Bathroom in a wooden house: design, repair and finishing features

Bathroom in a wooden house
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Modern technologyconstruction allows you to equip in wooden houses bathrooms not worse than in apartments. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the features of the material and pay great attention to the strength of the structure. What you need to know in order not to be mistaken in the process of construction and repair?

Features of the layout

Most often a bathroom is equipped on the second and third floor of a private house, near the bedroom. In this regard, it is best to determine its location and approximate filling while planning the house, so as not to miss the opportunity to make additional reinforcement of floors and load-bearing structures. Experts do not recommend making a bathroom in wooden houses on the upper floors.

When planning any bathroom, you need to think carefully about the design. This includes the choice of style and materials for decoration, drawing up a scheme of communications and wiring, the choice and location of plumbing. If there is no separate laundry in the house, do not forget to find a suitable place for a washing machine.

Since the house is built of wood, it is not worth saving on materials, fasteners and insulation.

When choosing the most important element - a bath, do not forget that its weight should correspond to the maximum permissible load on the floor. At the same time, consider that it will increase at least twice when the bath is filled with water.

Bathroom in a house made of wood

We choose the style of

There are no special restrictions when choosing the style of the bathroom in a wooden house. All that is required is a good fantasy and money. Soft art deco style, ultramodern modern solutions, cleanliness of eco-style or rural romance of the country - all these styles can find their embodiment in this house.


Classics - fancy textured details emphasize the aristocracy and elegance of the room.

Bathroom in a classic style in a wooden house

Its expression can be found in the framing of mirrors, lighting fixtures, curved bath legs, expensive furniture.

Bright bathroom in a classic style in a wooden house


Minimalism is the exact opposite of the classic. Strict and laconic lines, no extra details and bumps. Smooth surfaces with clear shapes and nothing superfluous or distracting attention.

Bathroom in the style of minimalism in a wooden house


Country is one of the first styles that comes to mind when referring to a wooden house. A huge plus: wood trim and ceiling beams will create a special atmosphere, inherent in this interesting style. That is, half the elements needed to create such an interior are already present in the room.

There are many variations within the country style itself, among which there certainly is something suitable: Provence, chalet, American, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Scandinavian or Russian country, etc.

Bathroom in country style in a wooden house

Shebbie chic

Shebbie chic - all known "shabby chic". Wooden beams, artificially aged furniture, décor with fabric, lovely details, floral patterns and pastel colors. The atmosphere of comfort and coziness warms even better than a warm shower.

Bathroom in the style of a shepherd chic in a wooden house

Japanese style

The Japanese style is another interesting solution, directly related to wooden elements. Simple lines, the predominance of natural materials, a game of contrast. A real highlight is a wooden bath.

Bathroom in Japanese style in a wooden house

Finishing the bathroom

Naturally, regardless of the material of the walls, the determining condition for finishing the bathroom is that all materials must be moisture resistant and do not allow water to pass through. In addition, constant contact with detergents and cosmetics should not affect their appearance.

Bathroom in a wooden house

The surface should be easy to clean and do not accumulate pollution and moisture. In order to avoid the destruction of the tree and the appearance of fungus or mold, before applying finishing work, apply special protective and antiseptic agents to the wood.

When decorating such a bathroom, you should consider the feature of the house made of wood. Ceramic tiles are unlikely to stay in place for long, because the tree has the property of deforming under the influence of temperature and humidity changes. Constant vibrations destroy the solution under the tile. The solution is to finish the walls with moisture-resistant plasterboard. When attaching, it is necessary to leave small gaps between the panel and the tree.


A prerequisite for any bathroom is its effective waterproofing. For wooden houses, it is especially relevant. The first thing is to ensure proper protection of the floor. The walls can remain intact, except for their special processing and the edge at 25-30 cm from the floor.

Waterproofing involves the installation of a protective film and a layer of reinforced screed. If you leave a wooden floor, do not forget to treat it with antiseptics and water repellent. In addition, you should ensure the ventilation of the bathroom, which will ensure the mandatory elimination of excessive moisture.

Read more in our article on the waterproofing of a wooden house.

Ventilation in a bath of a wooden house


The device of a floor in a bathroom is, perhaps, the most problematic part of building of a wooden house. This is primarily due to the fact that when the bathroom is located above the first floor, additional reinforcement of the floors is required. The second point is the level of the floor. To perform the screed when laying the waterproofing, you need to lower the floor level slightly. Ideally, it is generally desirable to make it lower than in the rest of the rooms to prevent damage to neighboring rooms during flooding.

