Black and white bathroom: design, options for laying black and white tiles( 23 photos)

Black and white bathroom
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  • Spacious room
  • Rules and design tips
  • Ways of laying black and white tiles, combining
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  • Lighting
  • Furniture and plumbing

The interior of the bathroom needs to take into account a lot of nuances. From the way in which it will be executed, before what materials for the finishing of wall panels, ceiling and flooring are better to use. Of course, it is very important, in what shades will be created a bathroom.

Traditionally, these rooms are made in pastel shades, but no less harmonious and practical in this interior will be a black and white color palette. It not only emphasizes the elegance and elegance of your taste, but also helps to recreate a fashionable and non-standard solution for your bathroom.

Elegant black and white bathroom

Game contrasts

If you use a combination of diametrically opposite colors in the interior, making special accents on contrasts, you can get a very practical and effective solution for your bathroom.

Bathroom design in black and white with yellow accents

With the use of black and white combinations in the design of the bathroom, elegant and elegant interiors are created, which have a certain relaxing effect. It is in this room that we begin and end our day, so the lack of an abundance of bright colors will help focus on your inner world and streamline your thoughts.

Example of a black and white bathroom

If you want to see the predominance of black in the design, read our article about the black bathroom.

Black and white colors are always reasonable to use in the bathroom interior. They will decorate any interior, regardless of its size, but do not forget about some nuances in using these shades. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Black and white bathroom

Small room

In order not to reduce the space of an already small room in the design of wall panels, flooring and ceiling, it is best to use white color. Due to this, the room will be visually perceived more free and bright.

The visual effect of a high ceiling can be created by laying the tiles in vertical strips. Thus ornament of a tile can be any.

Black and white strip in the bathroom

It is necessary to take into account such a moment, that the mirror should be positioned so that the strips are black( if they are used in the design) or completely black wall did not fall into its reflection. Otherwise, we will achieve the effect of narrowing the space.

For simple flooring, you can use simple geometric elements and just decorate the white tile with a black rug that will accentuate the design idea. More winning, of course, will look like a floor that simulates black and white cells of a chessboard. In this case, the tile can be laid either directly or diagonally.

Floor in the bathroom in the form of a chess board

It is not necessary to spread a black strip along all the walls, becausethe room volume will immediately decrease. In this style, white white plumbing of rectangular shape will look great.

Interior of a black and white bathroom

Another trick that will visually expand the space is to make opposite walls of contrasting colors( the transverse walls are white, and the longitudinal walls are black).

Black and white bathroom: black with a pattern and white walls

In this interior it is possible to use specialized stickers for tiles, which will allow to dilute a few boring and gloomy classical shades. You can also add a few color accents to the interior, for example, towels and textiles of bright colors( red, yellow, orange or green). Very good in this interior will fit into the flowers.

Live flowers in a black and white bathroom

Spacious room

For bathrooms of impressive size, the creation of a fantasy interior does not present difficulties and it will simply be formalized in a classic black and white version. The black and white color scheme will ideally look in a spacious room, and there are innumerable options for the design of such a room.

Black walls in the bathroom
Patterns in black and white

An interesting solution for the decoration of the walls will be the decoration of three of them in black and only one o'clock in white. At the same time, the wall that is opposite the door can be successfully decorated with floral ornaments, using special decals or a suitable tile.

The ceiling in such spaces is best left white, but the floor covering is made black. It is also appropriate to use numerous black and white drawings of the flooring ornament. For the design of curbs it is recommended to use black, silvery, gray tile shades. It is very interesting to look at the inclusion of such a tile in the laying of wall panels.

Excellent in the black and white interior of this room will look snow-white mat with long nap. It is also acceptable not to use mats at all and leave the possibility of lighting devices to reflect on the glossy surface of the tile. The sink can be made black or choose a milky shade.

Rules and tips for the design of the

To make the bathroom style in black and white a harmonious and exquisite one it is worth remembering several rules:

  • In a small bathroom there must necessarily be a sufficiently large amount of light, in large rooms it is allowed to light some areas more muted.
  • The ratio of these two colors directly depends on the size of the room. In a small bathroom, white shades should predominate, and in a spacious bathroom it is possible to use more black accents.
  • Do not forget to properly place mirrors - in their reflection there should not be black vertical stripes or walls.
  • Competently use a tile with an ornament, so as not to overload the room.
  • With the help of bright textiles you can dilute the black and white palette.
  • Avoid unnecessary decorating to achieve the best effect.
Placement of mirrors in a bathroom of black color
Design of a black and white bathroom

Ways of laying black and white tiles, combining


A classic combination when laying tiles is a combination of black and white shades. In order to achieve a harmonious interior, it is not necessary to spread large surfaces with these shades. Thus you can make an apron at the shell, but do not decorate the whole wall with a chess ornament. It is better to make part of the surfaces of the walls purely white, and others - black.

A good option would also be vertical or horizontal partitioning of walls into solid areas. It is necessary to avoid the alternation of colors on all planes.

Horizontal black tiles in the bathroom


The alternating combination of two-tone tiles will look very good on the floor, however, there are some features here too. You do not need to use a large format tile in the toilet, becauseand without that the miniature space looks even smaller. Tiles of small size will look more spectacular.

The staggered black tile

If you put tiles in stripes, you can achieve various visual effects. For example, laying strips on the width can make the space wider, and if they are laid out along the length, respectively, longer.

To add space to the space, the strips are placed diagonally.

Chess order in the bathroom


There is another option for laying tiles of contrasting colors, which will hide the lack of volume or the error of the layout - "herringbone". It's also worth noting that a less dramatic contrast will be created if you use cream instead of a pure white shade. This decoration makes the room more restrained and gentle, and at the same time preserves the illumination of the former.

Укладка черно-белой плитки "елочкой"

If we plan to lay the tiles on both the walls and the floor, a different pattern of laying should be used on these surfaces. For example, the floor is laid out with square tiles in the form of rhombuses, and the walls - with rectangular tiles, imitating brickwork.

There are a lot of ways of laying. To make a drawing of the laying varied is necessary in order to create a visual distinction between the walls and the floor. Otherwise, the room will seem less comfortable.


Crystal and metal parts will be perfectly matched in a black and white bathroom, that's why we choose such lamps. It is very important that there is good lighting in the black and white bathroom.

It's also worth noting that a less dramatic contrast will be created if you use cream instead of a pure white shade. This decoration makes the room more calm and soft, and at the same time preserves the illumination of the former.

Lighting in a black and bathroom bathroom

Furniture and plumbing

It is best to use transparent materials for shelves, cabinets and shower cubicles.this will visually preserve useful space.

Furniture in black and white colors will be very handy. Just place it on monophonic walls, so that there is no ripple effect.

Remember: there should not be much accents, otherwise the game of contrasts can tire you.

Black furniture with white pattern in the bathroom

To make the interior more ceremonial, you can use lockers and a dressing table, decorated with a black and white pattern in the form of lace. In this case, the walls must be monophonic. As a material for a chandelier, a black crystal is perfect.

Interior items in a black and white bathroom

With which animal do you associate a black and white combination. Most likely with a zebra?

To make the interior of the bathroom unique and to save it from the ordinary it will help the bath in the coloring of the "Zebra."

Ванна в черно-белой расцветке "зебра"

In addition, you can purchase a black bathroom or washbasin. Non-standard color will add even more uniqueness to the interior.

Black sink in a black and white bathroom

Very successful in a spacious bathroom room will look greatvases with flowers, floor lamps, bedside tables and dressing tables. It all depends on your financial capabilities and imagination, which in the design of such a room can be truly unlimited.

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