Armopoyas under Mauerlat with his own hands

Mauerlatt is an element of the roofing system of the building, which is usually done to support the rafters on the roof. It is worth noting that professional builders advise to mount the Mauerlatt on a special armopoyas, which will keep the Mauerlat in place. The armopoyas under the maurelat will add rigidity to the structure and give it the role of a strengthened support.

Armopoyas under Mauerlat

Armopoyas for Mauerlat

Why Armopoies

Armopoyas is a very important component in construction. So let's figure out what it's intended for.

  1. If our building consists of aerated concrete, then you need to know that the aerocrete blocks are extremely negatively transferring the point load to your surface and therefore when drilling holes for the studs inside the block they may crack or simply burst. The next moment for which the armopoyas is intended is the suspended rafters from the walls installed directly on the aerated concrete blocks will create different weights from different sides, which in turn will lead to the possible driving of the blocks and deformation of the entire roof and walls.
  2. And finally, if we put the rafters on aerated concrete blocks, then at the slightest deviation of the roof level from the design norm, there will be a point load and the blocks will crack.

The solution to all these problems is the defensive armopoias under the Mauerlat! .

Installing the armo-belt for the Mauerlat

The installation of the armo-belt for the Mauerlate is very simple. For this, we install special pins over the entire area of ​​our wall, the studs must be placed evenly about every 60 cm from each other. By the way, hairpins can be bought about 2 meters in size and cut them into equal parts, so we will save on these elements. After installing the studs, we immediately attach our beam to the studs before measuring it and drilling holes for the studs in it, then pull the beam to the armopoyas by bolts. Also see about the fastening of rafters to the Mauerlat.

Hairpins are best wrapped with salafon in order not to spoil them during the pouring of concrete

Hairpins are best wrapped with polyethylene in order not to spoil them in the process of pouring concrete

Diagram of armo-poyas for Mauerlat

Diagram of armopoyas for Mauerlat

Video - fastening of roofing maEurlata to the wall