As a floor covering, it is best to choose ceramic tiles with an anti-slip surface, mosaic or porcelain stoneware. Today, in building stores, you can also choose a moisture-resistant laminate. When constructing wooden floors, give preference to teak or larch - these wood species are best opposed to high humidity. Do not forget to process the wood.

Wooden floor in the bathroom

Walls Several variants are possible when facing the walls.

You can leave the walls wooden, covering them with a special impregnation, varnish or paint.

The second option - the device of a false panel, on which the subsequent coating will be applied. The false panel is a gypsum plasterboard, on which a layer of putty and a final coating is applied. As the last one you can use mosaic, ceramic tile, paint or textured plaster. The use of wallpaper is undesirable, because they simply peel off because of constant contact with water and steam.

Walls in a wooden bathroom


There are special requirements to the ceiling in such a bathroom. It should be fire-resistant and noise-absorbing, do not allow moisture and do not emit harmful substances.

Excellent option - suspended or stretched ceiling, in which you can hide the wiring and equip a sufficient number of ventilation grilles.

In a wooden house, you can make a ceiling of any design, the options are limited only to your tastes and financial capabilities.

More details you can read in our article about choosing a ceiling in the bathroom.

Ceiling in a wooden bathroom


Lighting fixtures are recommended to use halogen lamps under 12 V. All light sources are divided into two categories. General lighting is provided by a more powerful light source. In the bathrooms of a small size you can do without it.

Area lighting provides point lights, located, for example, near a mirror or mounted in a shower enclosure.

The wiring must be protected from moisture and carefully insulated. In the presence of suspended ceilings, it ideally hides behind slabs or slats.

In addition to lamps, it is necessary to provide easy access to sockets for easy use of household appliances.

Lighting in a wooden bathroom

Plumbing and communications

The most important and pleasant moment is the purchase of sanitary ware for the bathroom. Usually this list includes a washbasin, a bathtub, a jacuzzi or a shower cubicle. If the bathroom is shared, let's add to this the toilet bowl list. If the area of ​​the premises and finances allow, you can additionally install a bidet.

When selecting the main element, that is, the bath, its weight should be taken into account. The most difficult is cast-iron, but it is the most reliable one. The lowest weight have acrylic baths - only about 30 kg.

Bathroom for a wooden house

Bath from natural wood

To owners of a wooden house it is necessary to consider and such variant, as a bath from a natural tree. Why is she so good? Firstly, it looks simply amazing! It is unlikely that there will be a person who does not like this product.

Forms and color combination excite the imagination of fans of delights. But there is a lot of this bath. Secondly, to carry out bathing procedures in such a bath is a complete pleasure. Natural wood does not emit harmful substances, so it contributes not only to physical purification, but also to energy. And if a visible defect appears in the process of its exploitation, then it will not be difficult to restore it.

Wooden bath in the bathroom

However, it can not be called ideal, because its obvious drawback is that with frequent use the bath cover can lose its attractive appearance. Therefore, using a wooden bath is best for moments of bathing pleasure, and for everyday washing use a shower stall. Such a bath requires more careful care and careful attitude, does not like aggressive cleaning agents. If the lacquer coating is damaged, it must be renewed as soon as possible.

In order to avoid problems in the future, it is necessary to approach the process of diversion of water pipelines responsibly. Pipes are best used plastic, because their reliability and service life is much higher than metal ones. They are usually laid in the floor and wall, so as not to spoil the overall appearance of the bathroom interior.

Beautiful wooden bath

Drain gangway

Drain traps are provided to prevent flooding and water accumulation. They can be made both for the whole room, and in separate places, that is under the bathroom and shower.

In order for the water to drain into the sewer, the floor is made under a slight slope towards the drain. To prevent unpleasant smell from the sewer, the drainage hole is supplied with a plastic float that clogs it in the absence of water on the floor.

The drainage ladder for a bathroom

Useful advices for

To the bathroom in the wooden house as long as possible fulfilled its functional purpose and did not require urgent repairs, it does not require anything extra-ordinary.

Just follow several rules when planning and arranging:

  • to plan the location of the bathroom you need in the process of designing a house;
  • floors should be strong enough to withstand the weight of plumbing;
  • wiring must be protected from water ingress;
  • to protect adjacent rooms, it is necessary to ensure proper hydro and vapor insulation;
  • requires artificial ventilation of the room;
  • materials used for finishing, should be moisture resistant;
  • wood should be treated with special protective and antiseptic means against insects, microbes, fungus and mold;
  • to prevent flooding of adjacent rooms, it is necessary to equip the drain ladder and lower the floor level by 2-3 cm.

It is not so difficult to arrange a bathroom in a wooden house, as it may seem at first glance. The main rule is compliance with construction technology and ensuring proper protection against moisture.

Beautiful bathroom in wood