We check the antenna cable for serviceability

Reasons for testing the antenna cable

  1. If the cable is old and it needs to be replaced.
  2. When the house is redeveloped or renovated.
  3. When moving to a new home and ignorance, does the antenna cable work for the TV.

The cable can be used for a long time if handled correctly. The right treatment refers to air temperature, humidity, the presence of drafts, the degree of mechanical impact. As for the part of the cable that is on the street, care of it from your side will be difficult, because its absence reduces the strength of the product and its durability.

Antenna Coaxial Cable for TV

Quick start: how to check the antenna cable. Step 1: turn off the equipment and cables

To check the cable, you must disconnect the TV from the mains, pull out all the cables.

Difficulties appear if it concerns a common antenna for TV, which does not have a separator for apartments and it is difficult to come to an end. Check the serviceability of the cable can only be on the side of the tip, located in the apartment.

The second end of the collective antenna

Step 2: Testing the resistance of the

Between the ring and the pins, it is necessary to check the resistance, which can be less than 20 ohms due to the amplifier on the stairwell and the resistor. And if the voltage is 0 or very close to this, then the probability of closure increases several times. Voltage with indications in the form of infinity means that there is a gap in the cable.

Home antenna

Much better if both ends of the cable are accessible, but this is not always possible. A simple way to avoid unnecessary problems can be by installing a home antenna with an amplifier, for testing which is enough to pull the plug from the connector and the plug from the outlet. Then remove the cover from the antenna and check the cable components in this order with an ohmmeter: braid - central conductor. The resistance readings, if okay, should be zero. And if you try between these components, then they are equal to infinity.

Ohmmeter for measuring the voltage in the cable Digital ohmmeter in voltage measurement

Step 3: Connect an ohmmeter to both sides of the

wire If the cable is long, the ohmmeter can be attached from both ends. Before unplugging the cable from all attachments and equipment, then attach the ohmmeter from the plug to the central core and braid. Indications on an ohmmeter are infinity. Next to the second end of the wire, connect the jumper and on the ohmmeter there should be a resistance figure, close to zero.

Connecting the ohmmeter to the cable on both sides

Step 4: Check the external integrity of the

Carefully inspect the cable for external deformation. It is very likely that you will be able to find dents on the cable that will need to be cleaned and the contacts to be spliced. If there is no deformation, connect an ohmmeter from one side. And if the break is still known, then at the other end of the cable you need a jumper. However, when closing a jumper is not required.

In addition to this, it is possible to test the cable mechanically, i.e. to press on it. If you notice a change in the numbers on the ohmmeter, you should fix the problem on the cable. It is important that such damage can be not one, or even two, so the search must be thorough and accurate. And when all problems are eliminated, turn off the ohmmeter and jumpers and connect the cable to the TV, check the result.

You can find out about the testing of the antenna cable in the video.

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