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Brown Bathroom
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When it comes to brown color in the interior, we first imagine a natural tree - massive wooden tables carvedarmrests on armchairs, a parquet and other elements of a decor from this fine material. All this is a classic. But why not approach such an important matter as the design of your home, with a share of imagination, and not use a brown color in the design, for example, of a bathroom?

Brown Bathroom

Bathroom in brown colors - it's just a win-win option, especially for those who do not particularly like the changes and do not intend to make repairs too often. After all, the brown color is neutral: it is simply impossible to imagine a callous, intrusive shade of brown. He does not strain his eyes, but creates a feeling of calm and tranquility. Interior in noble brown tones for a long time does not get boring, it is enough only to change various small accessories from time to time.

stylish brown bathroom

In the interior of the

If you have already decided that there must be a "chocolate" bathroom in your house, remember that the when decorating the bathroom in brown color, you should avoid several common mistakes:

  • Do not use a too dark shade of brown in the design of small bathrooms: this will visually make the room even smaller. Or combine it with light colors, using a light color as the main one.
  • If the bathroom in your house is not the warmest place, try to choose the warmest shade for the floor and walls or combine it with light colors. You can even decorate the walls in the bathroom in different colors.
  • If you decide to decorate the bathroom in brown tones all from floor to ceiling, do it with care. Using too much brown in the bathroom can make it gloomy and uncomfortable, but this will not happen if you can find the right shade and dilute the interior with accessories of a different color scheme.
Combination of brown and light colored bathroom
Brown bathroom small
Fully brown bathroom

Effect on a person

Psychologists say that those who choose brown color have a calm and strong character. These are sensible people who primarily value reliability and practicality. These qualities they aspire to bring to their home. In the interior, comfort and simplicity are most important for them.

Bathroom decoration in brown color

Uncertain people have a brown color to help them feel a sense of stability and permanence.

Brown is also preferred by those who do not want to stand out from the crowd, avoid experiments, always preferring classics.

Variety of shades

Brown color causes a lot of pleasant associations. Someone will think about the school uniform, and remember the fervent childhood and first love, someone will feel the invigorating scent of morning coffee, or enveloping the taste of milk chocolate, and someone will present the sun-drenched tree trunks in the summer forest.

Brown Bathroom
Bathroom of brown shades
Honey brown in the bathroom

This diversity of association is due to the fact that the brown color has a huge variety of shades - from light, almost beige, to dark, barely distinguishable from black. The names of the shades of brown often sound very poetic: "copper", "wheat", "sand" and even "bear's eye".

In the design of the bathroom, the most popular are the following shades:

  • The natural wood does not lose its color since the return to nature of the desire for naturalness and simplicity, the desire to become closer to nature.
  • Color wenge - one of the shades of natural wood. This color is heterogeneous, with red and pink veins, which is fraught with many possibilities. In the interior it can be combined with red and pink tones, as well as with the colors with which these tones are combined.
  • The color of milk chocolate is the most appetizing color in the brown scale. This color is great not only for confectionery, but also for the interior of the bathroom. This warm, soft shade literally envelops you with its presence, giving a feeling of coziness and a good mood.
Bathroom natural brown wood color
Brown Wenge Bathroom
Brown bath milk chocolate color
  • The color of coffee with milk also causes pleasant taste associations. Despite his restraint, he invigorates and forces to keep in a tone.
Bathroom brown - coffee with milk

Combination with beige

One of the most popular companions for brown color is beige.

The combination of these colors will help visually adjust the size of the bathroom, making it more spacious. The beige bathroom was examined by us in another article.

Bathroom in brown-beige tones
Brown bathroom coffee with milk
Beige and brown bathroom

You can use the classic version of "light top, dark bottom", and you can horizontally divide the bathroom into zones. A cozy, velvety combination of brown and beige colors will add to your bathroom refinement and nobility.

Brown Beige Bathroom

Combination with white

Brown color is quite common and in combination with white. For example, in nature, these are snow-covered branches of trees, a spotted hide of a giraffe. From the fact that created by the hands of a man, you can recall an ice cream in chocolate glaze or milky foam in a cup of coffee.

White and brown bathroom
Bathroom in white and brown tones
Krychnevo-white bathroom

It is rare to find a bathroom in which there is no white, because it is the usual color for sanitary ware and for household appliances. Therefore, the combination of brown and white in the design of the bathroom is quite popular.

The combination of brown and white tiles on the floor( for example, in the form of a chess pattern) or on the walls of the bathroom will be winning.

White color in combination with brown will add a room of restraint and coldness, but, at the same time, will make it lighter.

These colors counterbalance each other, since the brown color( especially its darker shades) has light-absorbing properties, and the white - reflective.

Also read our article about the white bathroom.

Combination with other colors

By combining brown with other colors, you should be very careful. As a rule, the combination of brown with bright, succulent colors looks somewhat lurid.

Brown-orange bathroom

Therefore, if you decide to add color diversity to the interior of a brown bathroom, you should choose a softer, pastel shade.

Turquoise-brown bathroom

For example, the combination of brown with pink, yellow, turquoise / blue looks surprisingly beautiful. The main thing in this case - to choose the "right" shades of both brown and companion colors.

