Plastic curtains for the bath: sliding, swing, self-installation

Plastic curtain for bath
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After the repair in the bathroom we are always happy to proceed with the selection of accessories. Original mirrors in shape, fluffy carpets, unusual soap dishes, bright curtains for a bath - all this creates a cosiness and originality. However, in order for the bathroom to be both beautiful and comfortable, it is important to choose accessories, based not only on aesthetic considerations, but also for practical reasons.

A good example is a curtain for a bath. The most popular are soft curtains, made of waterproof matter. They cost very inexpensively, so many people like to change them every year, thereby introducing a variety in the bathroom interior. But there is another kind of curtains for the bath - glass and plastic partitions.

Unlike fabric blinds, they can not be changed very often, but this is not necessary. They are a reliable and durable protection against water and steam. At the same t

ime, curtains made of hard materials look stylish and original.

Today we will talk about plastic curtains for a bath: we will study both advantages and disadvantages, and also we will understand with features of installation.

Curtains made of plastic for bath


  • Plastic curtains are considered a more reliable protection against water droplets and hot steam, as they are firmly fixed on the base and do not have large gaps.
  • This kind of curtains for bathroom is undemanding in care. The plastic curtain is well cleaned of dirt with a mild detergent.
  • Unlike its glass counterpart, the plastic curtain is completely safe to operate. Even if it breaks up in use( which requires considerable physical effort), the fragments will not be sharp and will not be able to harm you.
  • The plastic curtain is good for its static. Many people know the unpleasant feature of the fabric blind for the bath: getting wet, they stick to the body. The plastic part of this defect is deprived.
  • Curtain made of plastic creates a beautiful geometric frame of the bath, which is sure to appeal to lovers of strict shapes. Made of transparent or translucent material, it brings into the room an additional play of light, thereby visually increasing its volume.
  • Plastic - the material is very light, besides, the design of the curtains is quite simple, so installation is easy.
Advantages of plastic curtains for a bath
Benefits of plastic curtains for the bathroom


  • In terms of price, the plastic curtains are located in the intermediate position between the curtains of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride and glass curtains. Price tags on the model of plastic start from two to three thousand rubles.
  • Curtains for a bath of fabric serve one to two years - the time depends on the quality of the material. Glass curtains can work for you for several decades( of course, with careful and careful handling).The service life of curtains made of plastic is much larger than that of fabric, but less than glass.
  • Plastic curtains are considered a budget option bathroom design( in comparison with glass products), so many owners of plastic partitions complain about the unreliability and fragility of the structure. When buying, you should give preference to a proven, well-proven manufacturer.
  • In the process of operation, plastic products, as a rule, lose their original appearance: the plastic turns yellow, there are splashes from water and soap. To clean it you will need to purchase special cleaning products.
Disadvantages of plastic curtains for a bath

Species of the

Stationary curtains - is a monolithic, fixed structure. It well fences surfaces and bathroom equipment from splashes. It should be noted that those who prefer to take a shower, rather than basking in a bath, this kind of plastic curtains is unlikely to be in the nature - with careless movement, the design can be damaged.

Stationary plastic curtains for bath

Sliding curtains are the most popular type of plastic partitions, the because they have a familiar and comfortable design of the sliding door wardrobe. They are great for small bathrooms, where every centimeter of free space in the account. The only drawback of this type of curtain is the possibility of breaking the roller mechanism.

Sliding plastic curtains for bath

Swing plastic curtains are less popular, despite the fact that the opening-closing mechanism is much more reliable. First of all, this is due to the fact that our bathrooms rarely have an area sufficient for convenient operation of this type of curtains. If you still decided to install a swing curtain, make sure that there are no fragile items - mirrors, glass shelves, etc. - opposite of it.

Folding curtains for a bath are also called "accordion". This kind of plastic partitions is created especially for small bathrooms, because when folded, this design does not occupy much space at all. The number of flaps in the curtain-accordion can vary.

Swing plastic bath curtains
Складная шторка "гармошка" в ванную

Tips for choosing

  • When choosing a plastic curtain, you should always take into account the parameters of the bath itself. Since plastic models have a rigid construction, they can be installed only on standard baths. If you have an irregularly shaped font, a plastic partition must be made to order or be limited to a cloth curtain.
  • Choose the model of plastic curtains, based on the size of the room. In small bathrooms the swing construction will be inappropriate, and the stationary curtain in the large bathroom will be perceived as an excessive minimalism.
  • While in the store, check the reliability of the opening and closing mechanism of the leaflets of the model you have chosen. It is important that the doors slide easily and without effort, without making any extraneous sounds.
  • If you want the curtain of plastic to last as long as possible, choose the simplest model: the fewer moving elements, the longer its life.
  • Before buying, carefully inspect the product from all sides: the plastic panels must be straight, without distortion. Coating surfaces should be uniform, not have scratches and chips.
Features of a choice of plastic curtains for a bath
Tips for choosing plastic curtains for a bath


Plastic bath curtains are usually sold as standard: side profile profiles, vertical frame elements, horizontal frame elements, sashes, a set of fasteners.

Installation of curtains to the wall and bath is done in the following order:

  • First, the frame is assembled. For this, the horizontal support elements of the structure are fixed to the vertical by means of self-tapping screws.
  • Then the flaps are mounted in place. Usually the width of the leaflets is different, so the installation begins with the narrowest. Side profile is not yet installed.
  • Further make marking on the walls and on the sides of the bath. For this, a lateral installation profile is usually used. With its help determine the height of fastening.
  • The next step is drilling holes. You need to make 4 holes in the walls - one at the top and bottom on both sides of the bath.
  • The lateral installation profile is attached to the assembled frame. Now the entire structure can be installed in place.
  • Before proceeding directly with the installation of the curtains, it is recommended that the places of future joints be treated with a silicone-based bath sealant.
  • The assembled partition is installed in place and fixed to the wall with self-tapping screws.
  • Attaching the remaining elements - pens, hooks, etc. Only after that we remove the protective film.
  • At the final stage we check the design for leaks: for this you need to go into the bath and direct to the joints a jet of water from the shower. If leakage is detected - once again seam the seams with the sealing compound.
Installation of plastic curtains on the bath