Toilet design

Pondering the design of the apartment, very few people are thinking about the new look of the toilet. But people spend a lot of time in this room and it is necessary to make efforts to make it as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Previously, it was a common standard to combine a toilet with a bathroom. In the variant of living a large family, this option is not convenient. Having shown a little imagination, you can turn this room into a real rest and comfort corner, as in the photo in the article.


  1. Materials and colors in design
  2. Toilet lighting
  3. Comfort
  4. Decorating and optimizing
  5. Creativity
  6. Photo of toilet design

In the design project, it is necessary to take into account such factors:

  • of material selection for future finishing;
  • color solutions;
  • optimization is not a large area;

Materials and colors in the design of

The design of the toilet implies several finishes. For large and small areas, different materials are selected for the color solution. For example, in a small toilet it is better to use white color - visually "move apart" the walls. An interesting option will be a game on contrast, for example: white tiles and opposite combinations or floor and ceiling of the same color, and walls of another shade.

For decoration, the following are most often used:

  • ceramic tile, which tolerates high humidity, it is easy to clean;
  • wallpaper from fiberglass, vinyl, fleece;
  • plastic panels or wall.

A couple of tips: if you choose wallpaper, it's not worth buying with small flowers, circles, "heavy" drawings - the space "shrinks".In this version it is better to paste solid wallpaper and decorate the walls with interesting inscriptions or drawings.

Toilet lighting

The best option is to equip several light sources. Muffled light, as in the photo, will conceal the volume and not create a comfortable feeling. The excess is also not very good. It is better to choose the "golden" middle.


It is clear that the main role is given to the toilet. How to maximize the use of free space depends only on imagination. It will not be superfluous to equip a small hygienic shower, which can be attached anywhere. It is installed during the plumbing work. The design of the toilet of the room involves concealing the drain pipes by means of lifting roller shutters or swing doors. A popular solution is the design of the ledge or niche. So you can hide plumbing communications and make room for hygienic supplies.

We decorate and optimize

The interior design of the toilet does not limit the possibilities for optimizing the area. For useful trifles, you can hang various shelves, cabinets, suspended outdoor shelving. Mirror will not be an extra element of decor. It will be interesting to look, if you do not hang a mirror, and mount several mirror tiles. In the photo the design of the toilet is shown in interesting variants. For example, a cabinet on high legs can be placed behind the toilet. Thus, and the place will be more, and all the necessary items will be at hand.


Toilet design in an apartment with a reasonable approach does not require large investments. It is possible and, without much experience, to turn the room of "thoughtfulness" into a real masterpiece of design art, for example, using creative elements: to decorate the toilet in an unusual way.

Photo of the toilet design

In our photo gallery you will find a lot of interesting photos that will help you decide on the style of the interiortoilet room.

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