How to get rid of the smell of dampness in the house / apartment

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How to get rid of the smell of dampness - remove its cause

Fungus on the walls

Most often, the problem occurs in the apartments on the ground floor, in apartments with unreasoned heating systems, as well as in private houses with poor-quality foundations and the proximity of groundwater.

How to eliminate the cause of the smell of dampness:

    1. Get rid of high humidity: insulate the floor of the apartment or the ceiling of the basement.
    2. Remove the floor covering and dry the floor.
    3. Treat the screed with an antifungal agent.
    4. Treat the floor with a liquid waterproofing. At the same time, first glaze the corners around the perimeter and glue the protective latex tape onto the waterproofing agent. After using a brush or roller, the entire floor is covered with a liquid sealant.

Floor waterproofing

  1. If the cause lies in the wrong heating system, you should make it redesign - install additional radiators along the "weeping wall".Ideally, the floor heating problem is solved as a heating source, thanks to the uniform heating of the air.

Additional radiators

If the appearance of the smell of dampness was preceded by extensive flooding, but the fungus did not manage to start yet, apply all available means to dry the apartment or house: heaters, heaters, air dehumidifiers.

If you do not, you will encounter a problem, the solution of which is very difficult. Because of the fungus, the smell of dampness will permanently settle in the cabinets, behind the furniture and gradually fill the whole apartment.

How to remove the constant odor from dampness in the house

If the dead basement atmosphere has already settled in the house, it is worth preparing for a serious war. You will have to calculate the source and eliminate it, applying the entire range of methods proposed in the previous paragraph. However, in addition to walls, floors and ceilings, most of the things are already infected in such a housing with a fungus.

  1. Inspect the furniture. On the back of the cabinets, behind the couches and in all the hard-to-reach places adjacent to the walls, there may be visible traces of the life of a fungal infection at home. If there is a possibility, replace the damaged elements and the upholstery with new ones, if not - take the object out in the sun and several times fully treat all the antifungal agents. Handle all drawers and shelves and dry them.
  2. Inspect clothing and all textile items: most likely, the down jacket will have to be washed several times, and the fur coat will be considered dry cleaning. If the tissues are not just a smell, but traces of a fungus - throw them out, they can not be saved.
  3. Thoroughly inspect the library - books like to accumulate dubious collections of bacteria and fungus spores. Probably, an insufficiently dry bookcase can cause stale smell.

Fungus in the old book

Anti-odor agent

Antifungal solutions will help to remove odor, which will need to wipe all surfaces in the house:

  • solution of potassium permanganate;
  • vinegar solution;
  • diluted chlorine bleach;
  • industrial antifungal agents.

Antifungal Insulation

The smell of dampness in the apartment: no matter how muddy

Sometimes the source of an unpleasant atmosphere lies in the unhealthy habits of the residents themselves. Linen ropes in the kitchen and bathroom, rare airing and similar actions can cause heavy odors. All that is needed to solve such a problem is to stop using your home incorrectly and not for the intended purpose.

Linen ropes in the house

And while you will eliminate the source, use the aroma lamp with refreshing essential oils( mint, eucalyptus, etc.).They, unlike air fresheners, do not mask smells, but they improve the atmosphere, thanks to antibacterial action.

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