Installation of multi-level ceiling with his hands

Installation of multi-level ceiling - quite embarrassing procedure. But despite that carry out the installation with their own hands, without resorting to the help of experts, it is quite possible. In this article, we will describe in detail how to carry out the installation with the least money and time-consuming.

Preparatory stage

Remove all unnecessary items from the room, then it is impossible to move, cover with foil construction. Clean the surface from the traces of old plaster or wallpaper.

Rough finish room is best done before the installation of the ceiling, so you begin to work with drywall will need to take into account the temperature and humidity in the room.

Advance held marking the location of the lighting equipment and wiring.

Step by step guide tiered ceiling mounting

Step 1. layout drawing of the ceiling and walls.

recommended for quality application laser or gidrouroven. To markup was as accurate as possible, follow these steps:

  1. Draw all the axes and diagonals in accordance with the previously developed plan, so that they formed a rectangle.
  2. Apply to the wall and ceiling sketch finding future levels. The difference between the second and should be about 10 cm, While the first level is lowered to 5 cm. below the ceiling.
  3. Move to the ceiling surface of the main line profiles and straps. By already lined rectangle rascherchivaem grid with a step size at 60 cmon60 cm.
  4. Mark the location of the locking elements.
  5. Outline, using geometrical constructions, the second stage of the ceiling.
  6. Apply to place the material where the lighting equipment will be located.

Step 2. Installing the profile is performed on a specially developed plan, from which it is better not to retreat, as any minor issues is fraught with poor-quality end result.

  1. On previously designated place fixed suspension. This is done using 3-4 dowels, which are screwed under the angles 90 degrees. "Wings" of the suspension is lowered down.
  2. When fixing the guide profile is necessary to observe the distance of 60 cm. Bolted to the wall profile plugs and glued with a special tape.
  3. PP Fixing start with the corners of the room. The procedure is carried out with 4 screws.
  4. Once angles are fixed center, turning in "wings" hanging up.
  5. Periodically, via level check on how precisely designated profile.
  6. Similarly, attach all supporting profiles.
  7. every 2.5-3 m. installed jumper between joints. Their installation is best to take care in advance.
  8. If desired, to improve the sound insulation can be placed mineral wool. It fits directly into the frame, and clings to the attachment.

Step 3. Cutting drywall.

Pre-applied marking, whereupon the edge doing a recess in 3-4 mm. This is done using a metal ruler or a knife.

The sheet is placed on a hard flat surface. The notch is aligned with the edge of the surface and abruptly broken along the marked line.

With the second side of the sheet is treated with sandpaper or cut off a small area, to get a smooth edge.

Step 4. Installing the GCR

Before installing the drywall, it is desirable to make the cut edge of the plate at an acute angle in order to facilitate the subsequent pin receiving fillers for the slot.

Fixing is carried out using self-tapping screws, between which no more than is necessary to dismiss 18 cm. When the screw copyfitting his hat must go deep in the GCR.

When screws immersion in adjacent sheets need to observe checkerboard pattern. In order to facilitate the work done using screwdriver.

After the last screw is installed, check the tightness.

When fixing plasterboard on the structure of irregular shape, its pre-pierced special roller and cause the water to wet the surface and bring the necessary elasticity. In this state, the material is left on 15-25 minutes.

Once softened sheet it is necessary to give the necessary form. Until it is completely dry, the sheet must be secured with screws to the profile.

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Thus, the installation of multi-level ceiling is no big deal. Main series and slowly perform all of the above instructions.

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