White and red bathroom: design features and advice of professionals( 23 photos)

Bathroom in white and red color
  • Red in details
  • Decoration of floor and ceiling
  • Introducing shades of black
  • Brick trim
  • Expert tips
  • Options for decorating walls with tiles, wallpaper and mosaic

No modern apartment does not work without a bathroom. We do not imagine our existence without this small( and at someone and not so) corner of the home. Far from each of us thinks about what color solution to choose for the design of the bathroom. And in vain! With a skillful selection of finishing materials, a combination of colors, decor, you can make yourself a cozy place. A very effective varinat is a white and red bathroom.

Red in details

Common opinion is the opinion about the presence in the bathroom of blue, white tones. But do not you think that such a color solution suggests the idea of ​​a hospital ward? Designers often use bright color accents when developing their projects. And in this case the use of red color is very appropriate.

Red accent in the bathroom
Red color in a white bathroom
a red and white bathroom

Red is the color of energy, dynamics, perseverance. Therefore, use it in the elements of the bathroom decor needs very carefully. A lot of red color causes a feeling of heaviness. Therefore, the main thing is not to overdo it. And this primarily applies to a small bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, then red color should be introduced at a minimum, highlighting some individual details of the interior: fixtures, plumbing, curtains.

Red in a small bathroom

Red itself is bright and dominant. Therefore, it should not be used in parallel with other bright colors. Otherwise, there will be a lack of style as such and a kind of design chaos that will not bring the owner of such a bathroom any aesthetic pleasure and comfort. The best option is a white and red bathroom with little black accents.

White and red bathroom with black

Red color visually reduces the space and when there is a lot of it in the interior, the room loses its comfort. Try to experiment with bright accents. The red top and matt fixtures are a win-win option. You can buy bright fluffy terry towels of red color, rugs and curtains of red tones. The mirror in the white frame will look amazing, if you add to its frame a few red light bulbs.

Accessories in the white bathroom
Red top in the bathroom
Red curtain in the white bathroom

The plus of such experiments is that this will not seriously affect the family budget. And if you do not like the presence of red color, you can always remove it or replace it with the one you like best.

The use of red furniture is also appropriate in the bathroom, but in this case its color should be dark and deep. Such furniture should be combined with white plumbing. Accessories of silver color will add sophistication to such an interior.

Red furniture in a white bathroom

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In the presence of white furniture, plumbing can be used red, sustained in one style. However, it is worth the pleasure not cheap, but the individuality and luxury of your bathroom in this case is provided.

If you are willing to use two or three colors in the design, it is important to adhere to their percentage and dominance. One color must necessarily prevail and it is from 60% to 80% of the total color presence. Do not combine them in the same proportions. Otherwise, there will be a sense of disorder and chaos.

Three-color bathroom

When choosing a dominant, be guided by your temperament. White is the color of tranquility. Red is its complete opposite. Therefore, it is important to find a balance in their ratio. And if you are a person subject to fatigue and stress, it is better to use the red color minimally. Then you will get a bathroom in which you can safely rest after a hard day's work.

Floor and ceiling design

It is better to leave the ceiling and part of the walls white. White ceiling will emphasize the height, from the colored ceiling there is the effect of compression. You can illuminate the ceiling with red LEDs, and on white walls place a red tile per square meter of white space 1 or 2 tiles. In general, red elements on a white background look very nice, but they should not be too much.

Interestingly the same looks in the finish of the bathroom tiles in red, and you can use its most different shades: from dark red to light. Another option of using a red tile is to go to the walls. It looks very impressive and unexpected.

Wall decoration in a white bathroom
Red floor in white bathroom
Red ceiling in the bathroom

Introducing the shades of black

Glamor and refinement can introduce black color. Black or red tiles can be laid on the floor.

Agree that a skillful combination of red, black and white, brings any space to a high level. But the parameter "combination", perhaps, is available in this case only to specialists. To have a rest in a bathroom with an abundance of black and red is unlikely to work. In general, designers are categorically against the black bathroom. But the plumbing is black, many say: "Yes."

Black in a white and red bathroom

Brick trim

Very beautiful texture creates a red brick wall with a solution of black color. Black and red wallpapers are shaded with white marble tiles.

Completely make a wall of red brick is not worth it. It is enough to make a small element and the interior will play in a new way. Dynamic of your bathroom can give a red brick strip, located at a height of one meter from the floor.

Brick wall in a white bathroom

Expert advice

As manufacturers offer us a very large selection of red shades, it is very important to adhere to the following rules:

  1. The red and white bathroom is the best option. The interior does not look heavy, has to rest. You can add to this reddish and chocolate tones. They will add to the red color of warmth and comfort.
  2. Cold shades of red( the color of cranberries, crimson) require a combination with another color, as they introduce an element of gloominess. You should add a little white, as well as gray, which can be embodied in the decoration of artificial stone.
  3. Ruby, cherry, pomegranate shades can be safely used in finishing the bathroom white, keeping their balance. Inclusions of silvery color will revive the interior, and it will play with new colors. The highlight is a beautiful mosaic on the floor.
White and red bathroom with silver tiles
Red and white bathroom
White-marble bathroom

The bathroom using red color needs special lighting. The light should not be too bright and come from a single point. Much better if the bathroom is not one, but several lighting devices. One light source will spoil everything you created with such love. Oh, that's the nature of red.

Options for decorating walls with tiles, wallpaper and mosaic.

In the design of walls often use murals of red color or mosaic.

Mosaic red in the bathroom

To create a kind of panel( if you can size the bathroom) you can apply waterproof wallpaper of the most incredible textures and drawings.

Glossy shiny elements also do not interfere with the design. The main thing - do not get carried away by them. Everything is good in moderation. And if you adhere to this, the rules, you will get a stylish and original design at the exit.

Red with white bathroom
Tile for a red and white bathroom
Red and white wallpaper in the bathroom

The red color, it would seem, is not intended to put a person in a state of rest, but using it in moderation will cause an effect that is opposite to the generally accepted one.

Decorating a bathroom and a bathroom in a red and white color scheme is a complicated task. It requires diligent and meticulous selection of all elements of the decor. But at the same time your efforts will be generously rewarded: you will have at home a small masterpiece made with your own hands, into which so much labor, love and diligence was invested.

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