Cabinet-pencil case for the bathroom: floor, angular, with basket and mirror

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Bathroom cupboard cabinet
  • Bathroom cupboard cabinet

Storage of things inside the bathroom is always one of the most urgent issues. Choosing furniture in this room, many are thinking about buying a cupboard-pencil case. What is good about such an option of furniture, what can be a pencil case in the bathroom and what should I learn about it for its purchase?

Bathroom furniture with pencil case


  • The pencil case in the bathroom is a functional and practical thing. Such furniture allows you to easily maintain the cleanliness of the room and make the room cozy. The internal "stuffing" of the cabinet can be selected at its discretion, making such furniture as convenient and useful for itself.
  • Such a cabinet easily accommodates all the accessories that must be stored in the bathroom. In it there is a place for towels, cosmetics, household chemicals and other things. In this case, the pencil case will occupy a relatively small space in the room.
  • Modern bathroom cabinets are made of moisture resistant materials, so you can not worry that the cabinet will deteriorate from a change in temperature and humidity, and will also be covered with a fungus.
Cabinet-pencil case for the bathroom and its dignity
Advantages of a cabinet-pencil case for a bathroom

Types of

Now on the market there are quite a few variations of the cabinet-pencil case, differing in size, functionality, finish and other parameters. Usually, the case-pencil case can have from one to four leaflets. It can also be equipped with open shelves. Such shelves are quite convenient for items that are very often used. The palette of colors of this pencil case is very extensive - from classic snow-white variants to colorful cabinets with many shades.

Floor standing

This standard variant, which is often called a column, is more preferable for a large bathroom. Most often this is a rectangular cabinet model on small legs or without them. Its advantage is ease of installation.

Floor cabinet-pencil case for bathroom


This pencil case is the best option for placing a small size or a bathroom in which there is a lot of furniture. A similar cabinet can be installed anywhere in the bathroom. Its additional advantage is that such furniture does not take up space on the floor. This is also important if there is a warm floor in the bathroom.

Pendant model of the case-pencil case is classical( such a cabinet is usually placed near the sink) or angled. Visually, such a cabinet looks like an easy design, so with it the interior will look not so overloaded, as with the floor version.

Bathroom cabinet with pendant
Suspended cabinets-cases in the bathroom

Corner variants

This model of the cupboard is often selected in a small bathroom to use the area of ​​the room with maximum benefit. Buying such a cabinet, choose an option without sharp angles, then you will reduce its trauma danger. In addition, when buying a corner model, be sure to look at the legs. They should be placed as far apart as possible so that the weight of the pencil case is distributed evenly.

Corner cabinet-pencil case for bathroom

With laundry basket

Often this is a floor version of the cabinet with a large capacity and good staffing. It is indispensable for a bathroom in which there is a washing machine. The basket can be mounted in the door( in this case it extends at the same time as the door is opened), or it can be pulled out from the pencil box on the wheels. If you choose a pencil box with a basket, before you buy, check whether it is convenient for you to open it.

Cabinet-pencil case with a basket for a bathroom



Such pencil cases can be both floor and suspended, while their main feature is the finishing of the facade with a mirror. Such furniture is great for a bathroom, because a mirror in this room is very necessary. If the cabinet is high, then you have the opportunity to install a full-length mirror. Mirror can be fixed on the facade from above or can replace the facade. Also there are models in which the mirror is mounted on the door from the inside. An excellent option will be to complete the cabinet with a mirror illumination.

Cabinet-pencil case with a mirror for a bathroom
Pencil case with a mirror in the bathroom
Cabinet-pencil case for a bathroom with a mirror


This pencil case is very convenient to use and is very stylish furniture in the bathroom. Thanks to the rotation mechanism, the contents of the cabinet can be obtained from anywhere in the room, which is important if the room is not standard. Both the outer surfaces and internal compartments of such a cupboard-case are used as rationally as possible. For example, on one wall a mirror can be installed, on the second - hooks. Buying such a model of the pencil case, find out whether the rotational mechanism of this furniture can withstand high humidity conditions.

Rotating cabinet-pencil case for bathroom


The quality of the cabinet-pencil case is affected not only by the material used in its manufacture, but also by the accessories. Enough glances at her, and it becomes clear whether such furniture will last long.

When buying a cabinet, be sure to inspect his pens. The best option will be metal handles, because their service life is much longer than other options. The glossy handles look more attractive, but they constantly have to wipe their fingerprints and smudges, so in many cases preference is given to matte handles.

Cabinet-pencil case and accessories for it
What pens to choose for a cabinet in the form of a pencil case in the bathroom

It is also important to look at the hinges. The best manufacturers of such fittings are Italy, Sweden and Germany. But the Chinese and Russian loops are not of good quality.

If the cabinet has legs, they must also be carefully inspected. Ideally, the legs should be able to adjust in height. Also note that the service life of the chrome hardware is much greater than the plastic parts or with the gilding.

Fittings for cabinet-pencil case in the bathroom


The variety of modern canisters installed in the bathroom is very large. Such furniture is quite attractive and can decorate the room with any interior. Choosing a cabinet in the bathroom, assess characteristics such as size, shape, color. The main task is to choose a product that can harmoniously look in the interior of the bathroom.

Design cabinet in the form of a box for the bathroom
Designer cabinet-pencil case in the bathroom
Cabinet-pencil case and its design for the bathroom

Tips for choosing

  • The higher the cupboard-cupboard chosen for your bathroom, the less convenient it will be to use it. Pick up a product of such a height that you can easily reach the top shelf without problems. In most models of such cabinets, the height varies between 150 and 180 centimeters.
  • Evaluate the functionality of the cabinet that you want to purchase. Many models have unnecessary compartments and shelves. The functional product will include a pull-out basket at the bottom( contaminated laundry will be stored in it), boxes in the central part( they can hold bathroom accessories), as well as shelves at the top( they can hold clean underwear).
  • Pay attention also to the quality of the closet, which you liked. Find out what material is made of the pencil case, and also what kind of quality fittings are used in it. Make sure that the material is water resistant and moisture can not penetrate inside the cabinet.
Tips for choosing a cabinet in the form of a box for the bathroom

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