Patio in the country with their own hands

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Translated from the Spanish patio( patio) means a small patio surrounded by greenery, decorative hedges or capital walls. Such recreational areas were known in the Roman Empire. And today they are very popular in Europe, Scandinavia and America. Today, this object began to gain popularity among us, since its device does not require large resources, in contrast to the construction of a veranda or terrace.

Patios have differences in size, shape, design, location and materials from which it is made. If you on the site just need a rest corner in which comfort and serenity is created, but you do not have sufficient funds, it is best to arrange a patio in the country house with your own hands.

What is the patio

The patio is an open area in the middle of beautiful green plants intended onlyfor relax. Its main elements are an aligned paved natural cover area and comfortable interesting furniture. Owners of summer cottages try to plant around the patio the most beautiful trees, bushes and flowers.

In our country, the fashion for the construction of the patio appeared from Europe and quickly gained popularity among the owners of summer cottages and country houses. And not surprisingly, after all, a corner created for a rest from the wood will not leave anyone indifferent. It is possible to have picnics with family and friends, or simply sunbathe on a sunny day. The territory that is laid out with tiles or wood should be free to fit a small table with chairs or a sandbox for children. The patio can carry a variety of functions, determined by its location and the choice of basic building materials.

Example of a patio near the wall

Example of a patio device near the wall

We have a patio painted most directly next to the house, but this is not necessary because it does not have a roof. This solution is convenient in that it is easier to treat guests here, since you do not need to carry far away dishes with food. However, there is also a minus - because of the shading by the buildings of light may not be enough.

From what you can make a patio

Most often a patio is used for various stones and slabs. This natural material has natural strength, environmental friendliness and beauty. The site, laid out with a natural stone, looks very chic, and the patio acquires that cosiness and medieval charm for the sake of which it is created.

Patio, laid out of natural stone

Patio made of natural stone

A variant of stone, of course perfect, but expensive. Buy the same brick at an affordable price can be everywhere. A folded brick patio also looks beautiful and romantic. From this material, you can create various patterns and ornaments on the site. Choose a brick that is not afraid of moisture.

Brick circular patio area

Brick circular patio for the patio

Another interesting variant of creating a base under the patio is the construction of it from wood. It looks very nice and natural, but requires constant care and short-lived. However, these drawbacks can be avoided by using decking instead of natural boards. This is an artificial material made by deep thermal processing of wood. It is not exposed to the environment, has a lock connection between the plates and is no less attractive than real boards, which it very successfully imitates.

Decking - very convenient for outdoor mounting material

Decking - very user-friendly for outdoor mounting material

The deck constructed from the deck looks very beautiful. The technology of its device is quite simple. It is necessary only to build out of a bar or weld a stable frame from metal, which is to be sewed with a decking.

Patio, arranged on a platform from the deck

Patio, arranged on the platform of the

, it is not necessary to test your feet and lay out a platform of sea pebbles. When we talk about natural stone, we mean a stone that has a straight side so that you can just walk on it and not stumble.

Unusually and very original looks patio, which is laid out of fragments of tiles. For cutting, you can use a grinder with a special cutting disc or simply break it with a chisel. The pieces are then assembled as a mosaic in one piece. With such a masonry, you can save a lot. After all, there is no need to buy a new whole tile, and the broken and used one costs less.

To break the tile into the necessary pieces, you need to determine what form they should be. Then draw a line on the tile. A chisel is made on it by a small depression. Then put the tile on the bar, so that the fracture line lies on its edge, and strike the material well. Those who received pieces go into action.

If you ask for all the listed materials, it turns out that they are quite expensive. Therefore, if you want to build a patio with minimal investment, you can choose for paving cement tile or pavers. Consider a variant of the device patio made of cement colored tiles.

Patio in the dacha with their own hands

In order to build a cozy and comfortable patio on your own plot, it is necessary to prepare the following tools and materials.

  • Any construction wheelbarrow. Bayonet and shovels.
  • Hydraulic and bubble building levels.
  • Any tool for compacting sand.
  • Herbicide preparation.
  • Fine sand.
  • Cement tiles or pavers.
  • Rubberized mallet.
  • Ordinary whisk.

Water will still be needed, which will need to be sprayed from the hose through the nozzle-head with a fine rain.

