How to defrost the plastic pipe on its own, in which the water has frozen

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How to independently defrost a plastic pipe in which the water has frozen.

instruction Metal-plastic pipes that are in the attic or basement are likely to freeze at low temperatures. The advantage is that you have free access to them, so the problem can be solved easily and quickly. First, open your faucets and only then start defrosting. We offer several ways.

How to defrost the plastic pipe by yourself

  • First method: apply hot water.
    1. Feel the coldest area - there is an ice cork.
    2. Take an ordinary piece of cloth.
    3. Wrap the frozen area around the fabric( in addition to it, grab the top and bottom area).
    4. Heat water and water it with a frozen area.
    5. Remove the cloth and wipe the piping.
    6. Wind the pipe with a heater to avoid re-freezing.
  • The second way: we use building thermofane.
    1. Locate the ice plug( described above).
    2. Set the minimum temperature of the thermofan( to avoid melting plastic).
    3. Aim the flow of warm air into the pipeline.
    4. Wind the pipe with a heater.
  • The third way: we use electric heating.
    1. We wind the frozen area with a special heating wire.
    2. Connect the power cable.
    3. Wind the warmed pipe with a heater.

How to defrost the plastic pipe by yourself

How to defrost the plastic pipe by yourself

How to defrost ice itself in a plastic pipe under the ground

When the plastic pipe freezes under the ground, the homeowner begins to panic. After all, digging a frozen ground with your hands is not an easy thing, and the pipe can be damaged at all. We offer several alternative options for defrosting underground utilities.

How to defrost the plastic pipe by yourself

Use hot water

  1. Disconnect the plastic pipe from the tap.
  2. Heat water( it is best to use a reinforced concrete barrel).
  3. Put a hose into the frozen plastic pipe. Enter the produce until you come across an ice cork.
  4. Fill hot water into the hose( if possible, use a discharge pump).
  5. Gradually push the hose forward.
  6. As soon as the ice bolt is melted, water will flow from the pipe.
  7. Connect the pipe back to the faucet.
  8. Cover the open parts of the pipeline with a heater.

We use electricity

  1. Get a two-wire wire.
  2. Separate one core and remove insulation from it.
  3. Firmly fold the twist wire to prevent unwinding.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 with the second wire.
  5. Move a couple of centimeters of bare strands from each other.
  6. Place the wire in the pipe until the ice stopper.
  7. Connect the power cord.
  8. As the defrost progresses, advance the wire.
  9. Drain the melt water with a pump or compressor.

There are several other ways to defrost a plastic pipe

There are a few other rarely used methods. The reason for the rarity is the lack of necessary equipment.

  • Defrosting the steam generator: an excellent way out of this situation. The kindling of ice passes very quickly and effectively. The hose of the steam generator is introduced inward to the ice cork and steam is released.
  • Defrosting by autoclave( or steamer): water is heated in the autoclave, after which a hose is connected to the apparatus, the second end of which is introduced into the frozen pipeline. When the water boils, the steam is fed inside and melts the ice.
  • Defrosting by a hydrodynamic machine: due to the increased pressure produced by this machine, the ice breaks down in a matter of minutes. The hose is injected into a plastic tube closer to the ice plug and the apparatus is turned on.

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