Kitchen with his hands Decor

kitchen with his hands Decor (36 photos): decorating posters and other options


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Kitchen - this is the room in which pets spend most of their free time. That is why it is important that the interior spaces create a good mood and beautifully looked.

Make kitchen decor with your own hands - is a simple and exciting experience, and the result will be pleasing to the eye, not only you, but also the guests of the house.

kitchen with his hands decorHow correctly perform the decor and design of the kitchen, and what methods are now used to decorate, explain later in this article.

So, imagine that you have room after repair, you want to decorate according to your preferences.

No need to be an expert on the interior of the small kitchen to come up with and implement kitchen decor own, without the help of professionals. Consider a few ways to decorate the interior.

decorating posters

Posters - a big picture, bringing any idea or image. Ancestor posters think black and white posters that originally carried only a propaganda role and looked quite unsophisticated.

Posters with the image of celebrities

Posters with the image of celebrities

With the advent of color printing and cheaper production color posters began to be used for advertising. Posters, unlike their ancestors, are used for decorative purposes: decoration of offices, cafes, entertainment facilities, and more recently apartments.

You can buy ready-made as a poster with reproductions of famous paintings, beautiful portraits, Urban landscape or pictures of animals, and turn your favorite photo into it, or picture.

There are several types of posters:

  • printed on photo paper;
  • depicted on the canvas;
  • printed on paper with an imitation of the canvas effect.

Paper posters are usually laminated and applied to the plastic substrate. Canvas is better used as a material for the creation of paintings and works of authorship, and the coating of the lacquer art products makes it similar to the normal pattern.

Large poster with fruit

Large poster with fruit

Hang posters on the wall better in an environment of artistic accessories: baguettes, frames, paper and close the glass.

A few tips on placement in the room:

  • For large posters (more per square meter) is better to allocate a separate place on the wall, so they serve as a single decorative element.
  • small size posters look great in a few pieces compositions united by color or style.
  • Compliance with the interior style of the poster can serve as effective addition to the design of the room. So, for the country style you can use the lovely rural landscape or pictures of animals.

Just a couple of decors

  1. Vinyl stickers

Another way to create a decor kitchen with his hands, which is called perfect for lazy people. Simply, it is probably the easiest option decorating any room.

In just a few moments, you can easily diversify the interior, adding to it the originality and individuality.

Note! These stickers can decorate not only the walls, but also any kitchen items: refrigerator, lockers or plate. Thus, we can arrange the furniture to the style of the room itself or, alternatively, set aside its bright colors.

The original vinyl on the fridge

The original vinyl on the fridge

Quite popular are the labels "Bon Appetit" at the dinner table or in the refrigerator.

The walls in the kitchen are often decorated with the words "Good morning," and over the stove is the place for the label "gourmet zone". Original idea are stickers on the fridge as a chain, as it were sealing it, a "reminder" about the dangers of overeating.

  1. decoration lockers

Quite often, kitchen does not justify our expectations and is not as well suited to the design of the room, as it seemed at first sight.

In this case, you just take the tile that was used to trim apron, glue and a pair of planochek, to create a decorative frame.

Directly on the surface of the cabinets can stick a pair of tiles, placing them in mini-picture, based on the sizes and colors.

Plates with natural patterns

Plates with natural patterns

If the resulting composition is square or rectangular, you can arrange it in a frame, stick the wooden slats on the edges. And even a couple of hours you will feel that the whole kitchen - it is a single harmonious system with a pleasant atmosphere.

  1. drawings

Quite often for decoration kitchen interior use copyrights patterns: the usual dishes you can apply a beautiful pattern, cutting boards to cover the thread, and towels and clamps - embroidery own manufacturing.

However, this is not such a simple way to create a decor kitchen with his hands, as it seems at first glance, so take some time, so you get a nice and high quality products.

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