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The design of a large kitchen (48 photos). Especially linear, double-row, L-shaped, U-shaped and island layouts options


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Large kitchen - the dream of any housewife. This spacious room can be placed and all the necessary furniture, and those tiny Khrushchev residents deem most luxury. However, to come up with a large kitchen design no less complex than a small interior.

Plenty of room and requires a competent layout and carefully chosen stylistic solutions, so our school renovation of the kitchen layout will talk about the basics and offer the most practical and interesting options for organizing space.

The design of a large kitchen


The problem is further complicated by the fact that, due to the predominance of flats tiny size, the relevance of such requests as "design small kitchen in Pictures" low.

In fact, an impressive area gives way to realize even the most incredible ideas for renovation of the kitchen.

It all starts with visualization. It should be carefully considered, as will be arranged the furniture, what would be its shades and color finishes, and then draw a design of your dreams in a special program.


  • working;
  • dining room;
  • input.


  • linear;
  • two-row;
  • L-shaped;
  • U-shaped;
  • island.

Consider in greater detail the specifics of each embodiment.


It is suitable design of rectangular kitchen, which has an elongated shape. The working area is located along the first longitudinal wall and the dining room - near the second.

Whatever may be the length of a wall, sink and stove are placed side by side, separating them by a small working area. During cooking the hostess has to move a lot between these three elements, so it will be much more comfortable if the daily mileage is not too large.

Planning has its own characteristics:

  • due to a lack of space pay special attention to the lockers, they are doing very high or complement rotating shelves;
  • emphasis should do on the natural beauty of wood and stone, such as cabinets made of natural wood, and tabletop - made of marble;
  • a budget option - MDF cabinets and countertops made of artificial stone;
  • focus is usually on the handles and fittings;
  • advantageous looks simple design of the kitchen in the style of a classic or modern, which are characterized by strict geometric lines and symmetry.
    Design rectangular kitchen

    The linear layout

Tip! For the convenience of the sink and hob separated by a bedside table with solid tabletop from below, without separating elements of household appliances, such as a built-in washing machine or dishwasher.


Comfortable and functional design of the entrance to the kitchen door to the balcony, located opposite the entrance door (to be appropriate and for rooms with a window).

It involves placement of furniture along two opposite walls.


  • As in the previous case, the parties 'work triangle' to try to minimize the difference that the sink and stove have one wall and the refrigerator - the other;
  • elements of the appliances and furniture are arranged so that when all the doors are open on both sides of the hostess could freely pass through the kitchen renovated (this is necessary in terms of safety);
  • for two-row layout interesting design can be created with open shelves, a plurality of glass elements as well as internal illumination top of each locker;
  • door lower cabinets should complement the nomination system or so-called carousel;
  • in the corners near the entrance to the balcony can accommodate tall cabinets;
  • lower cabinets along the entire length makes extensive;
  • if the room is elongated and narrow, it is better to provide in the dining area of ​​the mobile units on the rollers, which can shoot at a time, until they are needed.
    Simple kitchen design

    two-row layout

Tip! Two-row layout for a family with two mistresses, they will be able to work together without interfering with each other.


L-shaped or angled kitchen is very convenient, especially for indoor square shape. Furniture and appliances are placed along two adjacent walls.

Features L-shaped layout:

  • thanks to the location of the corner of the triangle becomes extremely easy;
  • in the opposite corner is recommended to place a dining area, a stylish will look area with plush sofa;
  • this is the best kitchen design with a duct, the duct itself is sheathed with plasterboard, bottom mounted ceiling lights, and a lack of turning into "flavor";
  • one side of the work area can be placed under the window, which will allow the hostess to enjoy the scenery in the process;
  • in the top corner cabinet is convenient to place the shelf with a tilt-and-roll-out mechanism;
  • As a rule, angular wooden worktop joints is therefore recommend to order whole countertop made of stone;
  • design and decoration of the L-shaped kitchen layout can be performed in a classical style, and the style of hi-tech;
  • very good fit elements such as open shelves and glass facades (especially metal - the main attribute high-tech);
  • appearance should be harmonious, so an abundance of decorative elements should be avoided.
    Kitchen interesting design

    L-shaped arrangement

Tip! To make the most functional work triangle, you can install a corner sink.


U-shaped layout - fashion design large kitchen. In addition to the visual appeal, it has increased convenience due to the fact that involved three walls of the room.

The room should be large enough to between the opposite edges of the furniture was a distance of about 1.5-2 m and not create a sense of closeness.

Features planning:

  • working triangle located anywhere in the room, the washing should be on a small (1.2-1.8 m) away from the plate and large (1.8-2.1 m) from the refrigerator;
  • Near the free fourth wall located dining area (slab placed away from this area for safety);
  • doors shall be opened in such a way so as not to interfere with the entrance to the kitchen, and at the door of the refrigerator should not be placed;
  • It looks very interesting design of the U-shaped kitchen, made in the "chameleon" color (facade changes its color depending on the angle of incidence);
  • the presence of the fourth wall completely optional, so the layout is suitable for kitchen-studio.
    Design bright kitchen

    U-shaped layout with a facade made of "Chameleon" technology

The island

If you want to implement this design, the room must be really huge, because the island layout does not tolerate closeness.

Planning is the kitchen of one of the previous forms (usually D or U-shaped) with an additional work surface in the center of the room.

The island can serve as a cutting table, and it can be placed on the hob or sink.


  • central zone requires special lighting, and if it is placed on plate, then another, and extract;
  • over the rest of the center is to make an open shelf and use it for decorative dishes or set of spices;
  • "Island", ideal for the design of light dishes, while the element itself can both complement the main color, and contrast sharply with him;
  • If you plan to create a kitchen-studio, the island has become a center;
  • If the center is a dining table, the island should move toward the rest of the furniture;
  • it is not necessary to do "island" rectangular, it can be either angled or curved or in the form of the letter C;
  • fans of the classic kitchen design should be used carved facades and stained-glass windows in the doors, and over plate (especially if it will be located on the "island") set elegant chimney hood;
  • island layout and like lovers of Art Nouveau, it gives enough space to hide all household appliances, will only buy furniture with smoothly flowing lines and a variety of metal elements;
  • for finishing the interior with a suitable layout and style of country music, the bottom of the "island" can be oblitsevat ceramic tiles, a similar apron, and above it placed shelves for thematic accessories - onions bundles, herbs, wicker baskets and ceramic tableware.
    Stylish Kitchen Design

    insular location


The large kitchen offers unlimited possibilities for the organization of the interior. Most considered plan options will fit harmoniously in the design of the kitchen 3 3 m, and in the design of the room more than 20 m². The main thing is to plan combined with the shape of the room and complement it.

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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