When to sow cabbage for seedlings in 2016 according to the lunar calendar - terms and advice

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to-1 For summer residents who prefer to breed this culture in this way, the question is more than relevant. Time, as they say, is pressing, and the sprouts of cabbage should not only have time to get through, but also enter into force so that it can be safely planted in the open ground. So, when will this be done in the coming year, 2016?With this and understand.

In principle, the question is quite simple - every self-respecting gardener gets the lunar calendar for 2016 in the performance "for the gardener", in which everything is detailed - days, hours and so on. The problem, according to the author, is not in the scarcity of information, but in its abundance. Why?

First, if you take calendars from different publishers, you can find quite a large number of discrepancies between them. Naturally, not in registration, but in the given data and recommendations.

Secondly, they do not take into account what kind of( cabbage) is going to sow a summer resident. Therefore, all information placed in such reference literature is purely indicative.


Thirdly, calendars of gardeners are designed for a mass buyer, and they do not reflect the specificity of his place of residence. First of all, the climate. Cabbage seedlings are planted in the open ground only after sufficient warming up, so the seeding time is "tied" to this period. If runaways in the home conditions are overdone, then one can hardly hope for a good harvest.

Fourthly, unscrupulous compilers of lunar calendars often follow an easy path - they change the year on the cover and correct individual data, especially without hampering themselves with analytical work.

Conclusion - knowing all the features of calculations for the phases of the moon, the division of the zodiac signs into fertile and barren ones, you can determine for yourself when it is best to sow cabbage( and what) to seedlings in 2016 in relation to the place of residence. It will only be necessary to spend about 35-40 rubles for the acquisition of an ordinary( detachable), rather than a lunar calendar.

Whatever the calendar is, all the time is Moscow time. Therefore, you need to make a translation into your own, the waist one.

When cabbage is sown( in grades) into the ground in 2016

  • to-2 Early - end of March( 15, 25 - 26), beginning of April( 2).
  • All the rest - during April( 7 - 10, 19, 22,25).May days - 7, 11, 17, 25.

Each variety has its own specific development. But if we talk about the general criteria, then from the day of planting the seedlings to the site, it is necessary to "postpone" about 35 to 40 days. This will be the time of sowing cabbage seeds in a closed ground( matched container with soil).

What to take into account when planting

There is no sense in explaining that the intensity of the development of culture in pots, containers, etc. depends on a variety of conditions - illumination, temperature conditions, characteristics of the land taken( its acidity is mandatory), and a number of other factors. It is impossible to foresee everything. Proceeding from this, the author recommends making several landings, focusing on the calculated( or calendar) days. And mark not only each container( date of seed sowing), but also draw up a scheme of the site indicating which segment of the territory, from which containers the cabbage was planted.


Do not be upset if the yield as a whole is less than expected. But there will be clarity when it is advisable to plant seeds in the following years. Nobody and nothing can replace personal experience, so it is worthwhile to conduct an experiment, and with different grades. It's troublesome, but then it will pay off a hundredfold. Without looking at any calendars, the reader will be able to independently determine the most favorable terms.


Several rules for seeding cabbage seeds

To guide them or not is a personal matter for everyone. But it's worth remembering.

  • In the new and full moon, no work should be done. And such days are considered the period calculated from the hour of the very fact of the moon's stay at a particular point of the sky ± 1.5 days. Total, for 3 days. It is checked that any planting at this time does not guarantee a good result.
  • The best time of day is closer to the evening or early morning. Favorable signs of the zodiac - Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces. You can also land under Libra or Capricorn.
  • Phase of the Moon. Here you need to understand the principle. Simply, it can be expressed so - when it grows, it "pulls" everything up. Since we are talking about the seeds of cabbage, and this vegetable has "vertices" for food, and not "roots", then it is desirable to plant the plant, starting from the 4th lunar day, and ending on the 11th. This is the most favorable time interval.
Sometimes it is difficult to choose a good combination of the signs of the Zodiac, and lunar days. With regard to the seeds of cabbage, the phase is a secondary factor. The main criterion is the sign. For this culture, the best are Capricorn, Taurus, Libra. But if this is the time of the waning moon, the sowing is performed on the last day of the "night goddess" stay in the cabbage-friendly sign.

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