We choose a place on the site for the construction of the patio

Before you begin to build a patio, it is necessary to choose a place for him on the site. If you are a fan of sunbathing and sunbathing, then the playground should not be surrounded by tall buildings and trees. For those who like to retire with a cup of coffee and a favorite book in the shade, you need to take care that there are spreading trees next to the construction site, and the view is pleased with an alpine slide or a small pond.

Layout of the patio area with pegs and rope

Layout of the patio area with pegs

The main requirement for the site is its evenness. Otherwise, it is necessary to remove all irregularities in the relief. Construct the patio can be of absolutely any shape: square, rectangular, round or polyhedral. The boundaries of the site should be marked with a rope and pegs. If it is round, then it is more convenient to do it with a hose.

Marking of the round area with a hose

Marking of the round area with

hose Preparation of the site for the construction of the patio

Before starting the construction work itself, the chosen place should be carefully leveled and cleared of plantings and weeds. The selected site should be made below the ground level by about 10 cm, carefully aligned, compacted and treated with a herbicide. For this, take a shovel and dig a shallow pit. Do not do it deeper than 20 cm, but the fertile layer of the earth needs to be removed. At the bottom of the foundation pit, sand is poured and leveled.

Filling and leveling of sand in a foundation pit for a patio

Backfilling and leveling of sand in the pit for the patio

After this, the sand needs to be compacted. For this purpose, it is watered. In this form, he sits well and thickens. After shrinkage, the sand is once again equalized. If a pillow of sand rose slightly above the ground level, there is nothing terrible in this.

Laying tiles

The next step is laying the tiles. First, they cover the territory along the perimeter. The distance between the individual plates is made at 10 mm. Plates need to be stacked perfectly evenly, constantly checking this with a level. Correction is made with a rubber mallet.

Leveling with level and rubber hammer paving slabs

Leveling with a level and a rubber hammer paving slab

After the entire perimeter is laid out, begin to lay the tiles inside it. An important point! So that you do not have to cut the tile, even at the markup stage, properly calculate the size of the site. Vertical and horizontal should include an integer number of tiles, taking into account the gaps.

Laying tiles on the patio area

Laying of tiles on the patio area

After the installation is completed, all gaps between must be filled with sand, and its excess simply sweep the panicle. If the sand later shrinks, it will need to be poured. Well, if you carefully pour the pad with water, trying not to wash the sand out of the gaps. This will help him to thicken faster. This procedure can be repeated a couple of times. This construction of the site itself can be considered finished. You just need to compact the earth around it. To the resulting site for the patio you need to hold a path. This can be done from the same material as the site itself.

Path leading to the patio

Path leading to the patio

Decorative design and arrangement of the furniture

Since the patio is a place for a passive rest, there must necessarily be furniture. The more original, the better. But, most importantly, it fits perfectly into the overall design of the whole object. Usually they set a table and a pair of armchairs on the platform.

Original furniture in the patio

Original furniture, installed in the patio

If the size of the patio is large enough, then there can be a sofa or a bench. The main thing is that all this should be convenient enough. Do not use furniture made of plastic and other artificial materials, as this contradicts the whole philosophy of unity with nature, the preaching of which is designed to provide a patio.

The patio with wooden furniture looks best. However, forged furniture with seat cushions available on the seats is quite unusual and beautiful. When a number of growing trees and do not give a shadow, because they are still too young, you can install a lightweight canopy or umbrella. Around the rest zone, it is necessary to plant your favorite flowers and ornamental shrubs.

Luxury forged patio furniture

Luxury forged patio furniture

Continuing to decorate the patio, do not forget about putting electricity there. After all, the creation of decorative lighting in the recreation area creates additional comfort and coziness on this important piece of the suburban area. Lamps must be selected in such a way that they create a matte calm light and do not blind the eyes.

Plants are selected in such a way as to create an atmosphere of peace and comfort. Therefore, do not put too bright flowers next to the patio, as well as those plants whose nectar the bees like to eat. Small coniferous trees will look good next to the resting place.

Creating an original landscape design at your dacha, you can build next to the patio a small pond or a small flowing fountain. After all, nothing is so beneficial and soothing to tense human nerves, like a quiet pleasant murmur of water and a barely audible rustle of leaves in the wind. Your patio at the design and competent approach will turn out simply stunning and amazing favorite place for rest of all members of the family.

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