Features of fine water filters

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The quality of tap water in most large populated areas, of course, leaves much to be desired. Many people have already found a way out of this unpleasant situation.


  • The most important aspects of water quality
  • The types of fine water filters
  • The main features of fine filters
  • The installation of fine water filters
  • The specifics of the operation of the filters for fine cleaning of hot water
  • The price of fine water filters

You can regularly draw water from nearby wells or sources, but much easier to look at the phenomenal range of fine water filters. Such tools help to easily cope with the already global problem of mankind, as well as to feel all the positive aspects of drinking clean water.

The most important aspects of water quality

The unpleasant aftertaste of tap water is not the only side of the issue that should be paid attention. First of all, you should take a closer look at the following:

  • color;
  • smack;
  • smell;
  • turbidity.

There are also some other important water quality indicators that can only be determined with the help of special equipment. In the first place, it is the impurities of hard salts and heavy metals that can do a lot of harm to the body.

There are also many microorganisms that can be contained in tap water. To avoid all these troubles associated with hazardous substances, you should pay attention to the filters. Among them are filters for fine water purification, capable of providing large volumes of really pure water.


Varieties of fine water filters

Of course, buying a filter of fine water purification for beginners will be a challenge. The variety of this product will surprise even those who previously dealt with some filters. Most often in the market you can find the following three types of filters:

  • filter equipped with reverse osmosis membrane;
  • installation in a sorption material that can eliminate the smallest sources of pollution;
  • filters equipped with ion exchange resins.

The main characteristic of most filters is precisely the particle size that the unit is able to block. Each cold water fine filter is capable of blocking particles from 5 μm. In this respect, the first variant of the filters will be the most optimal. Thanks to the modern structure, such an installation is able to cope with most of the contaminants.

If we talk about one-function filters, they are designed only to block some particles. Multifunctional filters have now become phenomenally popular. Due to their structure and design, they are capable of performing several important tasks at once. For example, in addition to the main - cleaning water from certain particles, the filter can also significantly soften the water.


The main features of

fine filters There are many important points that you should know before buying and operating the filter. First of all, the filters are sensitive to pressure drops. The same applies to temperature changes. During operation, it is important to keep this in mind and not to allow significant differences.

Buying a filter is a big responsibility. Despite the relative simplicity of the design, the filter should be regularly given for maintenance. How often should you perform preventive actions with your filter - should be written in the documentation. In any case, the more frequent the maintenance, the purer the water.

Unfortunately, the fine filter will not be able to serve for too long. Specificity of the design is designed for certain volumes of water, which the unit is able to clean. After the selected period, the filter can no longer effectively cope with the cleaning. Often manufacturers promise that the filter has been successful for a couple of decades, but everything here depends on the regularity of its use. If you apply it too seldom, then the filter will serve even more than the deadline.


Installing fine water filters

It can be assumed that installing a filter is a fairly simple process. However, there are many things you need to know during installation. First of all, the integrity of the cartridge should not suffer. On this factor, it depends on whether the installation will be cleaned exactly as stated in the documentation.

Before installation of the filter, a re-purification system must be equipped. Also, experts advise to install a filtering mechanism as close as possible to the consumer and the source of water. Thus, the maximum quality of purified water is ensured.


Specificity of operation of hot water thin-water filters

When it comes to water purification, it is hot water supply that is the most serious problem. Due to the serious deterioration of most systems, these water sources can hardly be called suitable, not for drinking, but even for taking a shower or a hot bath. In such a situation, without effective filtering, it is unequivocally indispensable.

Due to the materials from which the fine filter is made, the unit is able to withstand even extremely high temperatures. Often manufacturers, as the main material, choose metal or heat-resistant plastic. At the same time, they can be used for cleaning cold water - this is an excellent aspect of universality for those who do not want to spend twice. It is worth to be careful, buying filters for cleaning cold water. Often they are not adapted to work with high temperature water, so the consequences can be most unpleasant.

If we talk about the constituent parts of the filter, then the basis of the design is exactly the carbon filter component. This technology has been used for many decades and is recognized as one of the most inexpensive and effective methods of water treatment. Often, you can find other materials that perform cleaning of water: sawdust, ash, clay. However, most experts believe that coal is unlikely to replace any of the materials in this case.

Those who do not want to delve into the complex structure of a mechanical filter for fine water purification, can take a closer look at a flow-through installation. It's extremely simple, and replacing the cartridges is really easy. Despite all the advantages, such an installation also has many negative aspects, one of which is not the best quality of filtration.


The price of fine water filters

When it comes to health, the prices of filters for fine water purification are not of fundamental importance. First of all, it is important that the installation provides an excellent water purification. Most of the above filters are really great developments that will serve as long as possible. It is best, of course, to pay attention to the well-known firms that have been producing such equipment for many years. Newly-baked Chinese companies do not always pay serious attention to quality, working only on the appearance of the filter.

The prices for such installations may not be particularly different. High cost may not mean that we will get a really durable filter. Often the price of installation may depend on the components. Quite often manufacturers put in the set of unnecessary details, for which we pay. It is best to buy several filters for this money.


As for the cleaning elements themselves, their cost can also fluctuate greatly. If we are talking about coal filters, then their cost is often quite low. However, it is worth remembering that the replacement of the cleaning element should be done regularly, otherwise there is a risk of consumption of untreated water. Other types of filters are much more expensive than coal filters, however they are used only when there is a need to purify water from certain microorganisms or salts.

The question of installing the filter also depends on the monetary aspect. If you are confident in your abilities, and also have some experience, then by refusing to install the filter specialists can save a lot of money. Unambiguously, it should be understood that any error created by self-installing the filter can cause a serious breakdown. A serious filter design may in some cases not be repaired, so you will have to spend again on a new filter.

If you do not need a large volume of purified water, then you can limit the filter-pitcher. They also effectively purify water, but the total cost of the device, as well as the price of the filters, is noticeably lower than the fine water filters.

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