Features and benefits of Vitra toilets

The Vitra company from Turkey is successfully producing various models of toilet bowls.

Available plumbing equipment is distinguished by impeccable design, implementation of innovative technologies. The collection of toilets turns out to be quite large, so it is advisable to carefully study the characteristics and features of the available models in order to subsequently make a good choice.

Features of the provided toilets

The company is trying to do everything in order to successfully create modern sanitary ware for its subsequent use. Toilet bowls Vitra differ in the following features, which can be considered as advantages:

  • There are 2 drain modes. As a result, users can save on water consumption.
  • There are models of toilet bowls for which there are special eco-certificates. As a result, it can be noted that plumbing is created from environmentally friendly raw materials.
  • Variety of collections and models. Potential buyers can choose a model of an affordable price range.
  • Toilets are available in compact sizes. They can be installed even in a small room.
  • To create toilet bowls such high quality materials as porcelain and faience are used. Both materials offer optimum performance.
  • Sophisticated design. It is often possible to install a seat cover that features a soft-lowering function.

The manufacturer offers numerous models of toilet bowls, so there is an opportunity to carefully examine the collections and take into account their features. In addition, some models are designed specifically for those with various physical limitations. This will allow you to understand which toilets are suitable for purchase by different people, because the requirements for plumbing may differ.

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