What kind of vacuum cleaner should I buy for my home?

The main parameters to consider when selecting. Power


It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question, what kind of vacuum cleaner is better, because many parameters affect it. One of the main is power.

Separate suction power and consumed. When choosing a model, we are more interested in the power of suction, since it is from this indicator that the quality of cleaning, and, accordingly, the vacuum cleaner itself depends. To learn the suction power, you can study the technical characteristics of the models. It usually has a range of 250 to 480 watts. If the device is planned to clean slightly soiled rooms with linoleum or laminate coverings, as well as with carpets, provided that the nap is not large, then you can choose low-power models from 250 to 350 watts. But if the house contains animals and carpets with a fairly long nap, then choose more powerful models from 350 watts.

Suction power can decrease over time. This is due to filter clogging and dust bag filling. To keep the vacuum cleaner high power, it is necessary to regularly clean all of its filters.

Modern models have a power selection function, so the owner himself can choose the required index depending on the level of contamination and the type of coating.

Types of dust collectors

To date, you can find models with these types of dust collectors: tissue or paper bags, with a compartment for dust collection, aquafilter.

Fabric and paper dust collectors are the most traditional, but have a number of significant drawbacks. A dust bag is always required to be cleaned or replaced, and this is a waste of time and money. At the same time, if it is not cleaned in time, it will reduce the suction power. It should be said that if you choose from these two options, then you should give preference to paper bags, since they retain much more dust compared to tissue.

Types of dust collectors

Cleaning machines without a bag, and with the dust collecting compartment require a more rare cleaning, and also do not require additional costs for the purchase of replacement parts.

Types of dust collectors

The most effective and modern way is considered to be an aquafilter. It guarantees high-quality cleaning, as the air flow passes through the reservoir of water, leaving dust and debris in it. Units with this type of filter are recommended for use by people who are allergic to dust. Disadvantages will be a large enough size, high cost, as well as the need to wash the water tank after each cleaning.

Types of dust collectors

Types of vacuum cleaners

Determining which vacuum cleaner is best, it is necessary to pay attention that according to the type they are divided into models designed for dry cleaning and washing.

The most common are dry-cleaning appliances. They are excellent for cleaning the floor, covered with linoleum or laminate, parquet, furniture, clothes. And all other surfaces where the use of water is undesirable or not necessary. Such devices are compact, easy to operate and have relatively little cost. There are different filters, including aquafilthrom.

Detergent vacuum cleaner

Washing vacuum cleaner

Washing machines are more functional. They can not only carry out a dry cleaning, but also make a wet, first spraying the liquid on the surface, and then sucking it. With the help of such a device, you can easily clean the kitchen or bathroom, collect spilled liquid from the floor or even wash the windows.

Wireless models

Wireless Models

These models are able to work without connecting to the network, and on batteries. This type of harvesting machine can be considered automotive, it is perfect for motorists, as it is just perfect for cleaning in the car.

Separate type is considered a vertical dust collector. This is a fairly large model that runs on batteries. He will do excellent both with a small emergency cleaning, and with the general.

Wireless Models

Construction dust collector

Building dust collector

A separate place among all types of vacuum cleaners is the building one. This is the most powerful device, as it was created specifically for cleaning construction debris and dust. This kind of units is more industrial than home. It is used on building sites for new houses, for repairs, as well as for industry. It has a high cost and is therefore rarely used at home.


As with all household appliances, the manufacturer has an important influence, so choosing which vacuum cleaner is better, it is worth giving preference to a firm with a good reputation. Such models will cost more, but quality is likely to be better than that of a little-known firm. To date, the most popular brands in the household appliance market, including vacuum cleaners are Samsung, LG, Kärcher, Rainbow, Philips.

Before buying, it is useful to review customer reviews.

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