Septic Topas - the principle of work and reviews

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Septic Tapas - an economical solution to the problem of diversion in a private house. Septic uses the principle of aeration waste water treatment with the help of microorganisms, while the degree of purification reaches 98%.The septic tank is made in the form of a sealed container of anti-corrosive material. The container is installed in a specially prepared pit, and there is no need to strengthen the walls of the pit, since the septic tank Topas has stiffeners to protect it from deformations.

Septic Topas reviews

Septic Topas reviews

Selection of modification

Septic tanks have a number of modifications, selected in accordance with the daily volume of wastewater, ground characteristics and operating conditions. The use of Topas septic tanks is possible both for a private house with a discharge volume of up to 1 cubic meter per day - the "Topas 5" model, and for a whole cottage community with a volume of drains up to 24 cubes - the septic model "Topas 150".The figure in the model name means the maximum number of people for which the septic tank is designed.

In addition to the volume of wastewater, an important condition for trouble-free operation of the septic tank is its adaptation to the soil type and climatic zone of the installation. So, for areas with a cold climate, requiring the laying of sewer pipes deeper than 80 cm from the surface of the ground, you should use the model of "Topas Long", which has an elongated structure. With a close groundwater table and the impossibility of natural diversion of treated wastewater, choose the "Topas Pr" model, the feature of which is the forced drainage of water. The combined version of "Topas Long Pr" includes both these options and is designed for easily freezing wet soils.


Septic tank Topas consist of a container made of high-strength polypropylene reinforced with stiffening ribs. It consists of several cameras with different functional purposes:

  1. A primary purification chamber that filters out large inclusions.
  2. A chamber, or aeration tent, in which aerobic bacteria act on the drains.
  3. Sedimentation tank.
  4. Sludge stabilization and storage chamber.
Construction of septic tank Topas

Construction septic tank Topaz

Principle of operation

In the primary purification chamber, a coarse filter is installed, its task is to separate solid waste. With the help of airlift, the effluents enter the aeration tank, where they are subjected to active treatment by microorganisms with the participation of air. To better saturate the effluent with air, an aerator is installed. As a result, solid inclusions are converted to sludge, after which the effluents enter the pyramid( secondary settler), and the liquid fraction, cleared of contamination, is discharged into the external environment, either by gravity or forcedly, depending on the septic model. Il is subjected to stabilization and storage. From time to time, the chamber must be cleaned of sludge. Water after cleaning can be used for irrigation and technical needs, and it can be used as a fertilizer. To operate the septic tank, it is necessary to connect to the power network. The power consumption is low, in the "Topas 5" model it is only 1.4 kW per day.

Construction and design of the septic tank Topas

Design and scheme of septic tank Topas

Septic Topas - reviews of

Compared to other septic tanks of this class, Topas is distinguished by its low price, increased wall strength and simplicity of installation, which makes it very popular with owners of private houses. It occupies the minimum installation area, while it has good performance. Septic Topas, when properly used, can function reliably for many years.

Septic tank topaz

The septic tank,

However, it has a number of limitations. With the power cut off necessary for the operation of the pumps, the septic tank can not be used, and it is better for the owners of the houses to take care of the alternative source of electricity in advance.

Do not allow chlorine-containing effluents and chlorine-based cleaning agents to enter the septic tank. It is also dangerous large debris - after hitting a septic tank, it can hammer the filter and disable it, and it will require a call of a specialist for cleaning the septic tank.

In compliance with all requirements for the installation and operation of septic tank Topas, reviews about it will be only favorable, and life in a country house will get even more comfort.

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