Laminate care: how to wash the floor without getting divorced

Weaknesses in laminate

Why is this focus on cleaning this type of coating? The fact is that such a floor panel has a layered structure, where each layer carries a certain functional load. If one of them is damaged, the laminate can not perform its task, and the board will quickly become unusable.

Structure of the laminate

The upper protective film is the most important step to the longevity of the laminate. It is usually made of melamine or acrylic resin, and therefore is so thin and durable. However, regular cleaning with improper tools can damage it, and then it is unlikely to have to hope that the floor will remain attractive after a while. The film protects the board from contamination, moisture, mechanical impact, ultraviolet, has a dust-repellent antistatic property. Damaging it, you will lose all these benefits of laminate.

How to care for a laminate in an apartment

Proper care for laminate flooring is quite simple. The main principle here is timeliness. Adhere to simple rules, and laminate will last you for many years.

  1. A broom and a scoop should always be on hand to quickly clean the litter until it has spread all over the house.
  2. Avoid soapy solutions and do not pour more than mentioned in the instructions, in the hope that this floor will wash away faster.
  3. Virtually any stain with a laminate coating can be removed using alcohol sprays for windows and sponges.

Please note! Do not use a glass cleaner containing ammonia. They are very effective in removing dirt, but with it, the protective coating is also washed off.

Than to wash a laminate in house conditions?

It is best to take care of the means and tools for cleaning the new floor in advance. Get what will help you maintain the cleanliness of the laminate without damaging it:

  • broom or broom with soft pile;
  • washing vacuum cleaner, designed specifically for laminate, or just a soft brush-nozzle for a conventional vacuum cleaner;
  • a mop with a sponge or other well-absorbent material;
  • bucket for mop;
  • is a special cleanser for floors marked "for laminate."

Accessories for floor washing

All this is not necessary at all for every cleaning. If you follow the cleanliness of the floor every day, it's enough to simply walk along it with a vacuum cleaner( due to dust repellent properties).Wet cleaning should be done once or twice a week, depending on the number of people living in the apartment and the rate of pollution.

Laminate Vacuum Cleaner

Chemicals for laminate care

Laminated coating is becoming increasingly popular, hence the growth of the number of special detergents. The problem is that not all of them are of sufficient quality and cope with their task. How to choose a means for washing the laminate?

Cleaning solution must have certain qualities:

  • to wash the floor without divorce;
  • is completely rinsed off with plain water, without forming a film;
  • does not attract dust;
  • should be environmentally friendly;
  • be safe for all family members( especially important for homes where there are children or where they like to sit on the floor).

Please note! Unprepared detergents are best tested on a small hidden from the eyes of the site. If the floor covering is washed easily, while remaining intact, you can use it over the entire area.

Vinegar for washing laminate

The main problem in choosing a means for washing laminated coatings is the ratio of price and quality. Usually effective and safe solutions are expensive, and those that can afford most, do not differ in quality. However, there is an excellent way out, available at home - vinegar.

Buy a solution of distilled white vinegar with a density of 3-9% and add a half cup glass to a bucket of clean water before washing the floor. To wash off such solution it is not necessary, it will give excellent shine of the floor panel and, besides, it is completely safe.

The only negative of this option is the smell that is floating in the air during harvesting. But it disappears immediately after the floor dries.

Distilled white vinegar

How to wash a floor with a laminate without a divorce

The very washing of a laminate floor without divorce and damage - the process is simple and includes all the standard operations. For simplicity, we will take them into step by step instructions.

Step 1. Sweep the floor from the specks and grains of sand with a soft broom or broom. Pay special attention to hard-to-reach places( under the sofa, behind the furniture).

Step 2. Vacuum the surface with a soft nozzle. Keep in mind that most of the dust accumulates in the corners and sides opposite the main traffic routes around the house. Often dust accumulates under long curtains and curtains.

Step 3. Prepare warm water in the bucket with the detergent diluted in it according to the instructions.

Step 4. The mop should be lowered into the cleaning solution, well soaked and wrung out, then wipe off a small area of ​​the floor. After the action, repeat at another site.

Please note! A mop with a sponge should be soaked beforehand in the water, because when it dries it becomes hard.

Step 5. For some detergents, in particular foaming agents, flushing is required. To do this, put in a bucket of clean water and repeat the process of washing the floor, rinsing the mop in clean water. It is necessary that the laminate shine without divorce.

Please note! Avoid unnecessary divorce and whitish traces can, often changing the water and squeezing the squeegee more strongly.