Wall lamps for the bathroom: waterproof, LED, above the mirror, near the sink

Bathroom wall lamp
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Bathroom lighting should be bright enough to make it convenient to use the mirror and create a life-affirming atmosphere, but at the same time unsharp, cozy and match the style. Artificial light sources can be located on the ceiling, on the floor and walls of the bathroom, to divide the spacious room into different zones and solve certain tasks in terms of design. With a thoughtful arrangement and choice of fixtures, even a small bathroom will be comfortable and modern. And thanks to energy-saving light sources, the power they use will not significantly increase the energy bill.

Wall lamp in the bathroom


Wall light is the most common option for additional room lighting, which usually starts and ends every day. As in any other room, the light fixtures fixed on the wall are quite capable of replacing the usual chandelier and placing the necessary accents, highlighting the most important zone.

If the height of the ceiling in the bathroom is small, then the upper light visually further reduces it, so the wall lights are the most acceptable option. A wide variety of modern models available for sale makes it easy to make a choice for avant-garde style lovers and admirers of brevity and grace. Do not just forget that the lights will be located in a damp room, which means that their use, like any other electrical appliance, must be ensured.

So, in front of the bathroom fixtures there are three main tasks:

  • Creating sufficient lighting;
  • Increased moisture resistance;
  • Security of use.
Wall lamp in the bathroom
Bathroom wall lights

Types of

You can classify lamps according to various parameters, including the type of lighting:

  • Directional, highlighting certain elements of the interior;
  • Broken, designed for general room lighting.
Classification of wall lamps for the bathroom

Optimum illumination is created by a combination of these two types of devices.

Different kinds of lamps can be used in bathroom lamps:

  • Conventional incandescent lamps;
  • Fluorescent;
  • LED Light;
  • Halogen.

"Lamp Ilyich", although it is used in luminaires, but the modern energy-saving fluorescent lamp will last much longer and prolong the life of the lamp. All the more popular are LED lamps, economical and attractive.

Wall lamps in the bathroom with incandescent lamps
Wall lamps in the bathroom with fluorescent lamps
Wall light in bathroom with LED lamps
Wall light in bathroom with halogen lamps

The LED model has undeniable advantages:

  1. A wide choice of wall lamps of various shapes and sizes;
  2. The ability to adjust the comfortable degree of illumination;
  3. Uniform lighting;
  4. Consumption of a minimum of electricity, therefore, economy;
  5. Long service life;
  6. Ease of installation and dismantling;
  7. Resistant to moisture and high temperature.

To a small bathroom with a high ceiling does not resemble a well, on the wall half a meter from the ceiling, you can arrange a suspension with halogen lamps, some of which are directed upward, and the rest - down. Turning lamps of this type can be located in the corners of the room, as well as a mirror. Such lighting fixtures fit into any interior and provide good lighting.

LED wall light in the bathroom

Construction type

Modern lighting fixtures are practical, convenient and original.

They can be divided into three types:

  1. The most high decorative, a variety of shapes differs bra - a lamp that is mounted on the wall with a special bracket. It has one or more plafonds, made in any style - from classical to minimalism. The sconce will help not only to isolate the zones, but also to model the space with the correctly selected direction of the stream of light;
  2. The wall lamp is attached to the surface. Harmonious and accurate models of this type are appropriate in any interior, in a small bathroom do not require much space. Most often there are wall lamps with rectangular, round and oval plafonds;
  3. A relatively new design of an artificial light source is spot, the purpose of which is to concentrate light at one particular point in the creation of a light spot. This model is reminiscent of a desk lamp fixed to the wall using a bracket and turning in the desired direction.
Wall sconces for the bathroom
Wall-mounted bathroom fixtures
Spots - bathroom wall lights


The most reliable materials traditionally used for the manufacture of fixtures for wet rooms are metal, plastic and glass. But the imagination of modern designers is not limited to this, plafonds for wall and wall designs can be made of different materials:

  • Tree;
  • Fabrics;
  • Bamboo;
  • Crystal;
  • Matt, colored or stained glass.
Materials for wall fixtures in the bathroom - metal fixtures
Wooden bathroom fixtures
Crystal wall lamp in the bathroom

Placement on the sink

Regardless of the size of the bathroom, the functional area of ​​the washbasin with a mirror requires special attention. Most often this is where the wall lights are located, because the procedures performed daily by the mirror require good lighting.

In this zone, it is recommended to fix the lamps on both sides of the mirror, symmetrically, but so that the mirror does not reflect them. It should be borne in mind that sconces with colored shades in the mirror zone can not be used, because they distort the color of the skin, hair. Much better looks the face, if the glass is matte or white. The light should not be too bright to not blind the eyes and soft enough that the shadows are not sharp.