Brown-blue bathroom

If you use light colors when decorating walls, you can stop on bright plumbing of juicy colors and the same furniture.

Orange bathroom in a beige brown bathroom

Another way to use extra colors in the bathroom interior is using the third color .This third color serves as a kind of bridge between the first two colors. As a rule, this bridge is white and beige colors, which have wide compatibility possibilities.

Candles fit into the brown bathroom perfectly. Romantic and cozy atmosphere is guaranteed.

Romantic brown bathroom

Matching styles

The combination of brown with other colors will help to create the stylistic direction of your bathroom.

Natural, natural combination of brown and green colors can be used in the bathroom style of eco or country. It is enough only to add accessories made of wood or from materials imitating it.

Bathroom in country style

In the classic interior, the brown color is also associated with decor elements made of wood. In addition, the classics often use a combination of black and white colors. If you replace the black color with brown, the classic spirit of the room will remain, but the contrast between the colors will not be so strong.

Brown bathroom in classic style

The retro style of the is characterized by a combination of brown with different tones of blue. In this case, you should choose the light and chocolate shades of brown.

For the modern bathroom in the power of "modern" , a combination of brown with metallic details, white and gray colors is actual.

Brown bathroom with illumination in Art Nouveau style


Plumbing in the bathroom does not have to be white. For bathroom, made in brown colors, white, beige, soft pink and light brown shades are perfect. These colors can be chosen for practical reasons: on plumbing, painted in light, pastel colors, the pollution is noticeable less than on a darker or pure white. Now in stores there is a huge selection of bathtubs, wash basins and toilet bowls of various colors.

Bath in the brown bathroom

The subject of sanitary ware can be monophonic, or combine several shades. The main thing - that all plumbing in the bathroom belonged to one color scheme.

White bathroom fittings

Room decoration

Using brown tiles in the walls of the bathroom will help you visually change the parameters of the room in accordance with your wishes. For example, to visually raise the ceiling , you should lay out thin vertical strips of brown tiles. Same strips, but only horizontal ones will help to make the bathroom a bit more spacious .

Finishing a brown bathroom

Add walls of height will also help glossy stretch ceiling. You can make it white, and you can choose the appropriate brown shade. In a large bathroom with proper lighting, the ceiling of a dark brown color will look very impressive.

Another way to visually make the ceiling higher is to lay the floor with a tile of a darker shade than the walls.

Brown tile on the floor - just a great solution for the bathroom. It looks stylish and unusual. But it usually requires frequent care.

Brown floor tiles

Brown tile

Brown bathroom tiles exist in several versions: simple, homogeneous tile, imitation stone and imitation wood.

When selecting a tile, consider the following features:

  • An ordinary "non-active" brown tile is best used in conjunction with a tile imitating a stone or wood. This technique will help to give your bathroom a more spectacular look. Using a pattern will make the room even more interesting.
Brown tile, combined with beige
  • Tiles that simulate a stone have a completely opposite effect. It will help you to "cool" the bathroom, bring to it a feeling of coolness and freshness.
Brown tiles under the stone
  • A tile imitating a tree is not tied to a particular style, so it is acceptable in almost any interior. This tile will help make the room warmer and cozy.
Brown tiles for wood


If your bathroom is made in brown color, it is very important to choose the right lighting.

You can use a variety of light sources - not only conventional ceiling lamps, but also wall sconces, mirror lighting, floor lighting and so on.

To create coziness, use soft light, not cold light.

Lighting in the brown bathroom

To make the colors in the bathroom seem warmer, pick up the lamps with a warm yellow light, so it will become much more comfortable.


The classic combination of white and brown colors is great for decorating a bathroom. White furniture will be perfectly matched with brown walls and floor.

White furniture in a brown bathroom

The same can be said about beige furniture. The beige finish of the walls with brown furniture is also beautifully combined.

Brown bath in a beige bathtub

If in the bathroom decor the tile imitating natural wood is used, wood furniture of the appropriate shade will suit it perfectly.

It is not necessary to consider only the named colors of furniture, because brown is combined with many colors. Experiment and surprise.

Brown Bathroom

For the bathroom, faced with tiles, imitating rock, the best option would be high-tech furniture, with lots of metal and glass details.

Modern styles characterize clear and simple shapes. We also recommend using them in a small bathroom.

We also recommend reading the article about the design of the bathroom in Khrushchev.

Brown bathroom in Art Nouveau style


Accessories play an important role in creating the mood of any room in the house. And in the bathroom they are especially important, because here they not only please the eye, but also benefit. All these little things - fluffy rugs and towels, mirrors, laundry baskets, soap dishes, aromatic candles make our life more comfortable.

Accessories in the brown bathroom

To emphasize the particular, chocolate-like mood of your bathroom, buy candles with the flavor of your favorite sweets, coffee or vanilla.

In the brown bathroom accessories can be of a variety of colors. The main thing - that they are in harmony with the main color theme and combined with each other. Do not use too many colors at once, it's best to periodically change different things to keep the room updated.

Color Accents

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