Issue of technical specifications

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Obtaining specifications for private and legal entities

The object should be connected to the housing and communal services cooperative, in the territory of which it is being built or reconstructed. For a detailed study of this issue, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with Article 48 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, which establishes all the standards and requirements for connecting the facility to the general networks of engineering and technical support.
There are a number of differences for individuals and legal. The issuance of specifications for a private individual requires:

  • Copy from a city plan( topographical) with a scale of 1: 500.
  • One copy of the documents that establish the right to the house and land.
  • One copy of the passport.
  • If the network to which the connection occurs is private, the authorization( written) of the owner of the structure is necessary.
  • Application for obtaining specifications from the owner of the site or already finished house.

The same scheme provides the issuance of technical conditions for heat supply. Regarding the question of when it is better to file an application, there are no recommendations, since this case is purely individual.
For legal entities:

  • Application for the receipt and issue of technical.conditions.
  • Statutory documents( copies), notarized.
  • Confirming the credentials of the person who signs the application. For individuals physical - a copy of the passport.
  • Legal documents( copy) on the site, the object to which the connection will be made.
  • Situational plan for the location of the object with its territorial reference. Topographic map with a scale of 1: 500.
  • Certificate confirming the absence of debts.


List of documents for the application for the issuance of technical specifications

List of documents for private and legal entities:

  1. Name, for legal entities.persons - the abbreviated and full name.
  2. Actual residence and registration. For legal entities - postal address and location.
  3. Construction data - the date of beginning and completion, as well as the commissioning of local sewerage.
  4. The balance of water consumption and wastewater disposal of the facility, with the indicated type of water use, fire extinguishing is also taken into account.
  5. Data on sewage that will be discharged into the sewer.
  6. Data about the object( its height, number of floors, area).
  7. Data on sub-subscribers.
  8. Contact phone number.

It is also recommended that you contact the relevant organizations for advice and get acquainted with Article 48 of the Town Planning Code, then issuing technical specifications will not put you at a deadlock.

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