And a few more recommendations:

  • Square mirror fits well with a pair of sconces;
  • For a rectangular, there are two options: one long lamp or two on the sides;
  • At the very top you can place a wall if the mirror is high;
  • The luminaire of the oblong form fixed on a bar not only well fills with a soft light a mirror zone, but also looks modern and stylish;
  • A win-win option is to find a lamp that has an even number of light sources and repeats the outline of the mirror.
Placement of wall lamps in the bathroom

Styles of

Fixtures for a bathroom, as well as for any other room, are selected in accordance with the general style, as they serve not only as sources of light, but also as design elements.

  • Classical style is distinguished by elegant simplicity, naturalness and laconicism in everything: materials, forms. Fixtures should harmoniously fit into the interior, not drawing attention to themselves;
  • Modern means the absence of unnecessary and non-functional items and details, so chandeliers, intricacy, pretentiousness in such a bathroom are not appropriate, but models with bright light, penetrating through transparent ceiling, will come in handy;
  • For the Japanese style, the optimal choice will be lamps of geometric shape with a soft, diffused light corresponding to this calm and calming direction;
  • In a Provence-style bathroom, there is usually a window that solves the problem of lighting in the daytime, and for the evening the warm yellow light of elegant voluminous sconces or wall lamps is best;
  • The ultra-modern high-tech style requires succinctness, simplicity and lightness of design, so the luminaires of this direction are characterized by asymmetry with clear lines, glitter of metal and glass, severity of shapes and monochrome color palette, small sizes.
Wall lights in the Art Nouveau style for the bathroom
Wall light fixtures for the bathroom in Japanese style

Whichever design style of the bathroom is chosen, the wall lamps will make it cozy and give a finished look.

Installation of

Lighting in the bathroom can not be comfortable if all safety rules are not observed during installation:

  • The connection of the wiring and the sockets with moisture should be completely excluded;The wiring should be done concealed, and the outlets should be located away from moisture;
  • The design of the luminaire must be as tight as possible;
  • Do not install lamps in a hazardous area - closer than 60 cm from the water source;
  • Grounding is a guarantee of safety.
Safety rules when installing a wall light in the bathroom

Before proceeding with installation of the model you like, it is necessary to de-energize the house or apartment and by all means check the power supply with an indicator screwdriver.


  1. If the luminaire is purchased in disassembled form, it should be assembled using the instructions;
  2. On the body of the model there are holes for fastening. You should attach the lamp to the wall and note where you need to drill the holes. If the case is square or rectangular, it is better for the home master to use the building level, otherwise it will be difficult to hang the lamp exactly;
  3. Make holes in the wall to fix the fixture of the required depth and diameter. For concrete walls, a perforator is useful, and for aerocrete ones, a conventional drill will suffice;
  4. If the fixtures are installed on plasterboard, butterflies should be used for fragile structures and plastic panels, for concrete and bricks - dowels;
  5. The body is attached to the wall, an electric cable inserted through the opening intended for this purpose is connected to the terminal inside the lighting fixture;
  6. When all the manipulations are completed, you can resume the current flow in the apartment and check the work of the lamp.
Installation of wall lamps in the bathroom
Installation of wall lamps in the bathroom

Advice on choosing and placing

For a bathroom, you need to purchase lamps that are not afraid of splashes and high humidity. Specially created models are characterized by increased durability and tightness. The durable materials from which they are made are covered with waterproof paint.

Metal parts are not susceptible to corrosion due to the special compound applied on them, and the wood is treated with mixtures that do not absorb moisture. Strong glass does not crack from changes in temperature, if cold drops of water fall on it.

And a few more tips for choosing:

  • If there are several lamps, then they must necessarily be the same for the whole room, and if the bathroom is large, then for each zone;
  • When deciding how high to set them, one should take into account the growth of each occupant of the apartment;
  • For a small room it is desirable to choose universal small lamps, excessive originality and pretentiousness will be inappropriate.
Tips for choosing wall lights in the bathroom
Features of the choice of wall lamps for the bathroom
Recommendations when choosing wall lights in the bathroom

The bathroom space can be visually changed using lighting fixtures.

Several tricks for this:

  1. In a long bathroom set the sconce horizontally on a narrow wall. Then the rays falling in different directions "move apart" the space;
  2. Vertically placed lamps "lift" the ceiling, as well as high-lying sconces;
  3. If the lamps are closer to the floor, this creates a romantic twilight.

Enjoy the bathroom, the design of which is carefully thought out, comfortable, pleasant and easy.

Features of placing wall lamps in the bathroom