Design of a small bathroom

Unfortunately, in our country there are a lot of apartments built in the 60-70s of the last century in obsolete projects with minimal dimensions. The growing number of diverse home appliances requires more and more space, which was clearly not enough before. Especially this problem is acute in small bathrooms. For such premises today there are quite a lot of design projects with the solution of problems of rational use of areas.


  1. Redesign of a small bath
  2. Visual expansion of the space
  3. Ideas of rational design
  4. Photo of a small bathroom design

Successfully designed design of a small bathroom in existing houses of the first mass building allows owners of apartments not only rational but also beautifully arrange a tiny plumbing room. Applying simple enough engineering solutions, planning the interior design of a small bathroom, the developers not only visually increase the dimensions of the room itself, but also quite compactly place inside the necessary plumbing fixtures and accessories.

Re-planning of a small bath

Often, to increase the area of ​​such premises, you can perform demolition of the partition between the bathroom and a small bath. At the same time, the design of the transformed plumbing room should take into account all the necessary technological requirements for its arrangement, which is promoted by the competent placement of plumbing equipment, pipe wiring and ventilation elements.

Visual expansion of the

space By using a variety of design findings, for example, the use of materials that visually increase the space, it can be achieved that even a small bathroom in the hruschevka will be sufficient for comfortable operation.

In addition, in some houses, for example, in the so-called "gostinki", during construction, they often erected a bathroom of a tiny size combined with a toilet, in which sessile baths were installed, which did not improve their design. This apartment has a very modest size, not allowing you to install a washing machine outside the bathroom, for example in the kitchen. Therefore, a rationally designed design project provides for the installation of a small washing machine in a small bath under the washbasin.

Such a solution is justifiable from a technical point of view, because at the same time, it is required to conduct a minimum of engineering networks, such as sewerage and water supply. By installing an electrical network with special outlets in waterproof design and special earthing of all metal parts, it is possible to safely operate the necessary electrical appliances( washing machine, hair dryer, electric shaver) even despite the increased humidity in the room by a tiny bath.

Ideas for rational design

The number of ideas that provide a variety of design solutions using the area of ​​even a very small bathroom is quite a lot. Emerging needs for such projects have led to the emergence of an entire industry associated with the development of a variety of solutions aimed at optimizing the use of space for sanitary facilities in small apartments. The photos of the design of small and very small bathrooms offered on the site, with the embodiment of ideas for the maximum use of useful space, clearly demonstrate the importance of a proper approach to the planning and arrangement of plumbing fixtures, the necessary furniture elements in such premises.

Following the recommended design solutions, each owner can arrange comfortable working conditions for the bathrooms, despite their very small areas. At the same time, the dimensions of the apartment do not change, but the quality of rational use of such premises as a bathroom is increased several times.

Photo of the design of a small bathroom

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