The water from the tap began to flow in a small trickle

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So, what if the water from the tap started to flow in a small trickle?

There are several reasons for this problem:

  • State of water pipes;
  • Clogging the cassette in a large flow filter, if equipped;
  • If there is no large filter, a small filter may have clogged with rust or debris;
  • If both filters are missing, you need to pay attention to the state of the mixer;The water from the tap began to flow in a small trickle

Ways of fixing the problem.

Let's try in turn to understand the causes and ways to eliminate it. If you live in a house or apartment of old construction, most likely the problem lies in the unsatisfactory condition of the water pipes. Most often old metal pipes have the property of rusting and, accordingly, clog this rust. In this case, they must be purged with a special pump under pressure.

Another option, is to spend a little time and effort, change the cassette in a large flow filter. If there is none, then it is necessary to remove and clean the cassette in a small filter, which is located near the valve. To do this, close the water and use a wrench to unscrew the filter nut. Then just clean it of accumulated rust and debris and attach it to the place.

The cause may also be a malfunction of the mixer, which is the main part of the sanitary equipment. It consists of a variety of details, including filters that have the property of clogging up all sorts of debris from the water pipe, which is cleaned by an elementary washing and cleaning. The water from the tap began to flow in a small trickle

If the water flows badly not only in your apartment, but also in your neighbors in the riser, but the most obvious reason is the water pressure in the water pipe. The only right step - you need to apply with the application in the housing and communal services.

What to do if cold water comes from the tap, hot and cold.

This problem, unfortunately, also occurs quite often. And there are several reasons for this too. Most likely - you just broke the mixer. But if you have only recently installed it and are completely sure of its serviceability, but there are several other reasons why such a problem may arise: The water from the tap began to flow in a small trickle

  • Mismatch of hot and cold water pressure. Since the hot water pressure is greater than the cold pressure, the hot one has the property of "dislodging" the cold in the mixer. Or the pressure was initially improperly regulated by the municipal services. In this case, the situation itself can not be corrected - one should turn to the housing and communal services;
  • The boiler is not connected correctly( if any).The only way out of this situation is to seek help from a specialist who will reconnect this equipment;
  • When replacing water pipes, the wiring was incorrectly made or the risers were mixed up in some places:
  • . Perhaps one of your neighbors recently did repairs, could also connect something and connect it incorrectly. And since the water supply system is centralized and everything is interconnected, the failure is reflected throughout the riser or even throughout the house.

Take advantage of our advice and your home will never face a "drought".The water from the tap began to flow in a small trickle

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