Penetrating waterproofing "Kalmatron"

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A wide range of convenient and reliable penetrating waterproofing from Kalmatron provides sealing of the surface of structures by modification.

These compositions can be used at any stage of construction, including the foundation. The destructive effect of water and moisture on various concrete structures, such as walls, floors, foundations and other monolithic structures, gradually contributes to their destruction. To prevent the rapid destruction of monolithic concrete structures, their devices only need to be isolated from water. In the modern domestic market, many different materials and technologies are available to protect against moisture.

Penetrating insulation can be used at all stages of the construction of concrete structures, be it bathrooms, basements and other areas that are constantly exposed to high humidity. In addition to simple wet rooms, this hydrophobic material can prevent water from entering concrete in wastewater treatment plants, sedimentation tanks, and even hydroelectric power plants.

With prolonged contact with water, there is no more effective material than Kalmatron, which can protect both concrete and brick surfaces. When finishing surfaces with materials such as tiles, putty, plaster and even classic paintwork, hydrophobic insulation is indispensable due to its improved adhesive effect on surface.

In addition, with the correct use of the Kalmatron compound in combination with a membrane sealing material, the treated surface can be protected from moisture for decades.

The cost of acquiring a penetrating waterproofing of this brand is higher than that of membrane analogues. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the technology of applying the hydrophobic mixture, which will significantly reduce the amount used and, consequently, the acquisition cost.

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