How to choose the right bathroom sink

These days, many manufacturers are engaged in the creation of sinks, but it is advisable to make sure that the products manufactured meet the established standards.

It depends on this whether it is possible to successfully use high-quality and reliable sinks, and it is desirable that their service life is long. On the site you can take a close look at the numerous models, making sure that the specifications are optimal.

  1. Material. Most often, models are created from ceramics and faience. More expensive items are made from porcelain. You need to understand that the raw materials differ in quality, and the structure also varies. So, porcelain will turn out to be a denser material. The manufacturing technology will be pretty much the same in every situation. If desired, you can choose stone and composite sinks, but they are not always rational to use due to their large size. Models made of thick glass look spectacular, and it can even be colored.
  2. Design. Console or mounted models are traditionally installed on corner stops, but in this case it is important to choose the right siphon, because it will be noticeable. It is customary to install overhead models on a special cabinet, which will turn out to be a very convenient option. "Tulip" is a sink that takes up very little space, but nevertheless, most often the classic "bowl" is chosen. For very small bathrooms, it is best to opt for a corner sink.
  3. Dimensions. The optimal indicator is from 40 to 70 cm. No longer required (an exception is the model that is offered with a worktop or an additional bowl). The depth should be 30-60 cm.

As you can understand, manufacturers offer different models of sinks, so it is advisable to carefully study available products, in order to then make a good choice, taking into account the existing needs of the potential buyer.

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