Concreting pillars for fence - operation with "pitfalls"

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Why do we concrete the supports?

Do not think that the use of concrete in strengthening the fences is so monotonous. In fact, in addition to the most popular pointwise concreting, there are several other methods that provide a reliable foundation for sampling:

  • Dry concreting - the supporting pole of the fence is mounted in the well, then it is covered with a mixture of crushed stone and sand and watered abundantly with water. The drawback of this method is that the fence may become unstable due to heavy loads.
  • Tape foundation is the most reliable method, but also the most expensive, and labor-intensive.

Concreting has advantages:

  • durability;
  • corrosion protection;
  • the support does not stagger in the ground.

The downside of concreting the bottom of the pillar is its bulging out from under the ground during the spring period when snow melts. This happens if the water of the ground is close to the surface of the earth, during melting, their level rises, pushing the structure upward. The pillar leaves together with concrete, which crackles at the same time.

Preparing the construction site

To make concrete concreting of the fence, it is necessary to prepare a garden and earth drill, bubble level, bayonet shovel, drill, concrete, wooden beam, reinforcement, ruberoid, polyethylene bags.

First prepare the surface. To do this, in the selected place with a sharp bayonet shovel, you need to remove the roots and cut off the turf. It is necessary that they do not interfere with future drilling. The size of the hole depends on the diameter of the drill. In the groove, install the garden drill. Follow them as deeply as possible. The soil that was extracted, it is better to immediately load into a wheelbarrow and take it to a pre-prepared place. If the garden borer is not enough, then it is necessary to apply the earth drill.

The earth needs to be drilled to the depth of freezing of the soil, that is, by 1.7 m. After completion, it is necessary to install the expander on the plow. Next, make an anchor expansion at the bottom of the pit. This will make it possible for the pole in the frost not to be pushed out, but to remain in its original place.

Now isolate the concrete from the groundwater. To do this, you can make a tube of ruberoid and put a polyethylene bag on its end. This design should be inserted into the hole and start concreting. To the tube does not spin, you need to build a low formwork box from the scraps of planks and set above the level of the ground.

We make concreting the posts correctly

In the process of pouring, the solution will press the pipe from the roofing material to the walls of the well, so that the water accumulated at the bottom will be forced outward. Concrete will be protected completely from water and soil with the help of straightened folds of polyethylene bag. As a funnel, you can use an old bottomless bucket. In addition, you need to constantly pierce with concrete.

Not reaching the top of the hole, the filling of the solution must be stopped. In the freshly filled solution, reinforcing bars must be inserted. Their length should be below the finished post. To limit the height of the pillars, pull the cord along the fence line. Next, you need to measure the distance from the cord to the wooden box, which is installed in the center of the hole. Now this distance is marked on the pipe from asbestos-cement, and the point of reference will be its top.

Then a through hole is drilled into the pipe, into which the pin from the steel rod is put, and the pipe is put on the armature that peeps out of the hole in the ground. The pivot will hold the pipe in a suspended form, leaning on a box-formwork.

Next, you need to align the columns vertically. To do this, fix the bubble level to the tops of the pipes. Having secured them with struts, continue concreting the upper part of the well. At the completion of filling the well with a solution, it is necessary to remove the steel pivot. And the pipe, which was installed, remains to grasp concrete for a day.

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