The best water filtration systems for a private house and apartment

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You can determine the composition of water treatment equipment for a country house and apartment using a step-by-step algorithm. It is necessary to find out the composition of contaminants and draw up a list of requirements for suitable technical solutions. When choosing models, one should evaluate their real capabilities. Consider a sequence of actions that will help you make the right decisions in the process of implementing the appropriate plan.

Best Water Filtration Systems

The main pollution of water from a well, a well and a city water supply

Let's start by clarifying the scope of the problems. The full list of possible contaminants exceeds dozens of positions, which are checked in detail only to solve professional problems. In everyday life, it is enough to know about the characteristic impurities that are present in typical sources.

Users who receive water from a well and a well have more problems. Engineering structures of this category are characterized by a relatively shallow depth (10-15 meters) and an open head structure. Under these conditions, the soil layer performs the functions of a natural filter is not effective enough to retain industrial waste and other pollution of the modern environment. Fresh air activates the oxidation and vital activity of microorganisms. Mechanical impurities can be included in the list of characteristic ones.

Water pollution

Deepening the sampling point (more than 50 meters) improves water quality. In this case, there are fewer organics, as well as the waste of human civilization. But when connecting to a well, you will have to take into account the increased concentration of ferrous iron and hardness salts. The dissolved state allows specific impurities to pass unhindered through mechanical filters. For water treatment, special technological solutions will have to be applied.

Choosing the best water filtration system for a private (country) house and apartment

At the next stage of project preparation, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with typical household cleaning methods. They are used separately and together in different combinations. The goal of quality treatment is to remove or neutralize harmful contaminants without significantly increasing the investment budget from the associated costs.

1 place. electromagnetic

2nd place. hollow fiber

3rd place. Mechanical

4th place. ultraviolet

5th place. reverse osmosis


The main problem for the filtration system when taking water for a house from a well is the organization of scale control. It is formed even at the minimum concentration of salts, and too high a level of purification removes calcium and other useful substances.

Electromagnetic filter

The use of a reverse osmosis filter, for example, implies the mandatory addition of equipment with a forced mineralization unit. With its help, the quality indicators of drinking water are restored.

The designated problem can be solved in one cycle of processing by an electromagnetic field. It changes the shape of microscopic formations that lose their ability to combine into large fractions. After a force impact in the frequency range of 1-20 kHz or wider, the increase in the scale layer stops. If the generator power exceeds 7 W, existing deposits are destroyed.

hollow fiber

Partially pass useful minerals in the dissolved state working modules assembled from hollow fibers. They filter through small holes in the walls - about 0.01 µm. Such ducts do not allow bacteria, colloidal iron, organic molecules, and other dangerous contaminants to pass through.

Hollow fiber system

The composition of impurities at the output should be checked. According to experts, this treatment is often enough to obtain high-quality drinking water.

A separate advantage of the technology is the high speed of the workflow - at least 800/l hour in domestic models. When choosing this option, the limited resistance of the filter module to heat must be taken into account. It is recommended to keep the temperature in the range from +5°C to +45°C.


You will have to buy devices in this category in any case. With their help, large fractions are separated at the inlet and provide additional purification after aeration and other technological operations. The highest level of filtration is provided by a string module - from 0.8 to 1.1 microns.

For the retention of large particles are used:

  • metal or polymer mesh;
  • granular loading;
  • a set of discs with recesses for the formation of narrow ducts;
  • winding or other cartridges.
mechanical filter

Replaceable blocks are easy to handle, but do not last long. Their resource is less than indicated in the passport. Manufacturers' data correspond to minimal pollution (not higher than SanPin standards), and in real operating conditions the corresponding figures are higher. Model selection should consider nominal flow rate, fluid temperature, and other limitations.


A universal way to destroy microorganisms is ultraviolet irradiation. To effectively influence impurities of this category, a wavelength from 250 to 270 nm is used. Unlike chemical treatment, the technology does not pollute water with hazardous substances. The pleasant taste and smell are preserved.

The lamp emitter in the standard version is installed in a protective casing made of quartz glass. This unit in the assembled state is placed in a steel case. The power supply unit operates in automatic mode with activation from the flow sensor.

