Bathroom with window: design and interior features( 30 photos)

Window in the bathroom
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It is always useful to look at things with fresh eyes so that new ideas and ideas can bring positive changes or additions to our lives. For this, we decided to talk about how to think over the design of bathrooms with a window, what are the advantages in such rooms and how to simulate a window, if not.


Speaking of the advantages of having a window in the bathroom, you can immediately tell about the practical advantages:

  • Ventilation is one of the most important aspects of the bathroom. If you have a window in the bathroom, then airing the room will be much easier, more pleasant and faster. Air from the street will save the room from excessive moisture and enrich the space with oxygen and freshness.
  • From morning to evening you can enjoy natural daylight, and in summer or spring combine the adoption of a normal bath with a sunny one. At night, if you turn off the lights and light the candles, you can, sitting in hot water, look at the stars and the moon. In addition, the availability of daylight allows you to save electricity.
  • For designers, the window in the bathroom is a great inspiration. Its special design can make the bathroom unique and romantic.
Benefits of the window in the bathroom
Window decoration in the bathroom
Window in the bathroom


The location of the window may depend on how its main practical functions, lighting and ventilation, will be performed. In order for the ventilation to be effective, it is necessary that the window be placed at a minimum of 1.7 m. This position will be useful for your ceiling: thanks to the constant airing of the mold, it will not be possible to settle on it. To prevent condensed moisture from flowing into the bathroom, the window should be placed with a walk out to the street for about 10-15 cm.

Location of the window in the bathroom

It is not recommended to place the window too close to the bathtub or shower, because cold and windy days can cause the window to cool. In addition, the window should be easy to access. If you like to enjoy the views from the window, arrange it so that you are most comfortable, lying in the bathroom, looking at the street.

Bathroom design with window
Bathroom design with window
Bathroom design with window

Selecting the form

The shape and appearance of the window should correspond to the overall design and style of the bathroom, so that it fits into the overall picture and does not spoil the designer's work.

Round window in the bathroom

The window can be:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • round;
  • oval;
  • in the form of an arch.

For fans of non-standard solutions, the window can be of any unusual shape.

unusual window shape

A rectangular large window from ceiling to floor is suitable for large bathrooms in private houses or for modern apartments of large sizes.

Rectangular windows are suitable for a minimalist style.

Round-shaped windows look great in the bathroom of the classic style and in the bathrooms of small sizes, as the rounded flowing firms create a feeling of expansion of space and coziness. The window of non-standard form can become the main mysterious design highlight and bring joy to the owners and their guests.

Stained Glass in the Bathroom
Minimalist style
Round window

Processing Options

An important task for the designer in a bathroom with a window is window decoration. The choice of such decor is great enough. There are several basic options.

How to make the window do not look "naked":

  • draw curtains;
  • hang the blinds;
  • use roller blinds and Roman.
Window design for blinds
Curtains in the bathroom
Roller blinds in the bathroom

If the style of your bathroom allows you to make windows with shutters, then this can be an excellent solution.

For those who like mysterious and fabulous sensations one can use colorful mosaic and stained-glass scenery.

Roman and roller blinds are very comfortable to use and pleasant with their simple style. Blinds help to regulate lighting, and color blinds can bring a special atmosphere and complement the overall color scheme in the bathroom.

Curtains made of textiles can create a cozy feeling of lightness and carefree. However, the presence of curtains requires frequent ventilation and care.

Interior styles

If the window is of a suitable shape, color and is correctly located, it will become a wonderful and practical aspect for a bathroom of any style:

  • A classic bathroom will be decorated with rounded windows with curtains or Roman, roller blinds.
  • For the style of "minimalism" windows of rectangular shapes with jalousies or creative unusual shapes are good. For minimalism, roll, Roman blinds also suit.
  • If you like baths in the oriental style, then the mosaic and stained glass windows will fit perfectly into the overall interior.
  • In the bathrooms in a simple European style rectangular windows with roller blinds will perfectly fit.
  • For baths with wooden furniture and details, windows-shutters
Bathroom with large window
Bathroom with window
bathroom in oriental style
In the style of Provence
shutters in the bathroom interior
Beautiful bathroom with window

are suitable. In Khrushchevka

Modern designers offer several smart and practical solutions. The window connector can be enlarged and made it stained or with a mosaic. If there are wooden elements in the bathroom, you can make the decoration in the form of shutters. So you can communicate with those who are in the kitchen.

Stained glass window in the bathroom

Illumination adds value and creates a mysterious atmosphere. You can think over the window's equipment with colored lights.

If you like florets, a simple and nice solution is to organize a window sill for plants that love moisture. Since the baths in the Khrushchev's are small, you can reconstruct the window into a small niche for storing things.

Bathroom decoration with flowers
Bathroom design with window
Design of a bathroom with window and flowers
Bathroom design with window
Bathroom design with window
Bathroom design with window

Simulating the

window If your bathroom does not have a window or there is no possibility for reconstruction, then you can apply a solution called "window simulation".Most often this window looks like a picture in a frame with a backlight. You can buy such a decor in a special store, as well as do it yourself.

Glass can be decorated with any pattern and landscape, and properly selected lighting can create a real feeling that the day or evening light is pouring out of the window.

Simulate the window

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