How to mount Corian, which is used and how to choose

Use in interior decoration and natural stone - a sign of true luxury. This can be seen including the price. Made such materials to order, according to individual sizes. In addition, not every stone is suitable for the manufacture of countertops or window sill.

All these problems have led to the search for a material that would be similar to natural stone in appearance and performance, but it would be easier to manufacture and cheaper. This material was invented in the middle of the XX century, but only in the XXI it has become widespread due to improvements in technology.

Features and application of acrylic stone

As the name implies, the main component of the binder of artificial stone are acrylic resins. They act as plasticizers and bind the filler. Self filler includes crumb natural minerals - granite, quartz and expensive products - marble. This reduces the cost of the product, as the baby is a waste product. Also in the mix are added hardeners that the resulting mass of frozen and acquired stone fortress.

The great advantage of acrylic stone is that it was originally liquid. That is why of it is easy to create a variety of shapes, while natural stone needs only to process and grind. By strength and wear resistance fake diamond not inferior to the naturalAnd on the flexural strength and maintainability even surpasses it.

Because of this acrylic stone is used in a variety of areas:

  • It is made countertops both kitchen and dining table, window sills, bar counters.
  • The absence of seams and then makes acrylic stone ideal for kitchen sinks and shells. Incorporated with the working surface, such washing creates a continuous surface which does not fear any leakage.
  • In contrast, metal and natural stone, which in the normal state of the cold human body, artificial stone warmer to the touch, about as wood, so out of it is cast bath and trayspremium showers.
  • Finally, acrylic stone is successfully used as a inner fabric. aprons and Wall panels successfully replace and surpass the usual for these tasks, ceramic tiles in some respects.
  • In Europe and America, acrylic surfaces used in health facilities because of their chemical inertness. Until Russia is also gradually gets this trend.

The choice of material

When in the distant 60s was first obtained by mixing a composite material from the crumbs of natural materials and acrylic resins, the rights to it patented a US company DuPont. Today the patent has expired, but in spite of this artificial stone continues to be a very cheap material.

The first registered trademark, which began to produce it and continues to do so to this day, was Corian. Her name has even become a household name. Among the well-known manufacturers also Staron and Montelli. Name of these firms already gsamo in itself guarantees high quality.

Before ordering the product be sure to read and certification process. Typically, manufacturers in order to advertise readily introduced to production. In detail it makes no sense to delve into, but clean equipped shop - it is a good sign.

Self-installation of the artificial stone products - step by step guide

Only mosaic elements ready to buy. The remaining details of the interior are usually made to order, according to individual sizes. Monolithic parts are typically mounted on a special glue for artificial stone. Consider the order of work on the example of acrylic countertop with sink.

Step 1. Make the kitchen a finished product. Since the artificial stone is not much easier to natural, all work is done with an assistant. Top of the product is protected by a special mounting film. Do not remove it until the end of the work.

Step 2. Solid tabletop with artificial mineral coating usually consists of plywood, chipboard, MDF or wood. Production milled mounting holes, which do not affect coating. Place on a countertop furniture carcass, and then attach the bottom worktop via eccentrics.

Step 3. If the structure has joints, they need to lubricate the special sealant based on acrylic, and then tightly combine. Squeeze sealant delete a cloth soaked in the solvent. After curing, the seam will be almost imperceptible.

But we must be aware that in the production of acrylic stone is nothing fundamentally complex. Today, many Russian firms, Purchase of equipment and ingredients, pour yourself good countertops, sinks and aprons. Their quality is worse, but the price cheaper. The most important thing in this case - do not fall for unscrupulous hacks.

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