UV filter

When choosing this technology, the possibility of secondary contamination cannot be ruled out, so the drinking water tap is installed at a short distance (along the length of the connecting pipe). A characteristic disadvantage is the deposition of calcium deposits on the surface of the protective flask, which prevents the passage of UV rays. It is removed regularly with a weak acid solution. For the same reason, turbidity should be eliminated by pre-filtration.

reverse osmosis

This popular technology is used for drinking water treatment. The cheapest reverse osmosis system provides a filtration rate of at least 98%. The high efficiency of the method allows you to completely eliminate the causes of scale. With its help, unpleasant aftertastes are removed, reliable protection against viruses and heavy metals is provided.

Reverse osmosis

It is recommended to evaluate the good functionality of equipment in this category in combination with characteristic shortcomings. The performance in this case is almost 100 times less compared to a hollow fiber membrane. This means that for the gradual accumulation of clean water, you will need a separate tank. Additional cartridges are not cleaned by flushing. Their regular replacement complicates the maintenance of the system.

Manufacturers of water filtration systems

The considered technologies are used by specialized companies that develop and produce equipment for water treatment. As examples, you can study models marked with positive recommendations from experts and owners.

1 place. Aquaris

2nd place. AquaShield

3rd place. Aquaphor

4th place. Geyser


With a large daily consumption, you can install Aquaris 2000 in the line. The digital code in the model name corresponds to the maximum amount of purified water per hour. The hollow fiber membrane is offered with a flushing function. Regular performance of this procedure extends the period of use of the working unit up to 4-5 years.

Aquaris filter


Choose a device in the Pro range. The overpayment compared to the basic version is only 2,900 rubles. This increase in the purchase budget is justified by the advantages of electromagnetic processing, which are provided by an amplified signal and a significantly (1-50 kHz) extended frequency range.

Electromagnetic filter Aqua Shield

Changing the generation parameters performs the following functions:

  • eliminates the possibility of scale formation at a hardness of 25 ° F;
  • increases the protection range to 2,000 meters;
  • inhibits corrosion;
  • destroys microorganisms;
  • destroys old deposits.

Electricity consumption during operation of this model does not exceed 20 W per hour.


If you buy a water filtration system for your home under the DWM 202S Pro sink, you can get the following benefits at your disposal:

  • accelerated processing using reverse osmosis technology - up to 15.2 liters per day;
  • maintaining functionality when the pressure drops to 0.9 bar;
  • compactness - 411 x 502 x 195 mm (in a set with a built-in tank).

A feature of the model is the extended standard equipment: a pump, an automation module with a TDS sensor, a display, and other options.

Wash filter Aquaphor


The Typhoon is a versatile steel housing that fits 20 Big Blue cartridges in the appropriate design. The filter is equipped with a pressure relief valve for easy disassembly. Its working temperature can be increased up to +95°C. The main advantage is compatibility with standard cartridges from other brands.

Filter Geyser Typhoon


The following list shows prices (in rubles) for the considered water filtration systems for a private house:

  • Aquaphor DWM 202S Pro - 35 480;
  • Aquaris 2000 - 49 200;
  • AquaShield Pro - 19,900;
  • Geyser Typhoon 20BB - 21 950 (with branded cartridge).

The list does not include shipping costs. This parameter is displayed when filling out the order form for a water filtration system for the home or is specified by a request via the Internet. The sellers offer water quality analysis free of charge or according to the approved price list, installation of equipment by service team workers, and other additional services.

Which water filtration system to choose and buy?

Model data demonstrate potential opportunities, approximate cost level.

To choose a water filtration system for a country house, you must include in the project assignment:

  • composition and concentration of impurities;
  • requirements for cleaning technology;
  • characteristics of the object and installed utilities.

For a more accurate assessment, the consumption in normal mode should be taken into account with a margin for maximum loads of 20-25%. Check the convenience of performing routine maintenance. If it is not possible to maintain the equipment on your own, you will have to contact the services of specialists from a regional service center.

Conclusions and recommendations

A detailed review of the baseline is necessary to correctly assess the project and make significant adjustments at an early stage. A home water filtration system from a heavily polluted well can be prohibitively expensive. In some situations, it is more profitable to order drilling of a deep source.

If there is no marked problem, a sequential processing plan is drawn up to obtain an approved output quality. Instead of anti-calc filtering, electromagnetic technology can be used.

The final conclusion is recommended to be made in consultation with a specialist. It will help to harmonize the performance of the functional blocks, provide additional information for the correct selection of individual models.

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