Septic tank reviews

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In a country house a person tries not to depend on anyone. To get autonomy, the owner of the house conducts water supply and does not go to the general column. But this is not enough, it is also necessary to ensure the disposal of sewage drains. That is, create a complete closed loop. People use septic tanks that carry out mechanical wastewater treatment. Among the variety of treatment plants for Russians, the septic tank Tank is best suited. It is made reliably, unpretentious in operation. In addition, the tank "Tank" is installed by the owner independently, without the involvement of workers and specialists. The septic can be used in any climatic conditions. The name "Tank" speaks for itself - the construction of a septic tank allows it to be installed in any soil.

Septic tank

Septic tank

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Principle of operation septic tank

Not only owners of country houses, but also summer residents try to install a septic tank in their area. But what is it, and how does it work? It is important to know what you are buying and how you will use it. A person needs to understand the structure of the treatment plant in order to understand the benefits that can be derived from it.

Internal device septic tank "Tank"

Septic tank "Tank" is a system of blocks and modules. Outwardly it looks like a large radiator. In principle, so it is. The septic tank consists of separate sections, which are connected internally by branch pipes - overflows. In the factory conditions, the body is cast, the walls of which are a lot of ribbed surface of increased strength. Thanks to this form, the safety factor of a septic tank is increased to 50 years. For half a century, the tank "Tank" continues to work as a new one.

The "Tank" tank is relatively cheap, but works reliably. Most importantly, does not require constant human intervention. It is necessary to pump out a septic tank every five years, while a cesspool is filled as it is filled!

Perhaps the most important feature of the septic tank "Tank" is the possibility of autonomous operation. Electricity is often cut off, especially in suburban areas where there are no strategically important facilities: schools, hospitals, banks. Electric power is turned off, and the tank tank "Tank" continues its normal operation. There is electricity - the septic tank works, as if nothing happened. It should be noted that not all septic tanks are capable of withstanding such loads, especially if power outages are regular.

Device TANK septic tank

Device septic tank TANK

Preparing a foundation pit for a septic tank

To install a septic tank, "Tank" does not need any wisdom. The septic can be installed in any place where it is easier to dig the ground. To install the unit, there is no need for concreting the pit bottom and cementing its walls. It is possible to install on its own. It is necessary to dig a foundation ditch for the sizes of a septic tank, with a margin of 25-30 cm. The bottom of the excavation should be laid with sand. It is important to maintain an ideally horizontal surface so that the water inside the septic tank does not stagnate, which in winter will wash out. The correct installation of the tank "Tank" guarantees its operation at low temperatures. To fill the distances between the septic tank and the walls of the pit, an ordinary mortar of cement and sand is used. After pouring 20 cm, it is necessary to ram the layer manually.

Процесс рытья котлована под септик "Танк"

The process of excavating a septic tank "Tank"

To achieve the best result, it is necessary to fill the septic tank with water so that the water level is 20 cm above the backfill line. The septic tank for the dacha will smoothly settle, helping to compact the backfill. All these manipulations can be done by the owner alone without attracting workers.

After fixing the septic tank inside the foundation pit, it is sheltered by a thick layer of sand and gravel mixture. This is done for the purpose of thermal insulation. Outside the ventilation pipes, through which the gases that are formed as a result of disposal of sewage waste, leave.

Polypropylene pipes lead from the house to the septic tank, the length of which should be at least 6 meters, as required by SanPin.

The tank tank "Tank" is made of a thick layer of polypropylene, so it is durable and not subject to corrosion. Septic can withstand heavy loads, including shock. Rain or slush does not affect the operation of the cleaning unit.

The sections of which the septic tank consists consists of three chambers. Thanks to this design, the bottom of the unit does not silt. Therefore, the tank "Tank" works much longer than its counterparts having a different structure.

The main reason for installing any septic tank is its practical use. How much is it able to purify the sewage? Septic tank "Tank" copes with this task by 98% - this is a very high figure. The water that has been cleaned in the septic tank is quite suitable for watering technical needs. Wash floors or a car with disinfected water, without using a water pipe - what could be more useful?

Additional advantages of the septic tank design "Tank"

The tank tank "Tank" is designed for operation in continuous mode, designed for three people. At the same time the weight of the septic tank, despite its formidable name, is only 75 kg.

The seamless design of a rectangular septic tank makes it easy to calculate the size of the excavation. Complete with infiltration, the tank "Tank" forms a single system for biological water purification. No additional accessories are required for installation of the septic tank, although you can see about the bacteria for the septic tank.

  • The strength of the cast housing is provided by projecting metal fins, the length of which varies from 10 to 17 mm.
  • When installing a septic tank, it is not necessary to make anchors, which reduces energy consumption when installing the unit in a trench.
  • The infiltrators included in the kit when purchasing, provide the installation of a purification system. At the same time, the prices for filters do not exceed reasonable limits.
  • Uncomplicated construction simplifies the installation work: reduces the amount of time for excavation and its backfilling.
  • The ribbed wall form of the septic tank does not allow the soil to squeeze out the treatment facility outside.
  • No need to install a compressor - the septic cameras perfectly cope without it.

Completely completed septic tank eliminates the additional hassle of buying the necessary accessories.

Features of operation

If a septic tank is used in a dacha where people are unstable, you should take one third of the septic tank out of the septic tank before the winter season. This precautionary measure will make you feel calmer, although the tank "Tank" practically does not freeze.

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