the seat is wider. Comfortable depth of sitting - 40-45 cm. That is, when sitting from the chair to the feet should remain 2-3 cm. The chair should not squeeze the popliteal artery. Of course, today there are many variants of specialized kitchen chairs sold - children's chairs, rotating, gaslift-adjustable, chairs with armrests. Which one to choose depends only on your ideas of comfort in the kitchen.

Photo of kitchen chairs