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Preparation of walls for decorative plaster: features

At the final stages of finishing, the correct preparation of the walls for decorative plaster plays a very important role. The thing is that the aesthetic properties of such a material can be fully revealed only if defects do not interfere with them ...

04 May 2012

Plaster consumption per 1m2: methodology and calculation standards

If you decide to repair the apartment yourself, then in order to determine the financial costs, as well as the amount of material required for the purchase, you need to calculate the plaster consumption per 1 m2. However, if you hire outsiders for repairs ...

03 May 2012

DIY decorative plaster (42 photos): varieties, advantages and disadvantages, self-production, application technique

During the overhaul or redecoration of the apartment, many tenants are faced with the need for a finishing decorative decoration of walls and ceilings, and in most cases, they use for this everyone the usual wallpaper on paper, vinyl, fabric ...

03 May 2012

How to Remove Old Plaster: Precautions and Removal Methods

If you started a renovation and found that you cannot do without removing old plaster, we hasten to tell you about how to remove old plaster from walls and ceilings. The plaster itself is a very durable finishing material, and if it is done ...

April 30, 2012

How to prepare plaster mortar: binders, fillers and additives

Plaster is the most common type of construction and finishing work. In order to make a solution, you need a binder and fillers - slag, sand. In this article, we will talk about how to prepare a plaster mortar. Astringents ...

April 30, 2012

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