Corner curtain for the bath: shower curtains for the corner bath, with cornice, glass

Corner curtain for bath
  • When to install?
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In the bathroom every person spends quite a lot of time, it gets a charge of vivacity and good mood in the morning, it also relieves tension after a long day. Therefore, it is so important that this room is comfortable and maximally functional, especially if its area is small. Today, the choice of different equipment for the bathroom is unusually wide.

Corner curtain for the bathroom

When to install?

A corner blind will be needed to protect the bathroom floor from soapy splashes and water in the following cases:

  • The classic bathtub is located in the corner;
  • The bath is oval or round;
  • The bowl has a compact triangular shape( hydrobox);
  • The usual bathtub should be combined with a shower booth;
  • Fixed mixer with waterfall effect, tropical rainfall;
  • The shower head bracket is located high.

When selecting curtains, one should first of all be guided by considerations of practic

ality, cost and functionality, not forgetting about the aesthetics, the style of the bathroom and the house as a whole.

The corner blinds can be soft and hard. Soft fasten with hooks, hinges on a metal or plastic rod, which is in the form of a semicircle or curved at a right angle.

In which cases is an angled curtain for a bath


Made of:

  • Lightweight fabric( polyester), well drape and having an extra water-repellent layer;
  • Vinyl - polymer film, which can be transparent, with a variety of patterns, to imitate various surfaces: fabrics, stone and others.

If the soft curtains are not suitable for any reason, you can install hard, made of:

  • Tempered glass;
  • Polycarbonate;
  • Skipping light plastic.

The surface of these materials can be smooth, easy to care for, corrugated, more attractive, but difficult to wash, effective opaque matte, film-coated, with patterns and patterns. A good design solution can be a combination of materials with different types of surface.

Angular curtain material for bath
Cloth curtain for bath
Corner curtain for a bath of tempered glass

Types of

According to the principle of operation, rigid angular curtains are divided into three main types:

  • The most popular models are sliding, arranged like a sliding door wardrobe, when one or two panels, and sometimes all, move on rollers. The design is compact and relevant in almost any bathroom, but its most vulnerable place is the rollers, their quality needs to be paid close attention.
  • The second most common - swinging, when the curtains open simultaneously in both directions or in one of them. Reliable, they are easy to install, leakproof, if the rubber seal between the side of the bath and the bottom of the door tightly closes the gap. They require extra space in the bathroom.
  • Curtains, folding on the principle of accordion, as well as sliding, do not need space, folded up occupy very little space, but you need to choose high-quality models, as inexpensive analogues quickly become unusable.

The number of wings of any model can vary from two to six, but the optimal - no more than three. Reliable frames are made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Sliding corner curtain for bath
Swivel corner curtain for bath
Corner curtain for bath

Design by

Creative approach to the design of rigid curtains, especially glass, allows you to create an interior from a luxurious classic style to laconic minimalism. This can be a combination of different surfaces: smooth, matte, fluted. It is possible to repeat the patterns and ornaments of the tiles on the walls, the connection in the construction of transparent and colored materials. For a variety of textures, a special moisture-resistant self-adhesive film is used. Please note that the transparent curtains do not visually diminish the bathroom space visually, but the matte surface diffuses the light and requires additional lighting.

Design of hard corner bath curtains

Tips for choosing

To decide on the choice you can only carefully weigh the pros and cons of different types of curtains:

  • Soft materials are attractive brightness and variety of colors, affordable, especially vinyl. They can and often need to be changed, because their service life is short, they quickly lose color, in the lower part of the curtains a fungus is planted;
  • Toughened glass is hygienic, easy to clean, looks beautiful, custom made from it can produce a curtain of any shape, but from one careless motion it crumbles into thousands of small pieces, and its installation and replacement are not expensive;
  • Curtains made of modern plastic - inexpensive alternative to glass. Visually resemble glass, but over time quickly lose sight and transparency due to scratches. They will be less noticeable if you choose a model with a bright pattern;
  • Polycarbonate is light, durable, durable, well tolerates high humidity and temperature changes, easy to clean, but not resistant to mechanical damage.

From the right choice depends comfort and comfort in the bathroom, and therefore, a good mood and harmony in the relations of all inhabitants of the home.

Tips for choosing corner curtains for a bath
Recommendations for choosing corner curtains for a bath